Vaccine Bonanza in Jamaica | 11 Persons Have Died After Being Vaccinated - July 30 2021 1

Vaccine Bonanza in Jamaica | 11 Persons Have Died After Being Vaccinated – July 30 2021

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  1. Smt like these people dont have a mind of them own big fraud !!! Jamaicans wake up wake up !!!! Sickening!!!!

    1. @Gods Tomahawk they only banned AstraCeneca, thats just one of the vaccines and its only banneed for people under 55

    2. @Taurusman tv You can still get the virus after you had the poison ! So you tell me what is the jab for? Let them experiment on you! We don’t want it! My body my choice!

    3. @Taurusman tv interesting you should say that, because when they claimed persons were dying from COVID-19 they say 1 death from the virus is 1 death too much. And therefore we must be vaccinated to prevent and protect others. Now there are claims persons are dying from taking the jab, you are saying the numbers are few. And so the benefits outweigh the good.

      When a product is on the market and there are deaths from using the product, usually that product is pulled until further investigation.

      Some islands in the Caribbean have very few deaths from COVID-19. As a matter of fact the death rate from domestic dispute is higher in comparison.

    4. @Taurusman tv Are you joking? You really think you need a vaccine for a flu? Grow up bro. Herbs is the way. Why you want a white man drug? Why?

    1. @Claudette Bennett Come back better next time. Stooping this low for the colonizers is absurd. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    2. @Perfeccionista The very phone and technology you are using was made an developed by descendants of the colonizers, throw them away and use one that was developed by your own race.

    3. Of course it was “coincidental”

      You guys don’t get it yet huh?
      Nothing can go wrong with their precious saviour shots.

      If it was an underlying condition you would hear them immediately say it was the so called virus.

    4. @Perfeccionista she is saying that all the medications that are prescribed, have side effects. Just listen or read all the info on the labels. Also I’m adding that if any of you out there that are eating at any fast food restaurant or buying food that isn’t organic & NonGMO, you have no footing to not take the vaccine. Do you all know what they have put in these foods?

    1. @Page One its not the virus i ask the FATHER help for its my brothers and sisters who believe in the government

    2. @Hamalyahu Bantu well there’s no god going to help anyone we’re all our brothers and sisters keepers!! We need to stop this religious foolishness

    3. @Page One . Just look at the people pushing the agenda on this channel. All of their accounts are new

    4. @Page One Exactly. There no god going to help anyone; and all Jamaicans should understand that by now just by knowing the history of African people in Jamaica

    5. @Coz J real talk but the lie is sweeter than the truth! You have to admit our ancestors tormentors did a fantastic job of brainwashing us ! What a nice hustle when you can convince peoples that there’s a invisible man watching them that always need more money lol

  2. There’s crime to tackle instead of talking about a fifteenth parish in Jamaica,in order to get a next parish in portmore solve crime first

    1. Not only dat wi need ambulance an good governance bout in government an in cooperate suh yuh right paul

    2. @Pattypee Pattypee upgraded and additional infrastructure for the increasing number of people who are calling this place home.

    3. Crime plan on hold. It’s all about covid, vaccination and curfew.
      Making portmore a parish is not important.

  3. Why did you have to report the deaths and the availability of vaccines in the same broadcast?! I swear these people are cautioning us against taking the jab.

    1. Tell them to go fix up Spanish town first that is the capital of St. Catherine of which port more is a part of

  4. Revelation 16v2:The first one went off and poured out his bowl on the earth .And a hurtful and malignant ulcer afflicted the people who had the mark of the wild beast and who were worshipping it’s image.

    1. @Donnette Jolly I’m fantastic just watching the fools waiting for the invisible man to fall from the sky with milk and honey for the slaves hahaha

  5. Tourists are asking about vaccine of locals that’s bull these “tourists” aren’t vaccinated in their own countries why would they worry about Jamaica

    1. @Robert Lussier You are not immune !!! Did the doctors not tell you that??? If the vaxx works for you, you simply won’t end up in hospital. But vaccinated people still transmits the virus, a festival held recently in the Netherlands only vaxxed people !!!! They were all spreading the virus despite being vaxxed !!!

    2. Jamaica has a million and one problem before the pandemic, so imagine what has happened after with the lockdown and the loss of jobs. We have no choice, we are beggars.

    3. Exactly why I won’t travel. Maybe when the stubborn die off things will be different. I’m glad mom’s in the ’50s weren’t so vaccine hesitant. Have you ever seen a polio ward?

    1. @45 Askel look at the dilapidated buildings in an around Spanish town and all the poor drainage that allows all kinds of stagnant water in the town, they need to go fix that first

    2. Parish status will allow additional infrastructure to be built in Portmore to justify its new status including a hospital.

  6. Why they don’t push for a better healthcare system why they don’t push for something to help curb crime?

  7. Taking vaccines is a personal thing. One can carry the virus whether a person takes it or not. The vaccinated teachers can give the virus to unvaccinated children.

    1. That is what I heard also; the vaccine can help only the persons who take the vaccine. In addition, the vaccine may also hurt some persons who take it

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