Karen Bass elected as Los Angeles’ first Black woman mayor | USA TODAY


    1. @Brittany Diaz to mention race as if it means anything, just as the “sky us blue” is pointless and used by racists race baiters

    2. @Lesko Brandon
      Var race = ” black”;
      Let loser = function (){
      Return race;
      If( Race == “black”){
      Console.log(” I hate myself,and other blacks so I’ll denounce myself);

    3. @Brittany Diaz -I don’t think any sane person denies the existence of race and it’s variants, the issue is the value being placed on it. It’s gotten to the point where the President of the United States, on national TV saying he will choose his VP based on race and gender. I thought for certain the country was going to flip out when Joe Biden said that, but only conservatives (to include minority conservatives) thought it was racist, sexist, insulting and patronizing. Whereas with liberals, you guys actually CHEERED on these behaviors that MLK and so many others fought and died trying eradicate. There’s no such thing as “virtuous racism”, it hurts and do the exact amount of pain and damage as malicious racism….I take that back, it’s worse, because virtuous racism tricks people into thinking what they’re doing is good, while malicious racism the person know what they’re doing is bad, which is why it’s almost always behind closed doors.

    4. @Lesko Brandon You really expect a multiracial society to be stable look at Brazil or South Africa. It’s not natural.

    1. Get ready for more non profit corruption and homelessness LA already spends over 30k per homeless person a year…..

    1. Because they run and win in cities and townships that are already a disaster. Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans comes to mind. Also Marion Barry of D.C. in a champion example.

  1. Get me when “honest, hardworking, for the betterment of all not just those that voted for them” are what you champion over ones physical traits or who they are attracted to

  2. Karen Bass you said you would declare a state of emergency to solve the homeless problem? I’ll believe it when I see it. Why hasn’t the current mayor declared a state of emergency. You said that it’s up to us to solve the problem. Isn’t that your job. The same old politician line it’s up to us the citizens to solve the the problems!

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