Keilar calls out evangelical pastors spreading Covid-19 misinformation 1

Keilar calls out evangelical pastors spreading Covid-19 misinformation


CNN's Brianna Keilar takes a look at how some evangelical pastors have spread misinformation about the pandemic and have advised their constituents against taking the coronavirus vaccine. #BriannaKeilar #CNN #NewDay


    1. @David Lewis Pastor Copeland warned us about people like you who spread lies about him. He says that Satan has taken over your brain and makes you say and write lies about Pastor Copeland who has Almighty GOD in his heart and will defeat the Devil in you. We are praying for Pastor Copeland.

    2. @Cornelius Gal I can see you knows nothing about this your jus a sheep sorry bro when you start finding your own wisdom and stop following you will see Christianity and god has nothing in common have a blessed night bye

    1. @Joboygbp Edwards Well, we have public healthcare and not insignificant taxes. You should come first as a tourist and take a look before you decide to move here ^^ Over here we actually have the impression that your new president does the right moves to make America stronger. His infrastructure plan will close the gap to China. We have carbon taxes which make shipping from Asia more expensive and because of this our solar industry made a surprising comeback. Production returned to Germany because its cheaper now here. If Joe does something similar the talk about new jobs will be more than just hot air.

    2. Man, when I was a believer, this is what my pastor, mom, cat, hamster told me a demon looked like, yet evangelicals, “this is guy is god right hand man”
      Man evenagelicals, you are one F’UPS mtaha flokers…

    3. @Piotr Trebisz I can see how other countries would like Biden over Trump. Trump wasn’t an idiot or a pushover. I’m not much for the 100 trillion over 10 years, Green New Deal. I saw how Obama’s Solyndra deal worked out. I also am not for higher taxes and public healthcare. I guess I am considered a Capitalist Conservative Republican. I guess this is where will have to disagree.

  1. Saw this on a church sign; “Noah didn’t swim in the flood to prove his faith, he stayed in the ark until it was safe.”

    1. @CCJJ160Channels Are those the same people who wash up in the Ganges river where they defecate and dump dead bodies? The same river that kills 1.5 million children annually?

    2. @Joboygbp Edwards so Covid is fake b/c it’s a third world country?

      Also, president Trump got Covid, was hospitalized and had to be given oxygen. And up to last week encouraged people to get vaccinated. Is he part of the Deep State too?

    3. @Joboygbp Edwards – trump also had a team of doctors, was flown to a hospital, was given oxygen, steroids, and convalescent infusions treatments. And he STILL turned around and got vaccinated earlier this year despite having it.

    4. @CCJJ160Channels And Trump was 74 yo and over weight and ate junk food and didn’t work out. How is it that over 20% of the people with Covid have no symptoms?

  2. Kenneth Copeland’s face is the strongest argument for the existence of “lizard people” I’ve ever seen.

    1. Like Trump, he’s only popular due to being propped up by gullible ding dongs who worship weirdness and send him tubs of money.

  3. I appreciate that my churches Bishop used wisdom, not demonic politics. For the past year my church met on FB live Hallelujah

  4. The church made me trust 2 people, and their names are Nothing and Nobody. Sad 2 see people not thinking for themselves.

    1. There are better people than you who have very strong faith in God. There are also worse. Don’t tar everyone with the same brush. Use your brain. Churches are not the same as Christians. And just because someone claims to be Christian that doesn’t make it true. The only way to judge them is by the book they claim is their rule of faith. If you haven’t read it, you wouldn’t know what real Christianity is, and you’ll accept the crap they talk as if it is truth, and judge incorrectly.

  5. Unbelievable! And I have seen so many people use this as an excuse to be horrible to their fellow man. Unconscionable! This also affects the kids.

    1. @Laura Holzler lol I’m sorry, this was a very awkward exchange, you handled it graciously MsHolzler.

  6. Is Kenneth Copland trying to look like the devil? Well, he hit his mark. He looks absolutely possessed by the devil. Wow!!!

  7. I feel so bad for the people who attend those services. I just don’t understand why anyone would spread such dangerous misinformation.

    1. I guess you can feel bad for them for being so lost in darkness, but they do have the option to see the light and follow it into wisdom. They refuse and are lost in the bondage of darkness! They are in fact, evil, for they do not follow the light of truth & wisdom. You shall know them as EVILGELICALS, masquerading as lambs.

