Kenney announces new restrictions, doesn't take questions | FULL COVID-19 update 1

Kenney announces new restrictions, doesn’t take questions | FULL COVID-19 update


Alta. Premier Jason Kenney announced new restrictions in Alberta, as the province continues to be North America's COVID-19 hotspot.

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  1. Stop the unreliable PCR test pandemic. Even the papayas are saying they want to see their family!

  2. Speaking of outer limits, Kenney is talking from one step beyond . Believe nothing this schill tells you.

    1. He is upset nobody is listening to him anymore so he decides to take it out on our children

  3. Two weeks to flatten the curve will turn into “two years to fill up our pockets with money from the pharma”

  4. Instead of governments both Federal and provincial working together as one nation. They’ve politicized the he’ll out of covid 19 to score political points causing a lot of death and disruption of the Canadian way of life.

    1. okay done. i’ll tell my employer to stop cutting my paycheques and when CRA audits me, i’ll go to jail.

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