Kansas tornado heavily damages buildings and injures several people | USA TODAY

Officials said the tornado tore through the Wichita and Andover areas on Friday evening.

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A suspected tornado that barreled through parts of Kansas damaged multiple buildings, injured several people and left more than 6,500 people without power, officials said Saturday.

Officials said the suspected twister moved though parts of southeast Wichita and Andover on Friday evening. Andover Fire Chief Chad Russell said during a news conference early Saturday morning that 50 to 100 buildings were damaged in Sedgwick County, though it was not immediately known how many buildings were damaged in Andover.

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  1. Tornadoes are caused by sin, repent of your sins and send me large amounts of money, god needs money he always needs money! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 ⚛ 👍 😁

    1. Dude, this is literally a fact of life out here. Not much we can do except clean up and have shelters ready to protect people (houses can be replaced).

      We don’t get hurricanes or earthquakes so I don’t see how it’s worse.

    1. If wanted a tornado shelter, we’d have them. But nah, most people simply hide in closets or trust their luck isn’t too bad. You’re still more likely to be killed by an animal than a tornado

  2. Meh. Not really breaking news. This happens so often here my wife and I and some of the neighbors sit outside looking for them.

  3. I know somebody ‘s got to record these things, and I get it, but I’m gonna have to ask you and the commenters like Jesus asked the people’s concerning John the Baptist “What Did You All Come Out To See? Y’all be sighing and saying “hope nobody got hurt ” and “oh those poor people’s “, and the commenters be sending prayers and saying “God protect those people’s ” . But before any tornado has touched down all of you are begging to see a tornado touch down. Stop praying vain repetitious prayers when you asked to see a tornado touch down, because we all knows tornadoes do damage and sometimes kills. So I ask a second time “WHAT DID YOU COME OUT TO SEE?

  4. Just drove through the area. A lot of damage visible from Hwy400 with torn roofs, a downed power line, and a boat thrown into a house. Cleanup crews already working on it.

  5. Just exactly 32 years after the F5 tornado ripped through Andover Kansas, I wonder what the rating of the tornado was?

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