Kenney denies blaming Alberta's 4th wave on Dr. Hinshaw 1

Kenney denies blaming Alberta’s 4th wave on Dr. Hinshaw


Alberta Premier Jason Kenney backpedalled on comments that appeared to blame Dr. Deena Hinshaw for the escalation of the fourth wave.

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    1. I’m thinking if they try they can find a way to blame Ontario or Quebec like they do with everything else. Prolly best to just separate lol

    2. @Dennis Sanders Alberta can’t and won’t separate. The UCP are the problem, and not part of any solutions.

    1. We did it was sad and disgusting. Has anyone gotten a photo yet of that dirty hypocrite riding the bus yet ?

    1. @Alexander Mason well i know all my family..pretty big 6 siblings,all with kids and some grandkids of there own..all my inlaws, the kids i went to public school with, high school, university, my hockey baseball and beer drinking buddies, coworkers and half my reservation..but not that much no

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