1. These tragic stories must be told. People throughout the whole world, including Russia, have to see and hear about these horrors. Absolutely essential.

    1. @Tim Marshall Time will tell and why all of a sudden CNN CBS and so on are saying the laptop is real.. food for thought

    1. ahh ,, how is the war in Syria, the Libyan war, in Iraq Afghanistan, and Israel occupied Palestine?? I’m with Russia, greetings from Indonesia.

    2. @Dent Baguz On what are you actually with Russia? The idea of just doing a landgrab if you feel like it and then blame it all on “agressive” foreign influence you have to deal with?
      How about I suggest to the Phillipines to do just that to Java?

  2. I can’t imagine what happens with parents of this poor children. We should never neither forget not forgive

  3. Heart breaking. As a human being I cannot stop crying at the pain, devastation of a senseless war. As a mother of 3, I just want to hug my babies and be grateful to have them with me.

    1. @smkxodnwbwkdns he didn’t bomb Iran when general Miley told him too. I think your projecting the actions of your choice, to mine. Get a grip will ya.

  4. How awful! can you imagine how that mother felt when their car was fired at and she saw her daughter drop to the ground and her head was gone. That must have been so traumatic, and that poor woman will never fully recover from seeing something like that.

    1. @Real Aiglon You don’t sound clever when you comment something like that, you just sound jealous

  5. It’s very important that these horrors are seen by the public otherwise it’s as if those people were slaughtered for nothing. Let there be a reckoning for their murderers. 😞

    1. @Nancy Garrett They see it trust me. VPNs are used. P.S. using cap locks makes people not take you seriously.

    2. @Sushi Wolf and a name of sushi wolf LMFAO…who.isngonma take YOU seriously?! Sushi wolf 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

  6. Brianna has become my hero to report this, a story of horror and tragedy. Her empathy is strong. It’s painful. She’s a mother. With every name she read, I could see the heartbreak in her eyes. I used to just like her reporting the news and views, but now I’m a bigger fan.

    1. Herself, John Berman, Clarissa Ward (who did great reporting in Afghanistan) and NBC’s Richard Engel have reported this very well. You’re right – she has two kids and I think most parents would have a similar reaction. I love Ukraine, having been there six times, and got to know it reasonably well, and it hurts to see this

  7. If I ever doubted it before…..it takes guts to be a reporter! These are tears you Never have to apologise for. Thank you so much! Stella

    1. Shedding Tears To Boost CNN Ratings! Great Job! Lets See The SAME Emotion When OTHER Wars Kill Innocent Children! This War Has Helped Increase MSM Ratings! OFF CAMERA They Must Shed Tears Of Joy!

    2. Patrick Lancaster is great independent reporter who lives in Ukraine for 8 years and doing videos every day. See his channel. You wont see it on CNN.

  8. A heartless man has put the world in a crisis when we are dealing with a scary one already. Deaths by disease hurt so profoundly but the deaths of these children are casualties that are deliberate and are that much more painful. We keep Ukraine in our hearts now and will continue to do so even when this horror is over. 😪🇺🇦.

  9. Thank you for reporting this Brianna. It’s so hard to watch, but we have to be witnesses to these Atrocities. God bless all the children and perished. Glory to Ukraine. Slava Ukraini💛💙🇺🇦

  10. My heart’s weep for the people of Ukraine, but particularly for the children, and the people who have had children murdered by the Russian forces! It is a particular sign of barbarity to heartlessly target and murder children!

  11. Thank you, Briana. We out here forget how impossibly difficult the work of reporting on real-world events can be. We need to know these truths, and we need to remember the hard work of you and your colleagues, who have to see so much and condense it for us. Be safe, and keep going.

  12. This needs to be shared on social media wherever we can. We need to tell these stories over and over as ghastly as they are.

  13. Heartbreaking, I cant believe these ‘soldiers’ did this without conscience, unbelievable, the soldiers and everyone responsible have to be punished for this.

  14. It is so difficult, so sad, heartbreaking, depressing and gut wrenching. Brianna, you did well to hold up as well as you did reporting these atrocities. My heart goes out to all people with pain in their hearts and souls. I have donated several times to Ukraine to help them and keep the fight and support going. It is a monster of a horrifying situation.🙏🇨🇦

    1. @Jasmine Bali Erroneous thinking on your part. ❌Donations go to humanitarian causes. Donations go to animal shelters as well. Honestly! Your perception of wide scope of donation possibilities is concerning.😳 Please open your eyes and educate yourself ⁉️before condemning others who are acting for humanitarian support.

    2. @Jasmine Bali Tell us your bright idea genius, Wile E. Coyote here. Should, Ukraine surrender?

    1. no… these are emotional stories because we know they’re true, but they’re not actually good evidence to disprove russian propaganda because they lack scale.

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