Kevin McCarty Threatens Tech Companies Over GOP Phone Records

Rep. Kevin McCarthy is threatening a bunch of telecommunications companies after the House committee investigating the January 6th Capitol insurrection made plans to request phone, social media, and email records of several Trump-loyal Republicans.
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  1. Ohhh… but if it involves Hillary Clinton’s phone records the GOP would be all ” we need those records NOW!”

    1. @Billyboy Sorry… I’ve been to 16 of his concerts, our band opened up for Frank twice, and I’ve had about ten hours of conversations with him, in person and over the phone. And you?

    2. @zappafan11 okay dummy you can’t delete emails they can all be recovered and Trump did ask for 30000 emails from Putin which Donald Trump received so your facts are a little messed up actually a whole lot messed up

    1. ​@Nope FUYT “Bots” are software, which you would never receive a reply from based upon your reply. By the way, this is a new account. I’ve had an account for well over four years.

    2. @Jason M “Bots” are software, which you would never receive a reply from based upon your reply. By the way, this is a new account. I’ve had an account for well over four years.

    3. @Jason M “Bots” are software, which you would never receive a reply from based upon your reply. By the way, this is a new account. I’ve had an account for well over four years.

    4. In FACT, the law, The Federal Records Act, determines that such conversations are official FEDERAL RECORDS. As a former Federal employee, I was constantly trained in this matter. It’s taken seriously!

    1. @Dizzy Duke based on your response to me and the content of your YouTube channel I would have guessed that you were like 11.

    1. @A Leftist Degenerate I’m so excited you said, “personhood has been defined for legal reason”. So you’re saying the final authority originates from finite and depraved humankind?

    2. @O S Oh, you’re taking the religious route. You know the USA is a secular country, right? If you want to live in a society dominated by religion, the taliban just took over Afghanistan, you can move.

    3. @A Leftist Degenerate If everyone’s ultimate authority terminates at their own finite and depraved thoughts Genocide and Holocaust are just a matter of time. To suggest our secure society does not get its reasoned stability from the “collateral” (if you will) of the absolute authority of the scriptures is not to understand our founding. In contrast, the French Revolution was a mostly secular rebellion and had little resemblance to our revolution.

    4. @CynAnne1 Exactly. But we have an entirely new wave of stupid with the radical right wing today. These highly confused and stubborn Trump cult would believe a Fox News opinion host that the Measles were created by Dr. Fauci so he and the Democrats could profit from the vaccine. They simply believe anything Tucker Carlson makes up without challenge. Millions of fools just blindly following lies like sheep to the slaughter house. Very dangerous for our republic if the truth no longer has value to them.

    1. Democrats have no right or legal cause to demand those records and the tech companies will be breaching constitutional rights to privacy.

    1. Hope you all realize that in ‘22 they’re going to win the house due to the gerrymandering and redistricting alone, and then there is the fresh, new voter suppression.

    2. @LochNessaMonster Wrong! The Democrats will show up in record numbers, just like they did in 2020. They’re more determined than ever!

    3. Like they did in 2020? And the “seditionist party” 🤣😂🤣😂 You people are crazy and/or brainwashed 🤪

  2. The Americans way: we will punish you if you don’t do what we want. And oh yeah Freedom! If you do what we want you to

  3. He does not have the authority to “threaten” tech companies for turning over records if they are issued Subpoenas.

    1. @Patriot read the fine print on your phone contract. Also these are public companies and as you well know you do not have an expectation of privacy in public.
      What is the big deal if they don’t have anything to hide they should be all for providing and proving themselves innocent.
      Trump was aquitted for impeachment for Jan 6, by the majority of Congress. This is completely different than a legal charge and court of law. He can still be charged legally in state and or federal court.

    2. @Patriot They are public servants so you can’t compare this to everyday citizens having privacy. Also, private information can be requested for ANYONE during an investigation when crimes are or may have been committed. Just like Trumps call to Georgia and he was in the highest office at that time.

    3. You realize that asking for the govt elected officials personal data, or releasing it, is not the same as asking for an actual rioters data? …Because they didn’t have anything to do with the riot. It’s one thing to legit suspect someone of a crime and get their data vs asking for it because they talked to Trump, or supported him just to try to hurt them in future elections. So no, it’s nothing like Putin and has nothing to do with law enforcement because no crimes are suspected.

    1. Companies have rights to do whatever they want to us or earth.

      Ask a clean air water act…they even have “act” in the title…actors.

