Keilar: Trump appears to admit to facts of case against his company 1

Keilar: Trump appears to admit to facts of case against his company


CNN's Maggie Haberman breaks down comments made by former President Trump during a rally in Florida in which he appears to admit facts of a case against his company, The Trump Organization and its CFO, Allen Weisselberg.

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    1. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 Sucks to be them. Doesn’t change the fact the Trump was a historically bad president.

    2. @Benjamin Levine Conservative Political psychosis
      By Stephen Kierein

      Perhaps our present misfortune is an epidemic of insanity in American society. We make excuses for the insane and the racist. We defend an insane man’s right to be insane far more than we do the rights of others to be safe from that madness. We defend a lunatics right to have a gun more than a child’s right to life and education. We are so obsessed with personal liberty that we fail to consider the consequences of those rights on the world at large. You are free to believe Q. We agree that that is a right granted to you. However, it is equally true that you are insane if you believe that bullshit. You need to be medicated and/or institutionalized if you believe that Nancy Pelosi drinks the blood of babies to grant her eternal life. 

      Reality matters. 

      Truth matters.

      The truth is what the facts show it to be. 

      The facts can prove that basically everything the Q wackjobs believe is a fiction. A fiction birthed and nurtured by T***p. i would not at All be surprised to learn that T***p and Q are the same person. He certainly helped give it credibility over the last FOUR YEARS! 

      These people are so insane that they have become terrorists. How insane must one be before their rights are overcome by the rights of the rest of us? How selfish must you be to believe that your own rights T***p the rights of the rest of us? 

      The domestic tranquility has been forfeited by these insane people. If communism could be investigated by McCarthy, then those who back the insane ought to get the same treatment. We must purge the traitors and the oathbreakers from our government, or else the crazy Fuckers will attack us from within again like they did on January 6th. Next time, the coup d’etat may succeed. Woe to the land of the free on the day the insane manage to take hold of power. They do not value human life as we do. T***p proved that, from his disinterest in containing the pandemic to the dozens of children who died of neglect in his care.

      They only value their own rights and to HELL with everybody else.

      The dichotomy of good and evil is vastly overused. However, this situation really is that simple.

      Republicans believe they are right and everyone else is a socialist. 

      The democrats see themselves as right and the republicans as objectively wrong.

      Unlike the republicans, the democrats proved it in the impeachment trial. Then the republicans signed the evidence by voting to acquit a provably guilty man on a charge of treason. 

      Why are we hostage to the whims of the insane? Why are the insane followed so willingly by those who are morally normal.

      Why is DC Daniel free to threaten to Charlottesville me with a truck with impunity? That is absolutely insane. Dude admits to being a confederate. Dude seems to support the rioters on the 6th, both in real time and since. 

      He is just one of a great many insane people. For every one we can see, at least five hide behind a fake wall of sanity. I know of two others who are as DC is. 

      Its not right that terrorists get privileges in our society while the patriotic colored peoples cannot even go for a jog without loosing their right to life!

      It’s not FUCKING RIGHT! I want to riot. I want to destroy everything I can see in my blood rage! I want to go find these insane people and break their legs with a baseball bat. I want to, i really do so desperately want to…

      But I am not evil like they are. I am not so lost that I cannot reason. The people who cried about the George Floyd riots were the same people who wanted to hang mike pence on the 6th. 

      I believe in justice. It may not be real, but that doesn’t stop any of you from going to church. If you can believe in an all powerful sky fairy, then my belief in justice ought not be chastised. 

      However, justice failed and i nearly put a knife through my heart when I learned that BOTH MY SENATORS condoned the terrorists and their attack on American democracy on the 6th.

      If the rule of law matters, then those who gleefully excused white nationalist terrorists deserve a great many evils. I must trust that the judges will do what our senators could not: condemn domestic terrorism.

      I will compare the 1/6 attack to the 9/11 attack. Bin laden ordered the attack. His supporters did what he told them to do, and people died. Did we defend Bin laden in the aftermath? No. We made it our mission in this life to kill him and destroy his death cult. 

      The only difference between Bin laden and T***p is the color of their skin. 

      But it proved to be the only difference that matters to you people…

      The difference between democrats and republicans is surprisingly simple. Democrats expect the powerful who have been corrupted should face real consequences. Republicans expect the powerful to be rewarded for corruption. The conflict between them is a conflict between justice and self-interest.

