1. I once saw this political cartoon where there was a map of the United States of America. In the image, all of the landlocked states were in red with 1 big word bubble that said “climate change is a myth.” Meanwhile, all of the coastal & southern border states were blue with multiple word bubbles that said “we beg to differ” since the landlocked states don’t experience the impacts of climate change that the coastal states do. Also, you’d figure that more Conservative Evangelicals would actually care about climate change & it’s impacts on society. Keep in mind, The Bible says that since the Earth is God’s gift to man it’s our duty to take care of it and everyone & everything on it. But, even if they found a way around this, you’d figure that they would at least want to prevent millions of migrants from countries that are no longer habitable from wanting to come to America in the future. Finally, even if you don’t support The Green New Deal and similar policies because you don’t believe in climate change, why wouldn’t you at least support it because it would promote new well-paying green energy jobs here in the United States?
    And I’ll end with a joke:
    Ben Shapiro: If you believe you’re in an area that’s gonna be flooded from climate change then just sell your house and move.
    Responder: Just 1 small problem: Sell our houses to who, Ben?! Aquaman?!

    1. Well, one thing I do love about her is how every time she opens her mouth, she turns more and more people away from the Democrat party.

  2. Remember when our government claimed we didn’t have enough money to secure our country’s border? 😂

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