1. @Brigida Banfelder ok. Reread what you wrote then. And every single news station there is has had an agenda against Trump. So go ahead and get upset about one who speaks out against Biden. What should tell you something is that others are starting to actually recognize he’s ignorant. They won’t say it like that. But they’re starting to see it.
      You’re not going to admit to the truth, and you’re probably not going to do any real research. Not my job to convince you. But, it’s only going to hurt you to believe the lies. Have to move on with my day. Spent enough time on this for you.

    2. @Jennifer Heaton You are wrong and it is as I said pointless to argue with you. Biden is not ignorant-that’s a “big lie”. Also don’t make such broad assumptions about what people think. How do you know that “they’re starting to see it”! What do you know? The truth that you believe in is a lie so you’re saying that I’m not going to admit the truth assumes that somehow I believe the lie that Biden is wrong. You should do research–I read. Perhaps you don’t or maybe just from one source. You will hurt if trump wins the next election. I’ve spent enough time arguing with you. You are pretty condescending.

    3. @Wulfman46 so……very much like his predecessor, where’s the problem. Trump bent/broke every law he came upon, was the rudest prick he could be most of the time, he all but shat on the majority of our country and our allies, attempted to overturn a free and fair election, and so many other things, and now you want to follow rules.

    4. @Wulfman46 Asking for resignation isn’t firing. More than likely this is a publicity stunt to misdirect blame for Biden failing in Afghanistan. “Because Trump” “Because Conway” “Because anyone but me” “Vote Blue No Matter Who”


    History: deleted
    Phone: yeeted
    Holy water: needed
    _Meat: beated_
    Cardi B здесь просто шикарна!!!!!

    1. @Hera
      ” @2 genders matters!.” came to MAKE the fake news. the account is only 2 weeks old. they need to practice on username structure

    2. @Richard Zapata Jr His ex- wife didn’t know that was her wifely duty maybe that’s why she’s an ex
      ps don’t let this go over your head Ricky

    3. @Georges Cote Being materially oriented into Life Mr. Cote, you “couldn’t”
      have a clue. In other Words, we are informed in 1st Corinthians 2:14 that “The natural man does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God. For they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned.
      Great God Almighty!

    4. @Georges Cote Your five Senses are at War with God Mr. Cote. Plus you practice the desires of those senses. I can tell by your disorientation as to what causes what.
      You need a metaphysical makeover.

  2. I want to See Joe Manchin put a pause on EVERYTHING.  Wild fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, global warming, military spending, congressional salaries . . . pause them all

    1. @Snap Dragon Snot Dragon I love your over use of emojis to show how smart you are. You should look up projection maybe you can use it correctly sometime.

    2. @Rodwell London well o tend to refer to them as ungrateful immigrant dreamers who have forgotten their immigration stories!

  3. “There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.”

    -John Adams

    1. @P Lightfoot You definitely don’t think about the way you write your comments. They are barely comprehensible.

    1. @j p Yes. Once the GOP hijacked Christians and conspiracy theories… just add a little faux news and here we are. It really has been disgusting to watch.

    2. According to the law you have a three year term. Then Biden can put someone else there. Biden have no legal right to fire them. This is tyranny ruling.

    1. @N C he needs another 48 years in the WH .. you know Joe’s brain takes a long time before it can actually start up

    2. @Danu’s Dragonfly no, you thought hes part of Q, he hates Q. Q only came around in the past couple years and you say the fact that covid was made by Fauci is from Q in 2012 along with Alex Jones. You’re clueless, it came from bulletin of atomic scientists and times of India and this study;”discovery of a rich Gene pool of sars related bat coronavirus” on the NIH website. Not that you’ll finally look at it now, I’m sure you’ve already heard about his foia release yesterday, you just go along with it and play dumb. Q is just operation trust of USSR, they repackaged all the “conspiracy theories” that they can’t hide anymore mixed with bs as Q to try to discredit it all, that’s why you only hear liberals talk about Q and they think everything came from there,no it’s mostly from David Icke and Alex Jones going back almost 30years and others before them. The term conspiracy theory originated around the jfk assassination to attempt to silence the people exposing it back then

