Supreme Court set to take up major Second Amendment case 1

Supreme Court set to take up major Second Amendment case


The Supreme Court announced it will consider the scope of the Second Amendment next term in a case concerning a New York law that restricts an individual from carrying a concealed handgun in public. CNN's Jessica Schneider has more. #CNN #News


    1. @David Burgess try again wannabe you’ve watched too much of the msm. the ar platform is a popular hunting and self-defense style

  1. New York: Nobody carry guns 💯💯
    Texas: passes bill to allow anyone to open carry with no permits required

    1. @charz pak I’m far from evil. We have the right to bear arms. We have a people problem not a gun problem.

    2. @Marci LK here in Arizona people open carry everywhere doesn’t matter if they are in a city or in the middle of nowhere and you don’t hear of to many mass shootings here

  2. I’m sorry you don’t have the choice weather I can protect myself and my family, while your escorted by security. You wildin’

    1. @Mahad no that would be facts that got you but whatever you say as your not worth my time since you don’t look into anything more than parroting the news

  3. Our society needs to address the root cause(s) of the violence. Unless we do that, band-aid measures will only restrict our rights and safety and do nothing to help reduce violence.
    The trouble is, the root causes are so complex, it is unlikely we will solve them. 🙁

    1. @Debdeb Obviously it won’t stop violent crime. If you take guns away from violent people, they’ll just be violent with something else. That’s exactly what has been happening in the UK. Because extremists can’t get guns over there, they’ve been using vehicles to ram crowds of people for their attacks. But saying that it would have no effect is also ridiculous. Violent crime wouldn’t stop but it would fall dramatically.

    2. @RealYRM so to answer my question, no one notices. Thats why these things are happening. We have a government and large portion of our population who wont recognize the violence and stand against it until it’s too late. That’s why people riot. If the attention was there and solving the issues was happening thered be none of it. We should recognize that pattern.

    3. @ms Gross you are absolutely right, all human life is precious and death is so permanent. I wouldn’t even want to shoot a bad guy with a gun but would only do it to preserve me and my wife’s life. Thankfully I didn’t have to use it that day as it was in a public setting and bullets don’t stop before they hit the innocent. We need more people to think that.

    4. @Chavvy
      No, there have been no deaths in BLM rallies.
      Fox cable kept saying that last summer.
      Those deaths were not even in the same area. Gang violence 6 blocks away from a rally can only be blamed on BLM if you work for or listen to fox cable.

    5. @MIT Scientific
      That is not the trouble with any of those states.
      California makes more money for the US than any other state.
      How do you blame people being homeless on the government?
      Should the government put them in prison? The Supreme Court said they cannot.
      California is a warm place. If I was homeless I would move to a warm place.
      Michigan has lost all of its jobs because of foreign trade.
      Those states have not all been run by Democrats.
      Michigan was run by a republican before Whitmer.
      Republicans are the ones that poisoned the water in Flint.

    1. @jerryw66 was looking at Arsenal for my starter ak. What’s your opinion? I’m open to any advice.

    2. @Junk’d & Disgustipate I’m new to the AK field. Arsenal is supposed to be good. We both waited too long, prices are way up and I don’t see them coming down much.

    1. Yet the SC wouldn’t hear the case of the SC of a state changing laws to help them steal the election in their state, which is an open and shut case of a blatant violation of the Constitution, which shows the SC of the US is already compromised. (And lookie how Amy already is being handed 2 MILLION DOLLARS in advance for a book deal – that’s more than enough money to get her to refuse to hear such an open and shut case). Those who would not hear that case need to be impeached and we get justices that will correctly overturn any state SC changing laws.

      Meanwhile democrats/ media/ famous people: “We can defend ourselves with walls and guns, but we’re going to make sure Americans cannot defend themselves with walls and guns”.

  4. They don’t want us flashing pistols in public but they’ll happily call in the National Gaurd weilding high caliber rifles to protect them from rioters.

    1. @MMO Archives that’s literally not how it works in a country where the civilians make up the military but good try.

  5. I can name a city that’s had more šhõõtìñgs in one week than all of these you have covered in the past two months!

    1. @Debra Jones and NYC LA have both reduced the funding of the police budget. That is not completely defunded but they have taken close to 1 billion dollars from NYPD as per The NY Times. If you don’t know what you are talking about stfu

    2. We need our guns to protect us from illegals that Biden is welcoming into our country to harm America! You think the cartel isn’t packing?

    3. @YTCully well considering most mass shootings, like over 90% of them happen in gun free zones and law abiding people follow the law by definition, I’d say they kept thier gun in the car or home to go shopping, or church, or fed ex buildings or schools or concerts. I could go on and on.

    4. @YTCully church shooting in texas was ended by a neighbor with an ar15 shooting the suspect/ shooter as he tried to drive away…

    1. @jeck jeck I know right.
      Like I said in my previous comment.
      I heard that right wing insurrectionists are wearing blackface now and looting dollar tree and footlocker stores.

      Thank goodness for reliable news sources like CNN to keep me informed. I would be clueless without them.

    2. @jeck jeck I heard that the guy who ran into the barricade outside Capitol Hill like a month ago and shanked a cop was a right wing insurrectionist in blackface as well.

    3. @St. Michael of Cigarillo
      You are clueless regardless. Right wing insurrectionists love self projecting.

    4. @St. Michael of Cigarillo
      Was that before or after right wing insurrectionists beat a cop to death with a flag?

