1. I think the core of the subject here is that she’s indicating that many judges disagree with the laws that have been signed in by the Legislative branch, so they’ve altered their sentencing to accommodate…which kinda poses a speed bump in the effort of checks and balances between the 3 branches of government.
    You could see it on her face when she had to decide how to answer if she was going to disregard the law on her discretion or not.
    Sounds like some laws may need revisited as well if they’re only addressing receiving porn outside of the interwebs. Christ, it’s THAT OUTDATED?! 👀

    1. Judges have to abide by the Sentencing Guidelines, but the Guidelines themselves have provisions for when you’re allowed to deviate from them. She followed the law as written, and then recommended that it be changed. Nothing improper about that.

    2. Each state has different laws… Hard to keep up when new people come & go. They come into office laws are changed or erased. The new crew comes in new laws are made up. The circle of the law & life

    3. @Aaron Lawrence I never said there was anything improper if that’s what you’re saying.
      However, I think laws and guidelines are probably two different things.
      I was simply pointing out this is the struggle that the 2 branches, and really all 3 have a struggle with, who holds the power and they all tug back and forth…all part of the system.

  2. it is sad when it comes to nomination. it is a bout politic and bipartisan. when it should be about the person.

    1. @G Davis I don’t see the republicans dragging out her highschool year book or accusing her of rape. I don’t see the republicans attacking her religious beliefs and accusing her of being in a religious cult. I guess….desperate times for the Dems call for drastic measures.

  3. The MO senator’s tweet is misleading because he makes it sound like she has just out of thin air decided to make her judgments when in reality it is a judgment based on the parameters decided by Congress itself. If the senator wants tougher punishments he needs to propose revisions to the law. If he doesn’t understand congress’s role in providing laws for the judicial branch to follow then perhaps he is not qualified for *his* job. Also, when you read the senator’s criticism of her, the tweet is cloaked in the words of someone trying to make her look like a liberal blood drinking baby killing pedophile which is deceitful propaganda at its most glorious. And IMO that was his purpose for the comment.

    1. @Chris Owens laughable… you Call Hawley a POS while you support the Dems that made fake accusations against kavanaugh and paid off a bat 💩 crazy lady to testify that he raped her😂 Oh the hypocrisy of the left!!

    2. @honeysucklecat that’s rich….coming from someone that obviously supports a party that slandered Brett kavanaugh during his hearings. Oh the hypocrisy

  4. This woman certainly possesses more heart and soul and legal sense than Josh Hawley. She will be an asset to the court.

    1. not really, she will be largely symbolic and ineffective considering the leanings of the court going into the next couple of decades.

    2. @G Y You should be ashamed and embarrassed for spouting obvious propaganda. Enjoy your ignorance.

    3. She is a joke, and only being considered because of her gender, and color of skin. That is the only reason. Just like Harris. Not in anyway able to understand her role, other than “working” lol. her way up.

  5. Congress needs to do their jobs and overhaul the sentencing guidelines for child pornography and stop playing games at these hearings.

    1. @Donald Darko Are you F’ing kidding. That’s why we call the right side of the isle GQP. We ALL want to protect our children. It’s not a political stance. If the sentencing guidelines are wrong, then Congress has to get past the political posturing and get to work and actually introduce, debate, and pass legislation. It’s not rocket science. It’s a matter of Congress (both sides of the isle) DOING THEIR JOBS!

    2. @Jennifer Peterson I think a 17 year old is old enough to be considered a adult. They should go after those who go after those under age of consent meaning those under 15. The thing is a lot of pedophiles like prepubescent children around 10 to 12 years. The same thing happened to my nephew only it wasn’t the parents it was the police. It was entrapment pure and simple. If they hadn’t pushed it he would never have gone.

  6. Sad that all that education and legal experience has to be spent addressing Republican stupidity. That alone earns her seat on the court.

    1. It’s sad that with all of her education and legal experience, her nomination came down to her skin color and sex organs.

    2. Stupidity? Experience doesn’t mean anything with this joke. Look at the crazy leftist things she’s done.

    3. Republicans stupidity??!! That’s rich coming from a party that combed through a candidates high school year book and paid off a crazy lady to testify that he groped her over 20 years ago😂🤣

    4. Too be honest most money is spent on the laziness, and lunacy of the left. Not one person from the left is of sound mind.

  7. all I have to do is listen to Sen Hawley and listen to Judge Brown to know which is a self-promoting weasel and which is thinking, reasoning, feeling being.

    1. @Tyrone Valdéz-Krüger You just don’t like Republicans
      Hawley is the next Conservative they are trying to smear.

    2. @universalron Well the left’s agenda was apparent also and you just parroted their talking points.

    3. @Donovan Morris Fox is news most of the day shows. Those after are opinion shows. At least Fox reports on things other than Trump and I’ve yet to hear of any Fox news person going after a sitting president with made up propaganda like Trump had to go through.

