Kareem Abdul-Jabbar On Racism On Athlete Activism

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar discusses the NBA creating an award for social justice in his name with Chuck Todd for an upcoming episode of "Meet the Press Reports."
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    1. Symbolism is how movements start bright guy. T***p started because the symbol of white nationalism was brought back during the tea party and he proudly claimed that flag and now here we are. Why do you people insist on barking like a crackhead at every movement that tries to shed light on issues? And by people i mean idiots. To be clear

    2. @Chris They do this for their own benifit, so we should not be fooled by this empty symbolism! Treat them with the disdain they deserve!

    1. @Collective Vision There were 19 blacks killed by police in 2019.
      There were 7,000+ blacks killed by other blacks in 2019. There’s your proof that police aren’t the problem.

    2. @Collective Vision according to left wing sources 13 unarmed black people were killed by white cops in 2019, which is like one every two months. that’s not many in a country of 330 million in a year. Fact!

    1. @Chaos – I think MLK would hate the Republicans MUCH more…ya know “unite the right”, (just to name one thing).

    2. @Bat Boy nope, MLK would hate the way the Democrats play identity politics and being divisive with their constant race baiting. He was a clever bloke, he’d see that the Democrats are trying to turn black people against the police with their wicked fearmongering. Fact!

    3. @Chaos – Yeah, well history shows Southern Strategy by Republicans to be the original race baiter in politics.

      Honestly, you are not winning the right over who is more identified with race, and who started it….it runs all the way back to the Civil War.

      YOUR party own America’s legacy of white racism. You will have to get comfortable with this fact.

      Bye. I gotta go! 🍀

    4. @Bat Boy Republicans aren’t my party, I’m British, but from what I see the Republicans promote colour blindness with regards to ethnicity, it’s the Democrats who keep droning on about race and one side being the victim and the other side being the privileged one and the aggressor. It’s not very helpful, in fact it’s very divisive, which is all part of the Democrats strategy. Fact!

    5. @Chaos – good to know, for next time. I won’t waste my time responding to you. (Besides, it doesn’t seem you’ve learned anything anyway) bye 🇬🇧

    1. @Enchanted Homeschool he has led a life of pure entitlement more than anyone! Stop it

    2. @Christopher Roberts he’s privileged to have a platform to speak on because he was a phenomenal athlete. If he didn’t have that he’d be just another dude standing in the street with a sign at a protest. The loudest voices are usually the ones that are doing well for themselves. God bless him for not forgetting where he comes from. Thats what people like you want. The biggest insult to the white patriarchy is not shutting up after you get rich

  1. Yet ANOTHER racism story. Any word on tracking down those responsible for hacking the Colonial Pipeline?

    1. @Collective Vision no…..racists love stories of racism to cover up real issues. Who better to speak on oppression, than an entitled multi millionare

    2. @Roger Out my point exactly! It’s being swept under the rug for the 9000th story on racism

    3. @Roger Out I agree, there’s no point in looking for negative news on Biden on MSNBC, it’s forbidden here. Fact!

  2. Fox news: “Shut up and play sports!”
    Meanwhile on Fox network: “Please join us in Breast Cancer Awareness Month.”

  3. POVERTY effects everyone, of every race, color gender. Help the homeless, the mentally ill, living on the streets.

  4. I remember that Colin Kaepernick kneeling was not an issue until Donald Trump popularized it as an issue. Just like claiming Obama was not born in America, it was Trump who started the propaganda on his way to becoming President of American Racists.
    It was Trump who set race relations back decades. The feelings were always there with his racist base, but Trump made them the basis of his political persona and enabled all of them to come out of their racist closets!

    1. Rubbish. Name one racist policy or proposal by Trump. You’ve been conned by fake news. They’re laughing at you. Fact!

    2. @Jim Lutz: you are so right about what vile, evil Trump did. He set the country’s race relations back 20 years. I retired from the military in the mid-2000s and it seems once the black president took office, the racists in the military went bat crap crazy. I would ask some senior black enlisted I hung around, how could America tell other countries how to treat their citizens when we were still being treated with contempt?

      Many of us senior black enlisted leaders often had our authority undermined when we tried to effect fair policies within the units we were assigned to. Things got a little better at the end of my career; however, racism still permeates throughout all branches of our military. My white counterparts, most of them came from small town/rural America, would always tell me, all men are not created equals. They were referring to me as black senior enlisted and themselves that no matter what position of authority I’m in, and even I may be in authority over him, what I say still doesn’t matter and means nothing to him.

      I would always remind them I had the power of the pen and law behind me if my authority was ever challenged at anytime. I never attended any social functions after work around those guys, even though there were good white senior enlisted I had a lot of respect for. Anytime I attended a social function, I was ordered to do so.

      One day, perhaps in the very near future, this country will be humbled by a race of people most military white men deem their men physically weak: Asians! Specifically, the Chinese. Just think about how tough the Vietnamese were back in the 1960s when America was at war with them; well, the Chinese are an entire new breed of fighting forces and I believe they can match the US or possibly exceed us in many warfighting capacities. Just saying!

    3. @Peter Wilson It’s all a big lie from the Democrats and their media about Trump being racist. They said that the KKK would rise again under Trump, but that never happened, they still only have a few thousand members. in fact Trump proposed designating the KKK a terrorist organisation. They continued to lie about Trump well into his presidency claiming that he never condemned racist groups, which he has done many times, they just never showed it and still to this day continue to lie to their viewers. Racist groups have largely turned against Trump, in fact white nationalist leader Richard Spencer endorsed the segregationist Biden for president. Fact!

  5. NBA needs to do more for Latinos, Middle Easterners, Indians, Asians, Native Americans and last, but not least White people. They should not be allowed to care only about Black people.

    That is racist

    1. Yes that’s right, NBA has made black people the master race. In that respect they’re no different to the Nazis. Fact!

  6. More engagement and visibility for athletes being there for us in the social justice arena is a win win endeavor in my view. I know that many celebrities support social cause privately. That is a good approach too. However we get there, social justice is something we all can put ourselves forward toward.

  7. He used to be a cool bloke but now he’s into all that social justice rubbish. Such a shame. Fact!

  8. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, you inspired me to attend UCLA, one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. Thank you for your brilliance and continued inspiration to then many who think they can’t………………then get out there and do.

  9. By the time Biden is through, this will seem petty in retrospect, because America is about to collapse. But go ahead and be myopic with your whining about racism. Good grief, such small and narrow minds.

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