RobinHood CEO to testify at GameStop congressional hearing 1

RobinHood CEO to testify at GameStop congressional hearing


Tthe US House Financial Services Committee will grill the chief executives of Robinhood and other companies involved in last month's GameStop stock rally.
The hearing is being driven by concerns in Washington about the fundamental fairness of the modern market. The trading frenzy shined a bright light on the free trading boom set off by Robinhood, the role of high-speed trading firms and the populist angst at the heart of the Reddit mob.

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  1. When they say they wanna protect your average person from investing all I hear is they wanna make it harder for the average person to invest.

    1. Exactly. How dare the peons enter the market, upset the big boys, and make silly decisions that make them lose their shirts on their own! They should hire hedge funds to do that for them! …for a large fee, of course.

      Overall, if you go in with the mindset there’s no such thing as a sure bet and that you’re probably gambling, you will never be disappointed.

    1. 270 million more shares vs the 50 mil that existed. If they had been called it would have collapsed the financial system. So they cheated 🙂

    2. @tossa coin2urbernie cheated? Tell me the rule that states people can’t buy stocks? That’s all that was done.

    1. Game Stop is a chain, I think what we need is more family owned buissness like Game Stop in order to give it some sort of rivalry. The reason why this is illegal is because someone hacked into the system and manipulated the numbers. I am all in for standing up to big tech corporations but I want to do it legally. Game Stop is a monopoly of sorts and not only will this beat Wallstreet but it will put them on edge. (Legally)

  2. what the hedgefund was doing was literal market manipulation. If anyone should get in trouble it’s them
    And “Robinhood” should change it’s name to “Sherrif of Nottingham “

    1. Lol, free market. In a fantasy that’s true. Everyone wants a bigger piece of the pie, cutting smaller slices to get it. If it isn’t one side lobbying, the other is.

  3. All these POS want us to think is that only the big guys know how to invest. When the big guy loses there must be something wrong, sop we need to protect you little guys and keep you poor. FU!!

    1. We are so lucky to have Biden in office to ensure the profits of Wall Street at the expense of the little guy. This is why all the big banks hated Trump and donated millions to the Biden/Harris campaign. Corporations Matter, Not American Lives. Trump doesnt understand this though.

  4. It sounds like they’re trying to “protect” the average person from investing at all, So as to protect Wall Street. This is pathetic.

    1. @Roxy Lasch okay I understand you. It will be nice if you give it a try to you will be financially happy,more richer and comfortable.

    2. @Danylo Yegor I am actually comftorable right now and I don’t need millions of dollars. Just a job that is sustainable and makes me happy.

  5. They’ve got to go with ‘Roaring Kitty’ rather the name that is spoken with great reverence on WallStreetBets. ‘DeepFuckingValue’. Best put some respect on the name.

  6. When retail investors make money then everyone needs to “look into” it. When hedge funds lose money, they get a bailout

  7. CNN sure sounds like they are leaning towards “it’s the poor persons fault for investing in the free market”

    1. it is tho obviously. shorting GME like that is crime, but blindly following trades is the dumbest thing you could do as a retail pleb with limited financial resources.

  8. The absolute biased in this interview, “ oh silly little individual traders leave it to the big boys, or you can loose to infinity”

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