Keilar: Trump’s cybersecurity suggestion like hiring a burglar to guard your house

CNN's Brianna Keilar rolls the tape on former President Donald Trump's cybersecurity legacy as Fox News tries to rewrite history on the subject.
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  1. How can Jeannine Pirro sit there and blantantly lie like that? Where did her brain and moral compass go?

    1. Isnt it amazing in what money can do. A judge that lies and bullshits! She is probably still an attorney so why be surprised. That is why she is so good at being dumb.

    2. @Steve Austin The man you hail is a Malignant Narcissist duping YOU! If you’ve never dealt with one-you’d be wise to look it up & learn about it! You’re being lied to & gaslighted aka Brainwashed! Google Trump + Cult or Narcissists + cult! YOU are in Trumps!

    1. CNN, MSDNC, Washington Post, NY Times still “reporting” on Trump? for what exactly?
      To distract from President Sock Puppet?

    2. @Seymour Butts _CNN hiding Biden’s Fail Gasoline Policy. Anyone Still Kissing cheater Biden & CNN’s rear.?.

    3. @Lanuiiohu Sukikiya AOC was driving along the Beltway in D.C. when traffic came to a complete stop. She looked out the window and saw Michael Moore stopping to talk to every driver. Eventually Moore got to her car, and she asked him what’s going on. Michael said, _”Terrorists have captured a limo with Trump, Don Jr., Eric, and Ivanka inside. They’re demanding $10 million in ransom, or they’ll burn them alive. I’m collecting to help out.”_ AOC asked, _”How much have you collected?”_ Michael replied, _”Fifty gallons so far, but people are still siphoning.”_

    4. @ab vevo What’s even more hilarious is that you typed 7 words yourself and also managed a grammatical error in need of editing.

    1. Joe Biden is old , but he’s don’t the work and put in the time. He cares more for others than himself . That is what America needs, not some crazy old man that screams and plays golf all day. Trump is bad and Joe is Good. Get it?

    1. @Robert Johnson It’s all on Biden’s watch, yeah but lest not forget “The Windmills” hacking that many businesses, some even gov’t, WERE hacked directly linked to Putin and all on Trump!!

    2. @Annette Zaleski right, because Putin loved it when Trump sold 50 million in anti-tank missiles to Ukraine… and then sold them three times that amount again the following year. Putin loved it when Trump pushed everybody in NATO to increase their military expenditures ASAP. Putin was overjoyed when Trump shamed Germany for not decreasing dependency on Russian fuel and suggested they buy from the US it’s ally. Putin was elated when Trump increased the US military budget and improved our operational readiness. And Putin must be jumping for joy that Trump pulled out of the INF pact. Haha, that’s called sarcasm in case you don’t recognize it. That’s all Putin needs is new US missile deployments in Europe aimed at Russia. The last thing Putin wanted is four more years of Trump. He must be ROTFLHAO knowing that Biden won the election, but can’t even remember what he had for breakfast… let alone the launch codes. We’re in some serious sht!

    3. @H S I’d rather show my age, as you say, then act like a preschooler. Taken any apples with worms in them to your teacher lately LMAO

  2. 2:35 “Besides mocking a disabled man and calling a porn-star ‘horseface’, the president also fat shamed an imaginary guy he just made up” — future history books

    1. @Genesis Rojo I thought I was the only one that saw the trumpturd comment. 🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. @Andrew Pinson well! Use your own brain. Watch all and you decide. Kiss ( Keep It Simple Stupid,)

    1. @Steve Austin trump worse job and economic growth than Obama and that was pandemic
      First president since WW2 to lose net jobs
      Trump had farm bankruptcies up by 24percent in 2019 alone with associated suicides

    2. @Don nawzd you mean the Chinese that gave special treatment to trump’s daughter after his election
      The china trump sent 18tons of PPE to and refused to replace for American medical staff who had to wear garbage bags
      The china trump praised for their actions with corona and its transparency 30x
      The China that gave millions to trump for empty office space

    3. _CNN hiding Biden’s Fail Gasoline Policy. Anyone Still Kissing cheater Biden & CNN’s rear..?

    1. @george travis Mt. Moran is in Wyoming, WTF does it have to do with anything….you effing MORON!!

    2. @Kunta Kinte 141 First, the economy in the United States is a capitalist one, so every person who buys something in the U.S. is “capitalist supporting”. As such, your “argument” immediately fails. Second, yes, there are Republicans on welfare and Republicans who receive SNAP (“food stamps”) assistance. There are also Republicans on disability and unemployment. There are also Republicans who receive energy/heating assistance. Whether or not one needs financial assistance in order to survive is not based on political affiliation. If you think there are no Republicans receiving government assistance, then please enlighten me as to why “red” states take more money than they give (put another way — the “blue” states are subsidizing the “red” states). It’s truly amazing how some people want to politicize everything.

    3. He was obsessed with all the news stations and talk shows putting him down. He needed to see it all!

    4. @No More what I’m saying is that the other guy sais are side calls us takers, democrats relly on deception and would rather a socialist way of life. The same people reaping the benefits of capitalism is talking sht about people that benefit from it. they think the rich don’t pay taxes. we don’t do that……. democrats and the left do. as you can see inflation is rising because biden thinks the government can be Santa clause. We didn’t have that under trump.

