Karl: Trump’s Looking, Not Just Like A Loser, But Impotent | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Karl: Trump's Looking, Not Just Like A Loser, But Impotent | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


  1. I think that the spell this guy has over his followers is going to fade pretty quick after January 20, when he becomes an old, retired crazy man with nothing to do.

    1. Those bankruptcies were a strategic move to stiff his creditors and the contractors who built his buildings. Therefore, he did not loose anything; he actually gained by stealing from hardworking small business owners, contractors, and banks. His book should be titled: “The art of the steal,” because stealing is his way of winning; just like he is trying to do in the election he lost.

    2. @renita331 🤫🤫🤫Yes,He can!Orange man goes to prison in matching Orange suit 🎃🚔🔐 not to🤪🚑🏥!! stay safe!😷 🇺🇸🌏

    1. @jim mayors – most dopey thing I’ve read all day sir… Tump sucks and even other publicans agreed and voted his asp out. They didn’t vote straight ballot, get it!?

    1. @rookforce1 🤔Someone mentioned that her name is Macephoney..?👠💄💍📢💰..Is that old too?🤔Stay safe !😷

  2. You know it has just occurred to me, people are worried about the”Deep State” but never really looked at what this Administration has done to our country.

    1. The Deep State deflection hey ?
      kind of funny from somebody who has a group working in the background , running a disinformation campaign.
      I would think that would be Trump’s deep state.

      Project much Trump ?

    2. Where have you been? Orange Putin Lite brought the “swamp”… Kushner, Bannon, Sessions, Barr, Flynn, Pompeo, Mnuchin, DeVos, Carson, Cohn, Mulvaney, Pruitt, Pudzer, Linda McMahon (WTF), Ross, Elaine Chow (Turkey Wattle Moscow Mitch McConnell’s wife), Price, etc…

    3. It is a disgrace the way the current President is acting. He lost the election, he should pull up his big boy panties and face the truth. The majority of American voters do not want him!

    1. @White Flag On the contrary, we know exactly that Trump is fighting against going to jail for a Magnitude of Crimes to numerous to mention here. These Frivolous Law Suits are nothing more than window dressing and theatre to cover the Real Grift here. Grifter Trump is Fleecing his Brain Dead Moronic followers for every dollar he can get. Most of the Millions in donations he receives is going to pay for his usual extravagant lifestyle. He is laughing up his sleeve at his Gullable Acolytes. Cheers from Michael. Australia.

    2. @Michael John OMG! Could not have said it better Michael. He has what is called a cult following. trump is not very intelligent, and he has accumulated same to revere and worship him. Very sad…..

    3. @Stephanie Barrett Unfortunately Trump’s following have a misplaced loyalty to him which he takes full advantage of. His Frivolous Law Suits are nothing more than a Giant Conjob to fleece his supporters of their Hard Won Dollars. Trump is a Grifter. Cheers from Michael. Australia.

  3. The Emperor has NO CLOTHES! And everyone knows it! What will trump do next? And how long will the GOP let him walk all over and manipulate them?

    1. @Tracy There are a lot of very armed non-worshippers the don’t feel the need to announce what they will do. The eliminate of surprise is lying in wait.

    1. Actually… COULDN’T … apostrophe 😉
      Bet you’re wishing you would have just typed out “COULD NOT”. Attempt at humor … 😅

  4. “Not just like a loser, but impotent.”
    –And thus, the Birther conspiracy theory against the Trump kids begins.

    1. His wives are stepping out. Have been for years. I think Charles Manson is the real father. And his mother was getting it from Francis the Talking Mule.

  5. Did he cry like this when he went bankrupt over and over?
    Or lost cases like trump university and had to pay out millions?

    1. Yes, he had tantrums then too, but they weren’t very public (except in the Enquirer and other gossip papers), but now he has leverage (afforded him through the office of the president) and can punish and hold the country hostage in terms of covid relief, the national budget, etc., by vetoing any budget legislation that may be beneficial to the American people.

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