      The right is a natural ally to authoritarians because the right will make excuses for corruption that the left would never willingly tolerate.

      im not idolizing the left. Im pointing out a fundamental difference i see in our political ecosystem. The left is trying the make things better. The right are trying to prevent any change they disagree with. The issue is a moral one and im tired of pretending it isn’t. People can pretend that opinions are to be respected, but some opinions do not deserve respect. There are moral differences between the political right and the political left that the right will do anything to ignore. We are basically being told to respect objectively crazy opinions that are actively harmful to society at large because “everybody is entitled to their opinion”. Yeah, but if the opinion does not conform to reality, you do not get a free pass. The amoral components of the far right have been weaponizeing the ethical principals of the left against them. Trump is a good example. When a fact disagreed with his opinions, it was fake news. If a story makes him look bad, its fake news. That kind of thinking is dangerous and it could very legitimately destroy our republic.

      Is the left entirely blameless? No. However, since the political realignment of the 1960’s, this problem went from being ingrained in both sides to being sequestered mostly to the political right. This change has been becoming more apparent to me over the past 4 years. We made progress under Obama. That is a fact. Then the right pulled us back hard under trump. Then the left pulled us back again, so the right sacked the capitol. There may well be crazy people on both sides, but the right has an almost exclusive monopoly on dangerous crazy. The left get drunk on social justice sometimes, but that is not the same as trying to kill our republic. There is always gray. However, there is less gray than our leaders want there to be.

      I agree with you that those in power do not really give a damn about us, but only so far. The younger faces on the left are embracing the need for change we have craved growing up. A push to bring ethics back into politics. The right complaining about “political correctness” are complaining axiomatically that they do not agree with the principles of ethics the morally normal assume innately.

      That is the crisis we face now and too few even understand that at all. Ethical principles are not immutable, but there are some things that have no gray area whatsoever. Those immutable ethical principals are being redefined as “political correctness” or “leftist opinions”. This problem runs so much deeper than you make it sound.

      I agree that there is still a fair amount of gray, but it is not a both sides problem. At least, it stopped being a both sides problem in the 60’s, but the right benefits the most from peddling the notion that the left is as amoral as the left views them. This is not a both sides problem. Not completely, anyway. The present political ecosystem is controlled by the right. When they lost their power, they tried to overthrow the government on the 6th. The left suffered the same injustice in 2016 and they never once considered overthrowing the government.

      The problem is one sided and im sick and tired of pretending it’s not.

    3. The most important tool for the Chinese Communist Party to control the deep state of the United States is the human organs of 1.4 billion Chinese people. The Chinese Communist Party has prepared many human organs for Biden and senior officials in the US government. Of course, the big bosses of Wall Street and Silicon Valley also ordered Chinese organs. This is why Trump is hated by these people. Trump’s actions undermined the relationship between the deep state and the Chinese Communist Party. It may endanger the lives of deep state members.

    1. He has admitted to it. That’s the first step. Denial doesn’t work here anymore. Unless our system broke for Donald. Which he seems to do often. Break things.

    2. @James Vengren that’s not how it works. Merely hiring someone to do a job does not exonorate everything that company does except that one said employee.

    1. @Julian Rivera I hope you read your comments back to yourself …just to prove what garbage translates like….🙄the usual Russian links 😂..🤔 …..obama/Clinton!! Do you not research other than old CNN clips, I guess you cant argue with stupid🤔Everyrhing Dems have said is the reverse of their earlier campaigns…its there on film, in print, it takes a far left fool to ignore facts 🤦‍♂️( it’s not my opinion so it didnt happen)👽

    2. Everyone, even most Dems, know Trump won the 2020 election by A LOT. Trump got more votes than any sitting president and was easily beating Biden when the election was stopped and at 330a the ballot dumps came. Not a single verifiable vote. Trump must be reinstated. No taxation if the will of the people is not respected.


  1. “I did not rob that bank your honor. I just pointed a gun at them and said “but the money in the bag” and they generously gave me that money”

    1. @Benjamin Levine Trump lost by over 7,052,000 votes. Trump’s own Attorney General, William Barr, as well as Mitch McConnell, as well as John Boehner, the former Republican Speaker of the House, have all stated that the election wasn’t “rigged” against Trump. Don’t be taken in by Don the Con’s lies.

    2. @John Prekurat hackers switched votes, voting machines were connected to internet ,senate investigations confirmed this

    3. @USA Dominates Undocumented workers have been crossing the border for a century and a half; they continued to cross during the Trump administration, and would still be crossing the border even had Trump been reëlected. The much touted Trump Wall has not proven much of a deterrent, and has been a waste of taxpayers’ money.

      (The border is nearly 2,000 miles long; Trump managed to put up about 47 miles of “the Wall” during the 4 years he was in office — less than a mile a month, and the Mexican government isn’t paying for it. The project is what is known as a “boondoggle.” People get rich off of it; the public receives little if any benefit.)