      There are Republicans on welfare and benefits most through no fault of their own, most would rather be working Unlike alot of my own race in america “black people”- democrats, fully functioning legs and hands benefiting from welfare then go spend it on jordans.

      That’s the thing, your state is not going to make any money giving out benefits all the time. People need to be working. republican states are making money because that’s how capitalism works. the more people work and benefit your state gets better. Unlike the mass exodus from CALIFORNIA.

  3. Has Pirro ever listened to herself on video? There can’t be any paint left on the walls of that studio! (sorry for the ad hominem comment , but really!)

    1. That’s what I like about her. She has a firm, but very classy way of talking, and she talks so much sense.

    1. @schievelbein schievelbein Who cares about all that? The focus should be on how butt-hurt crybaby Trump is lying to you about how he didn’t get taken out after one term by Joe Biden. I love watching his loyal worshippers suffer in defeat. Thanks for your thesis.

    2. Don’t know why I’m even responding to this thread but if you look at this whole thing without bias you should see what’s wrong here. By that I mean both with Trump and whoever the hell is our president. If you really think Biden is mentally capable enough to do anything then maybe we actually did contact aliens because you and I are on different planets.

    3. _CNN hiding Biden’s Fail Gasoline Policy. Anyone Still Kissing cheater Biden & CNN’s rear..?

    4. @Lanuiiohu Sukikiya Well, actually no, it is failed corporate deregulations of the Rump Regime.

    1. Yes, he was breefed on many problems and many things have happened. 😂 It is a different question of how much did he comprehend those breefings and did he care at all finding a solution to the US problems at least. He wanted a crown for certain, but it is too bad ruling is not as easy as snapping with fingers.

    2. @Nadya Popova Well from the looks of President Sock Puppet the teleprompter is difficult to comprehend, happy now?

    3. “i’ll lead an effective strategy to mobilize trunalimunumaprzure”
      “you know the thing”
      “the first Articulate bright and clean mainstream African American”
      “poor kids are just as bright and talented as white kids”
      “if you have trouble figuring out if you are for me or trump then you aint black”

      lol and Trumps the Unaware one
      I got more quotes if you want them?

  4. In all my years I’ve been on this earth I have never seen such disrespect and lies with Fox News and the politicians.

  5. Imagine the person that has to listen to Jeanine Pirros voice every day. I mean who would choose that life? Yeesh.

    1. @4336aaa NN hiding Biden’s Fail Gasoline Policy. Anyone Still Kissing cheater Biden & CNN’s rear.?.

    2. Pirro needs to lay off those cigarettes and volka because she sounds like Howard Cosell.

  6. “I know cyber like you wouldn’t buhlieve! It’s critical to a healthy diet” 🎃

    1. @Rashida Horseface aww, you don’t like hearing those FACTS do you? So you have to come back with a childish comment, typical of your kind

  7. Pirro can dress up, smear paint on her face and fix everything else on her body, but she cannot fix that voice of hers.

    1. @Ian Dalziel
      The conclusion is a..
      Sorry you can’t as a true American see that the person your defending IS NO NO NO NO NO NO LONGER IN OFFICE.
      Hopefully you might not have energy to power your LIES that you take easily.
      Next could be the POWER GRID IN ALL STATES ! This IS NOT A FUNNY NOR A SICK STUPID WORD GAME YOUR PLAYING! Best keep your so called love for THIS COUNTRY NOT THE IDIOT YOUR PRAISING. Unfortunately.😑😐🙄

    2. @Darling Dear _CNN hiding Biden’s Fail Gasoline Policy. Anyone Still Kissing cheater Biden & CNN’s rear.?.

    1. @Jacob Calham nothing wrong with a swallow here and there, until you poison a nation with propaganda. Whether it’s here producers or her sideways crosstalk matters little to me. I am tired of American ‘Journalists’ who spew crap, with no other opinions. Don’t worry, I hold Canadian news media to the same standard. For my Aussie brothers and sisters. Kick Sky News Australia in the balls…. they deserve it

    2. I believe all politicians should be required to toke daily, and I have a strong personal belief that living in the middle of the woods with their German shepherds is good for the soul.

    3. @Jeff C The worst of all is cable news. If I wanted that much propaganda I would have listened to Lord Haw Haw.

    1. _CNN hiding Biden’s Fail Gasoline Policy. Anyone Still Kissing cheater Biden & CNN’s rear..?

  8. That’s one reason I like Brianna’s segment – she calls out the bullsh*t and takes no prisoners. She ain’t bad on the eye either…

    1. @Silky Tp Yes, it is true – have you not seen the tape? CNN admits on tape that they are propaganda. And yes this video, like all propaganda has an agenda. Are you really that uninformed? Guess you are uninformed on a lot of other things too 😏

    2. @Terry Merritt Hey look, you don’t have to like her, but I do. You don’t know enough about me to say what she should and should not be telling me.

  9. Hey, that dude who asked Janine at cpac why she is always slurring her words seems to have got her to do less day drinking! Maybe she will realize how nutz her words are!

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