Over 3,000 Died Of Covid In The U.S. Today. Trump Said Nothing | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Over 3,000 Died Of Covid In The U.S. Today. Trump Said Nothing | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


    1. We as a country will triumph over Donald Trump when he is finally gone for good. It will take time but nothing is impossible if we all believe and do our part because this is our home and we must defend and protect it to the fullest degree.

    1. @Roberta Cline The Hospitals are being given 13000 bucks for every Covid case and all they have to say is it appeared that he had COVID. They’re being rewarded to push the narrative. Also all Drs in the country were given specific instructions on how to fill out the death certificates. Don’t believe man research Dr Andrew Kaufman, Dr Shiva, Corbett Report, Robert Kennedy Jr on Vaccines and liability. Don’t believe me. Do your own research! They have no medical liability whatsoever and 2 people have allready died doing a case study of phishers vaccination!

    2. The American people elected your president. You lay the bed and you sleep in it. What does it have to do with Putin!!!???

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    1. Still not surprising. I’m not surprised that he just said nothing about the devastating 3000+ people lost in one day. I even remember quite a few months ago when I began to watch US covid news, I could already tell he was just mumbling stuff about covid, “oh it’s going to disappear magically during the hot summer” what????? I never expected to see the US like it is right now but it’s happened, and there goes a good chunk of their 300 million people needlessly

    1. busy being coward traitors. fearful of a tweet. while screwing working class americans. but that’s both left and right.

    1. Wish he did his job as GOP and stop liaring about the USA election 🙄So boring and wasted of people ⏲️time . Right now he could be making USA great again by helping people before he leave but still going on about the USA elections 🇺🇸

    2. He thinks about prison, and himself in prison. Put him in a cell block that has members of MS 13. Now that would be a reality show worth watching!!!

  1. And yet, Trump, and even McConnell, STILL!!!
    …continues to do nothing out of spite for all of us.

    1. @Sweger Shanna the US public do a good job at terrorising themselves. Aka BLM. You do know presidents are just puppets?

    2. @Jamie Campbell No, that’s not true at all. Why are you blaming your fellow Americans for the government’s failures?

  2. Sad that “they” didn’t all join in to combat Covid-19 with the same vengeance. Priorities are totally out of order.

  3. Trump has never cared about how many people have died from covid-19 not from day one when he found out about in January 2020

    1. @Holden308 the common cold is real, the new # 19 version of corona will be listed on the back of the next batch of Lysol 🍕🤡🤒🤡😷🤡🍿👍

    1. @Helen Rockefeller…..From best to worst…..Trump is the worst…so yeah – after Obama and every other POTUS. Obama is in the top 3 best.

  4. Anyone signing onto this lawsuit should be prosecuted for attempted election fraud. Enough of this stupidity already.
    Fire them all.

    1. How do we avoid the Socialists that wish to destroy our rights? They are being put in power by the Ignorant ones that have been convinced by bogus news…

    2. @Pat Tiekamp so you’re just another Trump sheep, repeating weird and non-sensical lies for them? Move along please. Nobody wants to hear that rubbish.
      “Socialists”…. omg, I’m so tired of hearing that.

    1. @Ralas Mom blm are terrorist! Annihilate them! Personally you idiots need to stop watching the news it’s making you stupid little sheep!

    2. They are NOT Republican Base Supporters, they are Trump Based Supporters. Republicans need to understand that, these people Voted for a Dictator and not a republican. “Please Spread the Word”

    3. @Chelsea Runyan wtf can he do about it exactly? is anyone else quitting their hobbies because more people died of the virus this week? nope.

    4. @William Wolski , I am sure you would like to have medical, medicare and healht care along with good education, libraries, roads etc. Everyone living in socialists countires are extremely happy, they pay a little more in taxes, but they get healthcare, education, economic equality, less poverty, high standards of lving. A democratic socialist believes that the government should provide a range of essential services to the public for free or at a significant discount, such as health care and education. GOP is one party who does not care for the Americans and all they need is to line their pockets with $$$ and retain their power.

    1. @Ash Roskell Assuming Trump cannot get away with giving himself a blanket pardon, the new Atty. Gen. should reopen the Russia investigation, picking up where Mueller left off, this time following the money, particularly Trump’s history with Deutsche Bank.


      Even if Trump is able to pardon himself, the individual states should charge him with Manslaughter on a mass scale. Trump knew of the virulence and deadliness of COVID-19, but lied to the American public, resulting in 70% – 90% of the COVID-19 related deaths, which could have been prevented.



    2. Watch these cheaters start to sweat and get red faced. Now comes the proof that reporters have been lying to Americans about the election. Now is the time when the cheaters are busted and Trump wins. 🇺🇲🇺🇲

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