Lying About 2020, Rep. Cawthorn Warns Of More ‘Bloodshed’

In a video now pulled from Facebook, Republican Rep. Matthew Cawthorn falsely told supporter that Joe Biden was not dutifully elected and warned 'rigged' elections will lead to more 'bloodshed.' We discuss the violent rhetoric and its implications with Juanita Tolliver and Matthew Dowd.
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    1. He admitted his accident made him “less intelligent”, so a less intelligent, liar accused of sexual assault.

    1. @The Bee he is obviously counting on OTHERS to fight for him- HE ain’t doing squat. Mouthpiece alright- speaking is about all he can do

    2. cawthorn will not survive well in prison.
      Very pretty and unable to run or fight.
      Practically, a sitting duck for potential husbands.

    3. @The Bee – … and not a very good one at that but then none of the crazier ones are (note: Lauren Bobert, Marjorie Taylor Green, Kristi Noem, Rand Paul, Gym Jordan, Kevin McCarthy, etc.)

    1. cawthorn will not survive well in prison.
      Very pretty and unable to run or fight.
      Practically, a sitting duck for potential husbands.

    2. Madison Cawthorn is a fake as well as being a liar; just ask anyone who served on the Admissions Board at the United States Naval Academy! This creature who was nominated to USNA by Mark Meadows claimed he would attend the Academy but his plans were derailed by his automobile accident. That was all a big lie as Cawthorn’s application to USNA was rejected BEFORE his accident!

  1. People like Cawthorn want to believe that ‘might makes right,’ so selfish that they are unwilling to accept that the majority of Americans do not want the kind of fascist dictators that he represents.

    1. He is clearly saying he would be willing to overthrow the current democratic system by force, against other Americans, based on his twisted belief that his supreme demi-god leader didn’t win. That is a Violent Coup my friend…And Treason !!

    2. They also assume they will win. They assume people on the left will cower in their basements. The Japanese felt the same of Americans when they attacked Pearl Harbor. Stereotypes mean nothing when metal hits the meat.

    1. @Bruh busting a window at Taco Bell is a far cry from trying to obstruct an election and democracy in general. Pretty much a false equivalency

    2. cawthorn will not survive well in prison.
      Very pretty and unable to run or fight.
      Practically, a sitting duck for potential husbands.

  2. One kick to his wheelchair and he can’t do nothing to defend. Only the loudest are the weakest.

    P. S. – I have nothing against honourable people who use wheelchairs.

    1. @David Mccluer how do you know these comments are from democrats? There are a lot of republicans that can’t stand donnie or big mouths like cawthorn.

    2. cawthorn will not survive well in prison.
      Very pretty and unable to run or fight.
      Practically, a sitting duck for potential husbands.
      It’s almost like he’s asking for it.

  3. These lies need to be stopped! I originally thought he was a good person. Like the rest of the Republican, he’s trying to raise money from the base. These Congressional people need to be held to a higher standard then the rest of us. Time to get serious before we loose our Democracy. Don’t they have any rules & regulations that they must follow?? Things need to change… fast!!✨

    1. There is also his accusations against women. Andrew Cuomo had to be held accountable, and so should anyone else including Cawthorn. In October 2020, over 150 former students from Cawthorn’s alma mater, Patrick Henry College, signed a letter saying that his predatory behavior was well-known around campus and that women were warned not to be alone with him. A common detail in the allegations against Cawthorn are the so-called “fun rides” he would take women on, in which he would drive them in his car to isolated locations and, women say, make a move on them.

  4. It’s time to write your congressman/congresswoman to take action against anyone in the house/congress who incites violence or spews lies. Enough is enough!

    1. I have written to both of my Senators and my Representative….. unfortunately, they are all Republican a**holes and simply reply with condescension…. except for one senator who just ignores my emails (that’s Voldemort who is, in my opinion, an unindicted criminal)

  5. Why don’t we start holding them accountable and sue them for defamation against U.S voting, U.S democracy, U.S constitution. If they can’t provide evidence, we cannot allow them to throw our voting rights, constitution, democracy under the bus.

    1. @Robert Emery no! The 2 ladies running ballots thru counter 3 times was not explained away. The affidavits need to be verify before summited. Which is being done now.

    2. @Keez Jordan again, just because oan or newsmax didn’t show it to you doesn’t mean it wasn’t explained.
      Our fraud detection works, as they caught all the idiots voting in their dead relatives’ names for Chump.
      The only significant fraud in the 2020 election was Conald Chump.

    3. Totally agree!! This nut should be arrested for terroristic threats – for inciting harm based upon lies of election fraud. Where is the accountability? Guess there isn’t any. Trump has been lying for at least five years and has not been brought to task. Very disconcerting – wtf over?!

  6. They need too get his phone records,emails,text messages they did it to Democrats and hid it till apple exposed it Bill bar kept it secret

  7. The police officer who heard this poor excuse for a human, threaten the people of this country with violence, should have walked over and handcuffed the arrogant sob.

  8. As a distant observer of US politics, I wonder how democracy can allow this level of inflammatory rhetoric without accountability, particularly from a serving politicians. News outlet can debate and sound the alarm as many times as possible, but with no apparent consequence for such inflammatory and inciting languages, US democracy seems at real risk. The danger within seems more deadly than any foreign enemies.

    1. ITS A FACT…so many Americans who listen 2 this sh*** r totally BARKING!!!
      The rest of the civilised world look on in wonder @ the mentality of SOOO many nutty residents of this out of control nation!!!!!!!

  9. This is one very angry dude to be representing violent in America over and over again.
    The man dead eyes says it all 👊🏻👊🏾👊🏿👊🏼👊🏽

  10. I don’t mean to be mean. But sad to hear someone who can’t even walk on his two feet calling for bloodshed.

  11. Cawthorn is just one of the same “word-only, nothing to offer” hypocrites, a typical Trump loyalists. For him, the day of Jan. 6 was probably his most glorious day, when he was standing over the crazy crowd, next to Trump, as if he were a hero. He needs the same glorious motivation to move up, so he needs to keep the same propaganda. He is too coward to admit his lie.

    1. cawthorn will not survive well in prison.
      Very pretty and unable to run or fight.
      Practically, a sitting duck for potential husbands.

  12. The Taliban we need to be concerned about is the one that includes Cawthorn, Mo Brooks, and the rest of the GQP.

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