Ukrainian group pledges to play virtually along with Ed Sheeran | USA TODAY

A famous Ukrainian band is fighting for their country, and has bravely decided to virtually join Ed Sheeran's charity concert from Kyiv.

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  1. I am the Aztec eagle and I want the crown back, what belongs to Moctezuma and my people from north to south 🌎🔙🥇🥈👑

  2. The world stands with Ukraine. No matter what all the Russian trolls and bots say. 🌎💙💛🇺🇦

    1. ))))) all? )))) Less then 20% of our planet’s population… Even Israel & Moldova & Georgia don’t support the sanctions ))) You’ve already losed))))

    2. No they don’t! I’m English an I stand with Russia as your all being racist towards them, what next will Russians have to drink from a separate water fountain, shall russians stand on busses an Ukraines sit down! I don’t think so, stop being racist towards Russians you racist

    1. I support Russia as they don’t all want a war! Stop being racist towards Russians as they ain’t all bad you racist

  3. 🔺God 🔺I know how much you love all your children 🔺How about bringing your child Vladimir Putin home so that the rest of us can be in Peace 🔺That would be great.🔺 Slava Ukraini 🙏🇺🇦🙏

  4. Oh my goodness how very moving lol being sarcastic, im more concerned with my fellow brits struggling at the moment facing homlessness an the government is deflecting with this Ukraine bull

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