    3. @Reasmiey PhannYou claim to not be narrow-minded or follow msm yet you talk like a robotic parrot. So why isn’t everyone that dies now and 3x more cases bidens fault? Where are you getting 4000000 cases when the test is fake?? Not only did they count gunshot victims, heart attacks, anyone who came up positive with a phony PCR test as covid deaths, they claim flu completely disappeared from earth which really means they just counted all flu as covid. Imagine if they counted vax deaths the same, instead they don’t even count deaths as vaxed unless they die 14 days or more after the second shot, so anyone who dies right on the spot or a couple days later is never counted

    4. @Reasmiey Phann besides, when you say he killed400k, spell out what you really mean, he should have done what Australia is doing now first thing, haha you think they’d quit and relinquish that power if covid was gone??? Nah you can’t be that naive you just like dictators and fascism, everything’s projection with you guys. And Australia’s health officials are now blatantly using the phrase new world order, I guess you need to go run for afactcheck to robotically parrot now, I don’t think they have one ready on that or faucis foia yet

    5. @DAVID LEAMAN Wow dude you are dense. So 3xmore cases in US, mutations, and every highly vaxed country having higher rates than unvaxed countries means the vax works. You know what graphene oxide is, or that Japan completely discontinued it because of graphene oxide in millions of doses, or even EU is now discontinuing it for kids, or why FDA heads shut down?? No you don’t know or reply to anything specific, you just parrot the same vauge crap they write in teen vogue magazine

  4. Nice video successful people don’t become victorious overnight. What most people see as a glance wealth, a great career purpose is the results of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone reading this will be successful in life.

    1. According to the law you have a three year term. Then Biden can put someone else there. Biden have no legal right to fire them. This is tyrannie

    2. @Lisa i would show you Hunter’s dad who has been officially censured by the UK parliament. It is the first time this has ever happened to a POTUS but it was deserved because the level of incompetence is so extreme

    3. @Matthew Fautch we didn’t leave 200 Americans behind at big horn. We also didn’t leave $ 165 billion in weapons for our enemies to use against us anywhere until now. We were not fighting a bunch of goat herders during ww2 operations either, or in Nam. You just don’t have the capacity to see anything but what the leftists in the media and criminals in the democrat party is feeding you. Sorry

  5. “and whether your values are aligned with those of this administration”….sounds like they require the same political views to me.

    1. @S Alex ……..EXACTLY, AL! Others would want to know if YOU have “been with her” to know IF she’s NOT! …….

    2. @Brittney K01
      You can tell others no I haven’t been with her I don’t know if she smells or not but apparently you have

    3. @S Alex ………EXACTLY, AL! Others agree with you! SMELLY-ANNE was GROSSly under qualified so she got the boot and had to get-ta-stepping! …….

  6. “You want to question the timing of when [the president] hires, when he fires. It’s inappropriate. He’ll do it when he wants to.”

    Kellyanne Conway 2017 when questioned on the timing of trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey’s investigation into Russian interference

    1. Ah KellyAnn….thought she’d crawled under a rock somewhere….the most appropriate place for her since that Trump stink still permeates the air around her.

    1. @O S Who’s talking about Biden? I posted about Kellyanne who hasn’t many quals for much, but zero for anything military.

      I’m certain you’ve made some profound impact here, O S. *eyeroll*

    2. @Kick Gunner – The question is why isn’t trump on a Alzheimer’s ward somewhere. After all his father and Grandfather had it and he’s proven time and time again he has it.

    3. @Dominique you make a valid point but it’s called gaslighting. When they have no basis for defending KellyAnne’s qualifications, they change the topic. They are masters of deception.

    1. According to the law you have a three year term. Then Biden can put someone else there. Biden have no legal right to fire them. This is tyranny ruling.

    2. Until Biden supporters stage an armed insurrection inside our capital buildings, Trump and his supports hold the tyranny prize.

  7. The average pay for these “advisory” positions is around $140K per year. It’s as much about getting paid as anything else. 45 made sure (like those before him) that the brown noses were rewarded. Why should the average person in this country, who actually “works” for a living, care about these advisors getting sacked?

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