  4. Read the fbi report. They want to sweep this under the rug so that we don’t get into the details of the insurrection narrative.

    1. Details of insurrection narrative like what msnbc or cnn or any other Democrat legacy media speaks. That narrative?

      If fbi had anything that didn’t reek of themselves it would be all over the media.

    2. I haven’t seen any FBI report, just trump lackies, I mean “senior current and former law enforcement officials” giving BS *opinions* that the MSM has allowed news regurgitators, analysts, and persuaders to get away with.
      They lead by saying “FBI finds evidence of coordinated attack” but they throw in the word “scant”, someone else re-reports the spin juice as “FBI finds no evidence of a coordinated attack”
      See how that works?
      Most of this crap starts from Politico – they don’t care who’s in power they stir the pot and play both sides of the influence game. When someone like Bill Barr decides he wants to do some political image repair, he cuts a deal with one of their “reporters” to give them a “scoop” and then promises to give them something else later “can we quote you on that off the record”?
      That, my fellow Americans is more insidiously damaging to democracy than the demonstrably false narrative of the cesspool on the right or the analysis with factual, so ‘fair’ persuasion from the left.

    3. @Larry Jensen – 💯%.
      “At *this* point…” being *THE ‘operative part’ of that sentence* in the “WaPo” article GQPers *keep referring to.* 📰
      And *THAT* ‘point’ *can change…* at *any* time. 🤔

    4. @CynAnne1 Okay, I stand corrected – it was Reuters that ran the headline, all based on anonymous current and former law enforcement official’s off-the-record statements.
      Scant mean ‘little, few, not much’ that modifier does not allow “FBI FINDS (some) EVIDENCE OF COORDINATION” to become “FBI finds no evidence that Trump and his allies were directly involved with organizing the violence of the Capitol riot”

      THERE IS NO FBI REPORT that says that, none at any point in time.

      Director Wray said this under oath:



  5. Well, hopefully these big tech companies DO stop plating the game, and cease ALL donations to Repubs especially, but preferably to all politicians. I’m personally, never even looking at Toyota again, when I need a new car and that company has relented since donating R (as if that matters lol, they already paid the money…). My small wallet will remember how the big companies act here! Hopefully, more wallets join mine!

    1. @netzoned no, he killed officer with a car during attack a couple weeks later. But that event was quickly memoryholed. So it was the only Capitol officer actually killed in last 100 or what years, the narrative media pushed about January protest.
      The only person killed during January protest was that women. Officer died 1 day later after unrelated stroke. 3 other protesters died due to heart attack or stroke when police was shooting at the crowd

    2. @Mike Harder Actually, republicans do not really care about the Constitution at all. (Yes, I read you said “”conservatives””.) They just pretend to when they are lying, which is all the time. BTW, Trump violated his sworn oath and the U.S. Constitution over 200 times just playing golf. Yeah, Trump really loved the U.S. Constitution! LOL! And yes, if their sheep supporters actually cared about the U.S. Constitution they would have demanded Trump be removed from office!

    3. @eme eme Speaking of that, remember this (of course, I am sure you never knew):
      *_Rep. Ken Buck, REPUBLICAN-Colorado: “Could you charge the President with a crime after he left office?”_*
      *_REPUBLICAN, Mueller: “Yes.”_*
      *_Rep. Ken Buck, REPUBLICAN-Colorado: “You believe that he committed – you could charge the President of the United States with obstruction of justice after he left office?”_*
      *_REPUBLICAN, Mueller: “Yes.”_*

    4. @eme eme < "@Jerry Henderson russian bots everywhere!!!" ... That is the extent of your so-called intelligence. In other words, you have none.! LOL!

    5. @CPT4256 The Fourth Amendment doesn’t apply against governmental action unless defendants first establish that they had a reasonable expectation of privacy in the place to be searched or the thing to be seized.

    1. “Come on, man. Look, here’s the deal. 10% of American’s left behind and 10% for the Big Guy” Joe POS Biden 08/31/2021

    1. Now he’s signing a different tune after he figured out the Republican base is all in on overthrowing OUR Government…..

    2. that line right there is why he will never be speaker. even if the republicans win the house next year, when it comes time to vote for the speaker, trump is going to call in and be like, “well you know there are some very fine people who DIDN’T say i caused the insurrection, and i think one of those people should be the speaker” and his entire caucus will turn on him

  6. Hey McCarthy, the voting public will always remember January 6th. The day the Republican party disintegrated.

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