1. Wow. Thank you God for your protection of this trooper!! Was that trucker speeding in the Emergency Lane???
    Damn I pray he got fined!!! Horrible truckers like that (& there’s way too many)
    RUIN the reputation of great truckers.
    Pray for us all.

  2. I’m guessing the semi didn’t have space to change lanes because of the car you saw and didn’t see him in time to slow down.

  3. Samson: ah yeah, no.
    Only one other vehicle was in that emergency lane and, hmmmm they managed to considerately, change lane & slow safely down, as required by law.
    Truckers sit up high & see traffic problems long before cars. They use CB radios to hear about them ahead of time.
    He was simply a horrible trucker….racing the FedEx trucker & almost splattered the trooper.
    Take care folks!
    I hope FedEx saw this video.

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