    4. @universalron Usually they repeat it because they are skirting the question. Considering what the left did to the first black Conservative woman nominated for the Supreme Court she’s getting off easy. Also what they did to the last two Conservative judges was abhorrent when they smeared and lied about them. The MSM was complicit in all of it.

    5. @universalron Bidens already is doing that. War, inflation, doing business with our enemies including Russia, corruption by the president, pervert and liar.

    1. @Louise Clark I watched her lie throughout the entire hearing so don’t be telling me I’m lacking brain cells. Typical liberal

  8. It’s a shame that Congress passes terrible laws written by their lobbyists partners and then blames the employees for the enforcement of said laws. Congress will always pass the buck for their failures.

    1. @Patryck BuckleySmith yeah the Democrats are doing great! What have they passed so far? We’re doing so good right? They destroyed this country! This administration is the most embarrassing there ever was. We have absolutely NO RESPECT anymore. Our President is weak, out VP is a horrible failure and the speaker is a stuttering drunk crook.

    2. @jimmyb524 “she gave a guy “
      so her sentences were AS harsh as 70-90% of ALL sentences for cases like that, and YOU think that means she’s being soft. Sounds like you have problems with almost all the judges in america.

      …actually, I’m kidding. Sounds like you’re being PAID to have a problem.

      “ But you’re a Democrat “
      yep. I was right. A paid rage farmer whose job it is to spread division an hate.

    3. Totally agree 👍 The assumption that minor attracted persons are dangerous is the reason Judge Jackson has to be on the defensive regarding the sentencing of alleged child sex offenders. Also, the current laws are outdated. If a minor attracted person downloads a zip file of 1000 photos when they only wanted 1, why should they be treated the same as a minor attracted person in 1960 who had to buy the photo and receive it through the mail from the photographer? Now you can accidentally download 1000’s of photos when the intention was to only obtain 1. Judge Jackson is helping end the discrimination. 🙏🏳️‍🌈

  9. When Congress passed inadequate laws, they shouldn’t expect stiffer sentences for perpetrators of heinous crimes.

    1. @Bay Maybe as a judge she might believe that child abusers should be castrated or locked for life. But a judge doesn’t decide based on beliefs. Rather the law passed by Congress.

    2. @Bay Honest to God, do you truly believe this judge, who is also a parent herself, wouldn’t personally advocate for the harshest possible punishment for CP offenders? Did you even take the time to watch this clip in its entirety, because she clearly refutes that notion? Not only that, the key takeaway from this entire session of questioning was just how much Jackson staunchly adheres to her ethical duty as a judge to uphold the law as it exists in its current form. Not in the form that she’d prefer, not in a form that can be easily swayed by politicking, not in the form that serves her personal policy above all else. She is PRECISELY the kind of judge the Court so desperately needs right now.

    3. @Gary Kingdom 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂
      Uh, no.

  10. I loved it when she said “As you know there is no religious test in the Constitution.”. It’s remarkable how willing Republican lawmakers are to demonstrate their ignorance of their Constitution and their ignorance of the role of the S.C.O.T.U.S. in the American legal system.

    1. So it’s only permissible for Dems to ask questions about religion. They sure had no problem with it when ACB was confirmed

    2. And you totally missed the point of him doing that? You showed your inability to comprehended anything outside of your narrow controlled mind. 😆

    3. And by saying that she helped point out how stupid and hypocritical liberals and progressives are from their behavior during the Coney Baret experience. But congratulation and celebrate calling yourselves out fir being awful

    4. It’s remarkable how Dems slander an innocent man with testimony of a liar to try and frame him. Just remarkable

  11. If they are so worried about her record on sex offenders they might want to clean up the republican party first. Can you say Matt gaetz for example

  12. Let’s not forget that when a minor “sends a nud3” of themselves, this is also, by legal definition, distribution of child p0rn0graphy. People’s idea of the tern isn’t necessarily the same as the legal definition.

  13. Go Ketangi Brown Jackson. You are a very strong woman and hold your head up and proudly. Your intelligence will make our Country stronger and we know you are a level headed extremely intelligent intellectual legal mind! Thank you for making our Country strong!

  14. The best thing I saw was judicial temperance. Judge Jackson did not lose her cool even when she was accused of liking child pornographers. The GQP tried their best to provoke Judge Jackson. She did not flinch once. She is a true professional. She is like other black women who have to be better than extraordinary to be in the same position as a white male or female, yet she will never acknowlege it. What a difference! Answering pointed questions with grace, knowlege, experience, and class. I don’t think she will be yelling “I like beer.” True class act. I am learning so much from her example.

  15. It’s so nice to get answers to questions, rather than just hear some white lady appointed by trump pretty much plead the fifth across the board

  16. Can I just say that the best part was the shot of the Senator from Missouri and the look on his face when Sen. Durbin started showing some facts about how judges in his state? Facts for the win, Sen. Durbin.

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