    2. I don’t feel bad for them. Information is freely available, and that kind of ignorance is a choice. I do feel bad for the innocent people they’re no doubt infecting.

    3. Me neither but I know God is gonna start shutting down these churches who are misleading his people.. 1 thing these pastors shouldn’t be doing is misleading his people… God doesn’t play bout his children at all

  8. Old joke:
    A deeply and sincerely religious man is sitting at home when a warning comes out of the radio, “This is not a test! Severe flooding! All residents within the broadcast range are advised to head for high ground! This is not a test!” After listening to the announcement and various evacuation routes, the man says to himself, “I have loved God and followed His word all the days of my life, I need have no fear, He will guard me.”
    An hour later, the water has risen, and is starting to wash through his first floor and across the porch where he stands watching. A row-boat goes by, and the rowers offer him a place in the boat, and to take him to safety. He declines. “I have no fear, my God is my Shephard and Savior, He will protect me.” The rowers go on their way.
    Two hours after that, the waters have risen to his eaves, forcing him to take refuge on his roof. A rescue helicopter comes by, and begins lowering a ladder. He waves them away, shouting over the rotor-noise, “I am a good and faithful man! I have served God all my days, He will keep me from harm!” The rescue crew, not wanting to waste time, goes off to find people who want their services.
    Another hour, and the water has risen well past his roof-peak and he, and old man, cannot keep himself afloat. He drowns.
    Naturally, being a truly good man, and having followed all of God’s laws, he reaches heaven.
    Upon entering, he see’s God’s majestic shining, and goes to speak with Him.
    “My Lord God! I have loved and worshipped You all the days of my life. I have learned and followed all of Your Word even when it brought hardship. I have NEVER been unfaithful to You, please, why did You forsake me in my hour of need?”

    Wear a mask, wash your hands, and get the damn shot. God’s hands are often other people.

    1. So very true…thereis faith, foolishness and presumption. We need God to show us the difference. The Bible notes that in the last days even the very elect will be fooled.

    2. There are angels all around us. They don’t have wings. They look just like us. They are us. “If you have done it for the least of these……..”

  9. I watched the Netflix show called Save Me about a cult and thought it was a bit over the top but clearly I was wrong and that craziness happens.

  10. We believe there is a pandemic, and we offer prayers to pray, in addition to taking all precautions. A good Christian is also a good citizen! God bless you all.

    1. Appreciate that you have fallen onto the right side of history and science, but at the end of the day, you should also question your belief system in Iron Age mythology and anthropomorphic deities. Better to err on the side of consistency in science and evidence on all occasions rather than those convenient to our world view. Anything less allows other instances of situations like this pastor to slip past us on an anti-empiricist basis.

  11. If someone fails to attend church for fear of getting Covid, the collection plate won’t be as full.

    1. Lol, true, those evangelical cult leaders are grifter millionaires who suck every dollar from their dumb followers they can. It’s nothing to do with “Christianity”, it’s all about filling their pockets.

  12. Really tough hard hitting and brave observations by Miss Keiler.

    When your friends say that CNN does not cover the news. That friend really ‘does not’ know what they talking about.

  13. Before Satan goes to bed each evening, he looks to see if Kenneth Copeland is hiding under his bed.

  14. Yall know Copeland gave an amazing performance in Mortal Kombat as ALL of the demons. Give that man his props!

  15. For some strange reason, I feel embarrassed when I see Kenneth Copelands’s performance. The man actually has a large group of people thinking that he is talking to the Corona virus and thinks he is using some special powers to cure it. They will also send him free money and the IRS won’t even tax it! What a business.

    1. I think it’s perfectly okay to feel some negative emotion. For me, it’s pure disgust. Yech! Why would anyone give them airtime?However each of those men will be held accountable, just like the rest of us, for what they do and say in the Name of God. We are not to judge who is what, but some of them sure look and sound anything but what they claim to be.

  16. Their prayers don’t go pass the ceiling! God is not pleased with them leading His people astray. They will have to answer for what they are doing.

  17. Every time Kenneth Copeland smiles, many angels lose their wings. He is a terrifying approximation of a human, more so than most evangelical preachers.

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