    4. The most important tool for the Chinese Communist Party to control the deep state of the United States is the human organs of 1.4 billion Chinese people. The Chinese Communist Party has prepared many human organs for Biden and senior officials in the US government. Of course, the big bosses of Wall Street and Silicon Valley also ordered Chinese organs. This is why Trump is hated by these people. Trump’s actions undermined the relationship between the deep state and the Chinese Communist Party. It may endanger the lives of deep state members.

    1. @chris kretzer you do realize that people go to jail After charges are filed and there’s a trial?

    1. @Justin MurrayYou clowns do understand that this is STATE court, not the IRS making these charges, right? The IRS isn’t alleging he did anything wrong here–and they’ve audited Trump every year since 2005. Get a clue. This is political persecution, not a crime.

    2. @Jen C Yep. And they use tax accountants and attorneys to do everything to pay the legal minimum, too.

    3. @Richard Dexter no point in even talking to these satanist cultist. They are so far delusional that they actually believe it was the republicans who wanted to defund the police. These individuals brains are literally fried to the core.

  2. “I think nobody knows more about taxes than I do and income than I do.”- Donald J Trump, May 2016.

    “Does anyone even know this stuff?” – Donald J Trump, July 2021.

    1. @Bluesjet1234 Dementia is a diagnosis and, unlike some, I recognise that I am not qualified to diagnose it.

    2. @Christian well yes, but that was the only thing socialist about Hitler, the name of his party. He was thoroughly fascist in his actions, as were so many of the despots you listed.

    3. @Bluesjet1234 What’s with Trump Cult Member’s clear inability to stick to the subject at hand?

    4. @Christian Yes, ARPANET was key to the development of the TCP/IP comms. protocol which the Internet needs to send data packets. But Berners-Lee developed the world wide web and HTML required for web browsing, which gave ordinary people ability to communicate. ARPANET was essentially for military comms. Also , it’s evolution involved researchers from countries, other than the U.S.
      By the way, funding research and development will not get you a Nobel prize.

  3. “If the facts are against you, argue the law. If the law is against you, argue the facts. If both the facts and the law are against you, scream witch-hunt.”

    1. @Eric Aberle One has to be lost if they accept the NEWS today as real and not bias or misleading. They’ve tried so hard to “get” Trump, yet nothing sticks. Now try Sleepy Joe/ Stoner Harris. They protect them at all costs. If you don’t see and realize that then the left wins with fraud.


  4. Mick Mulvaney: “We do that [insert illegal thing] all the time!”
    FBI: “Oh really? Go on…”

    1. @Joe Tee
      Are you responding to my first comment there? Perhaps I need to clarify; Mulvaney was not admitting to more crimes, but it is entirely possible that Trump and/or someone at the White House had committed more crimes. Probable, even, knowing them.

    1. THIS COMMENT! Yes, we must allow the forensic auditing to be down in all swing states. Why are dems so scared of us looking into the 2020 election? hmm

  5. ” Does anybody know the answer to that stuff?”

    Yes, you pay your taxes like everybody else in America.

    1. @turtle4614 not exactly. You pay taxes if you’re rich, not if you’re wealthy. Shaquille O’Neill, Wesley snipes, and Pete rose are/were rich. The people who signed their paychecks are wealthy.

    2. @Takkie Terror No more Parties. I do not want to tell people what to believe or operate on a political platform. I want people to take back their future and fight for what they believe. That is what makes us our best, and it is what makes it all worthwhile. We are lacking purpose precisely because we have allowed the Parties to suck the soul out of this Nation.

    3. @Josh Sanchez I’m surprised you know how to use the internet, biden said blacks and Latinos do t.know how to use the internet

    4. @Mike B You can focus on roasting people like every other idiot on the internet or you can think about what he was trying to say.
      The point he meant to make is that not everyone has access to the same level of resources.
      Growing up without technology and then suddenly being thrust into a situation where its use is necessary, is no different whether you are 65 or 17. What Joe failed to adequately articulate, is that poor communities that live without constant access to technology see their disadvantage compounded in today’s society.
      Stop trying to piss people off.
      If you piss people off as a by-product of making an intellectual argument that is one thing. Being a mindless troll is another.

