Kaylan Dowdie - Teen's Recovery Update | TVJ News - July 29 2021 1

Kaylan Dowdie – Teen’s Recovery Update | TVJ News – July 29 2021

The mother of the 17 year old Jamaican girl who was beaten into a coma last year says threats against her life are persistent. She believes persons connected to the women accused of attacking her daughter are intent on intimidating her but the police say they can't operate on hearsay.

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  1. The government and the community needs to step up and help this mother no mother like to see their children suffer and its through no faults of her own. This family is suffering enough jamaican people hear the cry of this mother and help her please.

  2. Lord with u everything is possible just liift her up and heal her in your name it can be done

    1. What! We all need to walk with the Lord. Meanwhile the authorities need to help to protect the safety of of both ladies, regardless of heresies.

  3. God is on time. He will get them. Continue praying people. These wicked women figure. Not real women.

    1. I say this everyday, I overheard a police officer one day saying that he doesn’t like informers

  4. These so called females who felt like chucking badness should pay dearly. They should be held without bail.

  5. Well since law enforcement wont do anything to or go after the family members there is not much else to do.But if this woman gets hurt ….the cops will know to collect as much family members of the’crimials who tried to kill Kaylin and MAKE them talk .

    1. @Travis Miller Yes they need to go to jail for a long time and again the Jamaican government should be blame for all these crime

  6. Andrew’Holness this mother needs help All the politicians in Jamaica please contribute to an envelope for this’girls overseas trip. All Jamaicans from the14’parishes’each one put a’dollar.We could pay for’Kaylin and’change’leftover fi buy bulla cake.Someone please start this Campaign it’s called A Dollar For K.K.

  7. The judge wants a statement from someone on life support 9 months on going before sending these girls to prison that beat this woman’s child to the brink of death … Me really a try make sense of this

  8. Daddy Jesus!!! Hear her humble cry, while on others thou art calling do not pass them by.

  9. There was enough people there that witnessed what happened..Step up an do the right thing..If it was your child this happen to, wouldnt you want Justice? Why allow these women to get away with it? Dont let them do this again. Jamaican Police more than likely getting some kinda payment, but police can arrest a Pastor for speaking out about Mr.Holness, police know how these criminals work an threaten victims to drop the case.
    May God protect Kaylan & her Family. Give them strength & courage to overcome the trials & tribulations God bring them justice for the crimes against them. AMEN

  10. Don’t you worry Mummy, God is on the throne. He did not bring you guys this far to forsake you. I cant imagine the audacity of those animals and their families to expect to harm your daughter and for you to stand by and take it just like that. Keep fighting for justice and sue them when possible. Its time that people in Jamaica stand up to those “predictors” who exist down there. God bless you and your daughter.

  11. this is really upsetting they’ll only going to protect tht girl until they kill her then they feel remorse smh

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