Kamala Harris Touts Infrastructure Plan ‘Not As An Expense, But As An Investment’ 1

Kamala Harris Touts Infrastructure Plan ‘Not As An Expense, But As An Investment’


Rep. Gwen Moore, who was with Vice President Harris during her visit to Milwaukee to tout the administration’s infrastructure plan, joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss how the plan would help her constituents in Milwaukee, including the importance of replacing lead pipes, and how VP Harris focused on “the need to expand the definition of infrastructure to really take care of families.”
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  1. Why so much for fiber in the plan? Comcast/NBC charge me plenty. They should buy their own fiber!

  2. Covid exposed the USA as not the greatest nation on earth but one of the worst. I model to follow would be New Zealand at this point.

  3. Investing in the United States? What a novel idea! What took us so long??? Ps…if I used the word novel incorrectly in my comment, please let me know. Seriously, I’m not sure if I said/spelled that right. Thanks.

  4. There are lots of amazing people doing great research at UW-Milwaukee, I love the diversity of the campus community.

    1. And the high crime that diversity has brought to the very area near that school..check out the death toll over the past decades…and avoid…

  5. So what has this woman done for her district? How many years has she served as Congressman?

  6. Hi,
    What they are talking about is the infrastructure of our roads and bridges.
    What we are talking about is the entire infrastructure of our Nation and its People.
    Their way will allow the roads and bridges to support our drivers as they go about their way.
    Our way will allow our People and our Nation to build a future for our children.

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  8. Milwaukee? What about Lansing MI. Far as I have heard they still have their water issues, how about covering their current status, or is that news to old to mess with?

  9. Kamala needs to salute her military escort back. Leaving them cold dry is not looking good on camera. She is Second in Command.

  10. This administration has a strong socialist domestic agenda, an almost non-existent foreign affairs agenda, and both will be the demise of America. It’s so obvious, yet seems to be ignored.

  11. Child care is not about maintaining or losing jobs. Be responsible and don’t have children you can’t afford to put into care.This is a responsibility issue not a funding issue.

  12. Kamala needs to rebuild or at least shore up her repugnant reputation. Willie’s still ain’t got her priorities right.

  13. Ok. Infrastructure has been sold as investment for decades. After a few years, upkeep of that infrastructure is always pushed aside due to something more “pressing.” Usually, that means something that will win more votes in the coming election than boring infrastructure.

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