    5. @Eric Farina the two party system is just a symptom of a bigger disease. It is not the cause though. America has a problem with selfishness, greed, hate, and anger. It doesn’t matter what party all of that is housed under….the party could be sh$#. Bottom line is this, Donald Trump is not the sharpest tool in the shed. However, over 70 years of cheating and nastiness have taught him one thing and that is how to take advantage of people and their desires. The GOP has selfish capitalists and angry neo Confederates who meet each other’s needs. The one thing they have in common is that their selfish urges mean more to them than honor, integrity, common sense, science, facts and even basic morals and human decency. I find it to be the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in my life regarding politics. It is one thing to disagree with each other on certain policies….it is another to forsake all decency to preserve selfish and evil desires. What is worse is that some Republicans know better but unfortunately most still lack the courage to do what is right. This is a political civil war that endangers democracy here in America and everywhere in the world

  6. “Does anyone know the answer to this stuff”

    YES..the IRS..the IRS knows plenty about these things lol..

      Meanwhile, the IRS won’t even think of auditing either the Clinton or Biden mafia families.
      You know, the families that SOLD THE COUNTRY OUT for a few bucks in the bank.

  7. “We didn’t want to send the money because they’ll line their pockets”. He really said that. The pot and the kettle.

  8. “Everyone does it!” No, Donald, that’s a lie, and you know it. What your company has done is illegal, and they got caught. As the CEO, you should be held accountable.

    1. @Everhappy That is true, but there is no evidence that they are cheating–the problem there is ridiculous tax laws (which we need to fix). If they are cheating, they also should face prosecution. On the other hand, it is clear that the Trump organization has been cheating for years. Michael Cohen testified that they kept different books–one for paying taxes and one for getting loans. When it came to paying taxes, they devalued their properties, but when it came to getting loans from banks, they exaggerated the values of their properties. In the current case, they hid benefits paid to their employees (like Allen Weisselberg) so neither the corporation nor their employees had to pay taxes. That is cheating all Americans who honestly pay their taxes. Doesn’t that piss you off?

    2. Trump won. Everyone knows this at this point. Also, does anyone know who the “Big Guy” who is getting “10%” is? Is this Joe Biden? What happened to Hunter’s laptop? Did Joe pay $25k for Hunter’s prostitutes? lol

    3. @Michael Morningstar seriously? Trying to put him in jail for underpaying on a corporate vehicle. This isn’t justice. This is people who don’t like Donald Trump going after every inch of his personal life and businesses. He did pay. He paid the incorrect amount. Normally the IRS just sends you a letter saying that you owe more money. Not jail time.

  9. “Why does he do this?”
    Maryanne Trump Barry: “He has no principles, none, none.”

    1. @Sherry Belle Oh so now you control comments of Non citizens ??? I have a social, I receive social security payments every month from the USA. I have 2 houses in Florids. I do USA taxes every year and I am not a citizen of the USA. So what. Youtube rules do not say you can’t comment on other countries , read them. Biden is more of a conman. but what is your point. If a conman can do an excellent job then let him do it. Biden is doing a terrible job and everyone knows it except the people who are in denial. I know from my workplace. we got a CEO Hunter Harrison in 2003 and he was awful , he was like Trump and lied to us. Everyone hated him. He made us work 8 hours a day instead of the 6 were were used to.

      Hunter Harrison, an American telling us what to do. We got CNrail stocks with every paycheck. He tripled the value of the stock. He made many of us millionaires. We all hated him and were glad when he died in 2017. He did a good job and was good for the company.

      Now do you understand ??? The teacher everyone hates, gets students with good marks. The teacher who is your friend will get students with poor marks. So you don’t have to like Trump and I don’t like him myself, but he did a good job. Get over it and admit it. I don’t see Biden giving his salary $400,000 to charity. Why ???? I like Biden , he is a nice friendly old man with a nice smile. Useless as president though.

    2. @Jeff Guarino I said what I said for a reason! You don’t know jack- diddly about our politics PERIOD! You’re just quoting Trump talking points like the rest of his sycophants do without checking for facts. Trump NEVER gave his ENTIRE CHECK to charity! Paid only $750 in taxes??? And after I debunked ur statements on him, it’s as if on cue, that u want me to follow an acknowledged conman and psychopath because u loved him and u tried to JUSTIFY THE NUT JOB ON TOP OF IT! WELL u can CONTINUE TO WORSHIP HIM AND KISS THE RING ALL WISH SIR, BUT I’LL PASS!!😘 💍(U sound like someone with Stockholm syndrome or battered wife syndrome) wonder why u worship him after having a boss like that, one would think that you saw the writing on the wall. But I see that u didn’t wake up!

    3. The price of everything has gone up at least 50% from 2016, and you’re obsessed with old German fat man?
      The whole central bank ought to be hanged for treason.

  10. Is this a public confession?
    trump is very honest about his corruption and talks openly about it.
    He is a bit like “Doctor Evil”, bragging about past crimes and also talking openly about future “evil” plans.

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