Keilar responds after Nikki Haley blames media for GOP feud 1

Keilar responds after Nikki Haley blames media for GOP feud


Nikki Haley, the former UN Ambassador under President Donald Trump, is now blaming the media for the current conflict in the Republican Party. CNN's Brianna Keilar rolls the tape.
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    1. @Dorian Shades of gray he has 60% little does he know and everyone is scared of trump after the Insurrection fear-mongering is not what a real president would do to get people to like him so that basically means they don’t like him they’re just doing what he asked or else he will raise hell like a little baby!

    2. It’s crazy for Trumpers to blame the media for divisions in America since 2016. Reporting on conflict is a big part of their JOB.

      Did Trump expect them to bow to him as he chanted the Stalin term, “enemy of the people”? I thought he was supposed to be good at playing the media? It’s wrong to steal cars, but do you park one in the dark in a bad neighborhood?

      He NEVER reached across the aisle. He treated half the country as an enemy. It’s why he never broke 50% approval.

      He coordinated with FOX News’ divisive rhetoric, blamed blue states for their crisis, repeated Russian propaganda, slammed his predecessors, insulted allies, used terms such as “alien” and “kung flu”, balked at the idea of compromise, and stoked a civil war within his party for which Republicans are now desperate to blame Democrats.

      Trump is CLEARLY the most divisive figure in American history, and Republicans fully embraced him.

    3. What’s so funny is Biden literally said there was no vaccine before he was president. That’s weird because half my family was vaccinated while trump was president and so was Biden hahaha. Biden is going down so quickly and it’s been a month. He’s at 49% approval and trump was at 56% his first year

    4. COVID is CCP’s BioWeapon, search risk-life-flee-china virologist @DrLiMengYAN1(twitter )’s gene evidence reports, get a Gene guy you TRUST(not the famous ones on TV) to verify her reports, she has waken the right(she had to talk with the right 1st since the right was in power), help her waken the left!!

      PS:why CCP didn’t allow wuhan people go anywhere in china, but allowed them to go overseas?

  1. Seriously, Nikki? I know it sucks when media reports what’s going on. But all they’re doing is reporting what they see. Think about that!

    1. @brandon lehmann I like your logic Brandon. The Left is used to an echo chamber where no one says stuff like “if it’s secret, how do you know?”

      The same logic can be used against them when they start with the Q Anon BS.

      If Q Anon was real… People in Washington lie, but they cannot be called stupid. They plan, have think tanks, analyze and strategize all day. Based on the information in these “Q drops” one of these think tanks or groups of analysts would have figured out based on compartmentalized information who Q was. That’s IF unmasking this “dangerously misleading cult leader” was actually a priority. This guy is allegedly leaking classified and insider information. You’d think that people would be interested in finding out who it was, but as it turns out a straw man villain used to explain a rise in populism is way better.

      Don’t forget to kick your 10% up to the Big Guy. He and his family got a sizable loan from the CCP, no need for secrecy there when CNN covers his arse where Corn Pop cannot.

      “Cultural norms” says Boe Xiden.

    2. @J David Hopkins They do report his actual words. Straight from his Twitter feed. And his rambling press conferences and rallies and debates. That’s why people think he’s an imbecile. His approval ratings improved whenever he stopped talking.

  2. Sure the media is not your friend when you’re trying to be a pos… If the media was covering your good and ernest deeds they would be your friends right?

    1. @Devo are you the same as me Devo? Minding your own business and then like magic on Jan 7 your YouTube feed is polluted with stuff you never subscribed to or clicked on, ever?

    2. Damn the media for showing the recordings showing what people actually say…. how dare they show that… why… why… it is almost like they are trying to make the public know what people actually said !!!

    3. @Devo actually it;s being covered everyday in NYC and he’s being massively critisized by everyone. Infact, The investigations against him are a result of both Democratic and Republican goverment officials.

    1. Nikki and Lindsey Gragam get together and argue over who “butt kisses” Donnie the best during their press conferences.

      Nikki: “I do it best”.
      Lindsey: “No you don’t. People tell me that I do it best”.

      Personally, I think that they are tied for “best @ss kisser”.

    1. She’s goes with the breeze, which ever looks like a good direction for her future, she doesn’t admit to the choice being wrong. No accountability!

    1. Brianna is k one of the sharpest on CNN and knows her stuff. I completely agree, she deserves a raise and then, some.

    1. @slactweak because CNN claims it was all and only Q cult members there. John Sullivan disproves that and actually speaks to them being complicit in the very crime they accuse Trump of. If you changed the channel now and then, you’d know that though.

    2. She does that alot, it’s like these idiots forget that everything that they have done or said is recorded and you can throw it back in their faces when they start to lie.

  3. It’s like the updated version of “dynasty” You can’t believe any of them no matter how deeply they kiss you.

  4. I’m really becoming a fan of Keilar; not something i’ve ever been able to say of a television presenter before. Her reporting is consistently on point. She and the team behind her, doing this true journalism and fact-checking in an age of lies and willful forgetfulness are incredible and of great value to us all.

    1. That guy is about as stupid as you can get! They don’t even listen to what come out of their mouth. Or maybe he figures his audience is just as stupid and they’ll never figure it out.

  5. So tired of the illogical, inconsistent, and frankly “idiotic” way of thinking of some of these Republicans! Nikki Haley’s ever decreasing relevance gets even lower the more she talks!

  6. Lied for two months? Hell, he started claiming he was the winner in July!! “If I don’t win, the election is rigged”.

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