1. I just read a report from phizer that said there could be shedding…I would rather take my chances of a 99 per cent recovery..

    1. A 1% death rate means 400,000 deaths in Canada. In the United States, that would mean over 3 million deaths.

  2. Iā€™m going to follow their recommendations as I trust them more then a couple doctors on TV.

  3. I am going to have to wait on this….Sharkawy has been pro lockdowns….and after this long? He has changed his tune…somewhat?

  4. Lets… stop using the word “Problematic” … šŸ˜… Future generations are gonna laugh at that

  5. Who can trust anyone anymore? The stories change by the minute. I am at the point I have stopped listening to any of them.

  6. Airlines working with skeletons staff. Thousand of laydoff furloughed employees need their jobs back. We need jobs to pay our bills and mortgages.

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