Keilar to anti-abortion advocate: Are you going to hold Republicans to account?

CNN's Brianna Keilar speaks with Mallory Carroll, the vice president of communications at Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, about the likelihood of Republican politicians to expand benefits for pregnant women, children and families and what role her organization will play after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. #CNN #News


  1. It is not like they were held down for an abortion , they CHOSE the procedure feeling that was best for them ! Who are you to make decide for another woman?

    1. @TheWinged Hussar not just the kids the moth re r carrying child till birth those medical expenses are financial burden. After birth the mother can leave the child in state capitol, state congress or to those conservative evangelical righteous hypocrites.

    2. @Alex Jones if a woman is raped yes they did. Men should not comment on what women rights and our body.

    3. @Chinese Chicken It doesn’t matter that it is a person. If you give some carbon combination personhood, it still does not get to be inside another person against that person’s will.
      Why should I be allowed to be inside you for 9 month against your will?

  2. Why are they so obsessed about fetuses being kept alive, yet abandon the women and children involved, to live a life of poverty and misery?
    I see abortion as more humane and humanitarian in such situations.

    1. They will be in poverty regardless..they made bad decision and want to get bailed out instead of being responsible

  3. Yet they vote against Universal Healthcare, universal child care, they want to do away with SNAP an Medicaid and Medicare. So exactly what services is she talking about?

  4. They care more about a bunch of cells than passing a gun law that would make a difference. Those children should still be alive. That’s not pro life.

    1. The children that tragically passed away that day fit the definition of “a bunch of cells.” So do you, btw

  5. You don’t have the right to take that choice away from the mother. The belief that she holds that you can’t take away the rights of one without taking away the rights of the other, is so hypocritical that they literally had to remove the rights from the mother to literally ensure rights to an unborn potential. In doing so they have deprived that woman her liberty to choose her life course as long as she causes no harm to other living humans. They took her right to property away by declaring her body as no longer her property. They have denied her religious freedom by forcing their own religions beliefs into the law to control other faiths and their ability ti freely practice. This guest is so self righteous that she can’t even see how they just took away our freedoms and shredded the constitution. This isn’t the country I was born into. This is not America, we’re now in Gilead.

    1. @Christian 153 Do you believe that any human being should be able to use another person’s body without their consent? If your answer is yes you have serious issues. If your answer is no then why are you granting special rights for a fetus regardless of whether it is considered a living person or not?

  6. Ok Ms. Malory, so we can expect the Build Back Better act to be reintroduced and to pass by overwhelming majorities in both the Senate and House. Correct?

    1. @IYamWhatIYam “What’s in a name….” The state does not have any authority to remove anyone’s constitutional right, this includes the right to privacy. Which Roe V Wade is based, family planning is no one’s else’s business, that includes the government. Any political party that does not uphold the constitution of the United States, needs to have it’s federal funding removed and reduced to a third party.

    2. @Spyrit2011 Why would someone’s individual rights come down to a vote by popular mandate? Shouldn’t individual rights be protected – even if it means defying mob rule?

  7. Well, we’ll see how much ‘the community’ will stand behind these women and children because in my experience of 62 years, it has NEVER happened. If you are going to force women and girls to have children, there should also be a ‘lifetime’ commitment to support these lives and we all know that will never happen. As well, you can’t even get the richest people to pay their fair share of taxes so, how long do you expect the mid & lower income people to pay for it via taxes! This guest is a dreamer and ‘dreaming’ will not put food in a child’s belly or a roof over their head!

    1. As a single mom of 3 – my community neighbors were nosy and judgmental. No one ‘helped’ with the lift. These community resources will do nothing as per usual leaving Moms with a burden that in many cases cannot be managed. do you know what it feels like to not meet the mark, not be able to recover from a car problem, an unexpected expense, to chose between real food and electricity? That SD Gov doesn’t have a clue.

  8. It’s easy for activists like this her to advocate for pro-family social services. It’s another for Republican senators to actually vote on funding…

    1. @Lawlzinator

      Love that! Thank you for helping! Let’s also make sure that mothers get the healthcare they need in the event of miscarriage.

    2. She is not advocating. She made many claims of EXISTING programs to help mothers. I don’t trust her and would want more details, BUT this was not advocacy. She was making claims.

  9. She’s completely avoiding the point in her response. The whole Pro-Life movement is only suspecting that poor women are the only ones that need abortions. There are middle class families that will be poor if they have more children. They’re not covering the facts that it’s at least an 18 year commitment that will change the living comfort of the whole family.

    1. @Erin Coco and as access is primarily a financial issue, one that need nothing want nots and their $ backed freedom of travel, privacy and attorneys do cover.

  10. Listen to her. She is literally arguing it is the taxpayers responsibility to provide food stamps and education for the unwanted child.