  6. This episode of gas light news is brought to you by Your friends at the CIA project Mocking Bird media, who would like to remind you “THAT IGNORANCE IS POWER”😎

    1. @rockerdude8000 Yes, I agree, but nobody here bothered to watch the video and are getting angry and upset over “cnn bad” despite the video taking about how New York gun regulations are going to likely be deemed unconstitutional

    2. @Lethal Minimum the point is it should have never been in question to start with🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. I was stationed in Buffalo, New York for three years and I applied for my license within the first few months. It took me 20 months to get my permit. Anyone wonder why I didn’t stay outside of the beautiful, three-week summers?

    1. @Carlos Ramos I was on shore duty there. Didn’t get to go “hunting” unless it was on the range.

    2. @Joe danero there’s only one George I am aware of in my family…George Jameson who was my mom’s father who passed away when she was growing up.

  8. So I get 2 hours a day with my “imaginary” friend Jake.



    I have nothing to hide that’s why I have given permission to anyone to access and redistribute any information about me.

    1. You don’t believe in the right to peacefully assemble which is in the 1st amendment, but you want the 2nd amendment to ignore the Well Regulated Militia parts?

    2. The uneducated seem to think they know what the words used in the Constitution meant for the framers 250 years ago. Words always change meaning. If you use todays interpretations of the words of the Constitution, you’re actually changing the Constitution to mean something else. But the not too bright haven’t even read about Platonic Idealism and Aristotelian Realism. Can they even tell if the framers believed that words were static dogmas or symbols that change with time and circumstances? As fundamentalists/evangelicals the ones that think they are experts are fed a Platonic idea about how language works. As influences by the french philosophers of the enlightenment the framers had a rather Aristotelian understanding of words.
      Now the uneducated in juridical language—and really most didn’t do well in high school literature—try to argue that they know what words like “arms”, “infringe”, and “regulated” meant for the framers. Those who often call themselves “constitutionalist” who believe in a literal interpretation of the Constitution don’t understand that if you are to interpret it literally, you must interpret every word in the same way as the framers did. Arms and guns for them was NOT what we consider arms and guns today. What they would have though about what we today define as arms and guns—and how appropriate they would have thought such weapons should be commonly available—we have actually no idea about. Should it be limited to no more than the arms of that time: nozzle loaded muskets. Or should we incorporate gatling guns and rpgs?!

      Now go and read about what “infringement” and “regulated” meant among those who were well educated in language and philosophy and influenced by the enlightenment 250 years ago. Would they consider it to be infringement to ban someone who were insane and aggressive from being armed? Was it infringement for the framers to disarm those who were pro-English and considered a threat? Would they consider it infringement to demand that people who carried arms were well educated in its use? How was the citizens that had a “rifle” trained to use it at that time? Why did they most often have a “rifle”. Not the easiest thing to use a “rifle” or pistol back then. So to use one there had to be a bit extensive training than if you buy a rifle or revolver of today. Especially since they were mainly used for hunting. Would the framers think that it would be infringement to demand that there need to be skills involved to bear arms? Or where they nihilists in this matter? (No… they were not nihilists and they were not neoliberals! So “infringement” should obviously also then not be interpreted in the way a gun law nihilist or gun law neoliberal of today does… As those who as unaware nihilists believe is based on a static dogma that only can be interpreted in one way.)
      Regarding “regulated”… Do you own homework and read a class in 18th century juridical language and then come back and say you know. Otherwise you’re just making the Constitution say whatever you feel it should say.

    1. @Detective Pikachu Go on YouTube and listen to 911 calls. Man there are some hair raising calls. Some of them end with the caller shooting a home intruder and everything turns out ok, but there are other calls that are absolutely horrifying. I made the mistake of playing some for my wife, now she refuses to sleep without the bedroom door closed and locked. Anyway… In almost every single one of those calls, outcome good or bad, it feels like an absolute lifetime before the police arrive. This guys “seconds/minutes” comment absolutely nails it. It’s equally eye opening watching hours of dashcam/bodycam footage of police getting in shootouts.

    1. Or just as truthfully you could frame the conversation: “At a time when the country is very clearly struggling and grappling with an epidemic of government overstepping their constitutional authority to regulate free speech, freedom of assembly, freedom to worship and the right to bear arms to defend oneself, your family and community”

  9. Just remember: The people who told you that walls and guns don’t work have surrounded themselves with walls and guns.

    1. @Keith Mc
      Walls have never worked.
      That is why China let their wall crumble.
      You can see the touristy wall. They don’t use it for defense.

    2. @Nick Dionne
      I know conservatives think wearing a mask is tyranny.
      You are correct on the guns. I am a gun carrying liberal and have been for 50 years.
      I don’t think registering a gun or having a background check is unreasonable in a country of 325 million people.

    3. @Mike Oveli There’s no way they can enforce a registry, it would never work, and only law abiding citizens would be subject to confiscation. Confiscation will only work if they first establish a registry. There is a very real, and very legitimate reason Americans oppose what may seem at surface level to be “common sense”. And the masks aren’t tyranny, the masks (at this point) are about fear and control. Fear is the best way to control. Tyrants, use fear to control.

    1. Congrats. I won’t post a link to it but I highly recommend hickock45’s video “Gun Safety” for beginners.

  10. In Tn. you can now take a 90 minute class online to get a concealed carry permit. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never held a gun in your hand before. $39 and 90 mins. You take your certificate to a driver’s service center, get fingerprinted, and you will get your permit in the mail.

  11. Yeeeessss!!! Barrett and Thomas are my hero’s. I’ll pray for whatever team is presenting this case. Hot damn. There’s hope for America.

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