    1. @Lawlzinator You haven’t been paying attention. Contraception isn’t fail-proof. Accidents happen. Problems develop in pregnancies. But eliminating choice has 1 definate outcome.

    2. @Lawlzinator ….tell THAT to the 12 year old girl who’s forced to birth her father’s child. Your flippant attitude is disgusting

    1. @IYamWhatIYam Right. The GOP must believe, or wish the handmaids tail is a documentary.
      Lets go back to the the”good” old days.
      America back to the dark ages.

  11. The Women who cannot get their abortion should form a class action lawsuit against the 5 justice’s for personal and religious discrimination in opposition to their Constitutional oaths! They should also claim being held hostage by those Justice’s and forced to Indore;

    Psychological abuse (during and after the birth for their entire life.)
    Physical abuse (most may not be able to recover from, could cost lasting health issues, and could cost their life.)
    Financial theft (for all the cost incured during and possibly after the pregnancy.) — & in some cases
    Child abuse ( for those molested children who will be forced to give birth to a child!)

    Get yourselves justice! It will be fought all the way to the Supreme Court when they will have to recuse themselves!!!!👀

    1. @P J One could argue that violating their oath with religious and political beliefs negates their protections as Justice’s.

  12. These people refuse to acknowledge that the majority of unwanted children turn into abused,neglected and at times killed. They repulse me

  13. 20,000 children age out of the adoption system without ever having found a family. We can’t take care of the children we do have, much less adding more. Also, where were these “helpers” “cherishing” women and children all these years? They have NOT advocated for expanded medicaid, social services paid leave or mental health assistance. They DO advocate for easy access to assault weapons, eliminating preexisting conditions protections, and eliminating equal rights. So what gives?

    1. @Stephen Brickwood as I said b4, people should take precautions not to get pregnant in the 1st place, these days abortion is just to easy.

    2. She did say they helped 2 million people with 270 million dollar. Thats 135 dollar per person. What did that cover? Sounds great throwing around numbers like that until you reach for the calculator.

  14. Framing this as giving women more “Freedom” is pretty rich.

    Also, just telling women to carry a baby to term & then give it up for adoption is terribly traumatic. Besides the pain & discomfort, time off work, medical complications & psychological trauma of giving birth there’s the lifetime of trauma of feeling like a terrible person for abandoning your baby, having people ask you about your baby as you get increasingly pregnant & thinking your a terrible person for abandoning your baby when you give it up for adoption. Finding out you were given up for adoption must be a mindfuck too. Haven’t heard anyone talking about this.

    I get that deciding to have an abortion is a very difficult & complicated decision, but late term abortions are extremely rare, usually just in case of emergency. This will end early abortion options (tadpole stage) for half the country. Also forcing rape victims & 12 year old girls, victims of incest to carry their rapists babies is fucking state sanctioned abuse.

    1. @Paul Wilson Yeah, it must be very difficult to live with that. No one enters into that lightly. But the way these people frame having a baby easy peasy & giving it up for adoption or just getting finacial assistance to raise it is fucking ludicrous. They are not living in the real world.

  15. You can be poor and earn 1 penny over the qualifying income for these programs and be disqualified. This income qualification does not take into account the income you actually bring home, which to me is a cheat. In response, my child and I had $40 per month to eat without SNAP benefits, no daycare financial support and eventually we were homeless 3 times. I don’t remember any of the anti-abortion people standing outside of any Dept of Human & Family Services protesting on my behalf. Damn shame!

    1. I have this conversation regularly. The eligibility standards for government programs are pretty tough. I process these cases every day. I always tell people to speak to their representatives when they don’t qualify and aren’t making ends meet.

    2. In most of the southern Bible belt states, social services is non-existent, what in the heck is this woman talking about? Most of my friends worked up to delivery, only took a few days off and had to go straight back to work. You pray the overpriced childcare doesn’t shake your baby to death. This smiling witch never faced such hardships. Rich win again, rugged survival for the rest of us.

  16. “you couldn’t build the rights of one group by breaking the rights of another”. Those are her words and EXACTLY what she is doing!

    1. @Andrew C. A. As someone who was raised with her mentality and thankfully broke free of it, Dude, she HAS NO IDEA!!!! Seriously. They believe they are right. They believe they’re helping. They don’t know nor care that they’re doing so much harm. (Yes, some do but not a lot of the shouters on the ground outside the clinics). People are gonna die and they’re going to offer thoughts and prayers… Not life and home.

  17. She just said, “you can’t build the rights of one group, while breaking the rights of another” as justification for anti abortion. Ummm….what do you think you just did? You just took away the right to have an abortion in order to build the rights of the anti abortion group. Just broke rights to build another. Lady. Like, come on.

    1. She literally stated that it’s up to the voters and elected officials to make the decision, not the supreme court.

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