Key Trump ally draws renewed scrutiny from prosecutors 1

Key Trump ally draws renewed scrutiny from prosecutors


Roger Stone, an ally to former President Donald Trump, has appeared in several court filings related to the riot that took place at the US Capitol Building on January 6. CNN's Jessica Schneider reports.

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  1. Slippery Stone , denies everything, knows nothing , did nothing .. yet says everything, appears everywhere, time to liquidate ?

    1. @Thomas Margolis c’mon man, you can hear Turnip asking Raffensperger to “find 11,780 votes” for him. How does that crime not bother you?

    2. And the retraction from wapo [where picked up by many other msm] was done because you’re correct? And done as quietly as possible too by wapo. Facts matter, at least to many, and not the mindless bots.

    3. Wow and you care about Clinton with ____, and ‘believe the woman unless its bill etc. And cuomo and the 8 (@ present) and your indignation and demands for that nursing homes debacle resonates throughout the world. Keith Ellison and Karan Monohan? Al Franken, and how many others. hypocrite.

    4. Hamlet to Polonious, my lord why do you read? … words words words. If you don’t know it, you can contact Andera Mitchell, and maybe she’ll get this one right.

    5. Out of curiousity, as a woman you are not offended by democrats too? And the report bill clinton to be on some committee to advance the cause of women. Either you’re offended by all, and if you’re not, you’re a hypocrite here too.

  2. So Roger Stone hung out with these people, and recruited them for security but somehow didn’t know what they were planning on Jan. 6? Impossible.

    1. @Goog Tube sorry Goog, all of your arguments have relied completely on other people, saying things like “oh yeah others disagree with you”. What are you, some kind of blind sheep?

    2. Goog Tube is guilty of conspiracy after the fact. When his identity is revealed by subpoena, he will be indicted and tried in a court of law for conspiring with the insurrectionists. Another criminal will be locked up. Justice is coming.

  3. Why not forward this to RON JOHNSON’s office so that he can better inform himself before he get an opportunity to get on the Senate floor and speak the TRUTH ?

  4. It all makes sense from one single line: “I lost my ability to earn a living.” These are the only people that will allow him to earn money, at this point in his life.

    1. He had a sparkle in his eye when he denied having knowledge of it. Boy it sure looks different when you know he hung out with the same people he was condemning.

    2. @Amelinda TOEIC you should probably know that a link without any other comments attached to it probably won’t be clicked on, except possibly by a newbie or two. Just an FYI.

  5. I read the whole “stop the steal” was a Roger Stone idea and production,….he coined the phrase,…months before the election,….anticipating what to do if trump lost.

    1. Yes, “Stone’s political action committee launched a “Stop the Steal” website in 2016 to fundraise ahead of that election…”

  6. Can we see that redacted Mueller Report now?

    That one woman, was like, “….roll with the Oath Keepers.” Poor child, she just wants to fit in.

    1. @Nathan Blair not all scientists are luciferian. Einstein was a luciferian , Nickolas Tesla was not.Pasteur with his” germ theory ” was luciferian , Bechamp with his” Terrain theory ” was not.All NASA astronauts are luciferian.lf you are ready to learn the truth about our world,l will give you some links to check. Don’t think that l’m a Qanon troll . Qanons are luciferian and l am not.

    2. She also said that the stuff on anthony weiners laptop was so bad that it made hardened NYC investigators throw up, but we won’t hear about *that* quote in this free country.

  7. Also, freeze any possible money Stone can make off of this, through book deals, interviews or any other means, until every inch of investigation is concluded.

  8. Why is Roger Stone always around when things go down? His track record goes back to the Nixon era. Seriously…WTF?

    1. @Kerri Sprague Obviously you don’t know about Roger Stones’ charity work. Mr. Stone is a practicing Catholic and he is active in the Vincent De Paul Society which supports the poor and the sick in society. Mr. Stone is known for his random acts of kindness such as giving cash to the poor, and paying for medicine for the sick. He is a kind and generous man. He is loved by all who know him and his charity work.

    2. @BigMamaDave X I don’t need it but obviously you do, because your name (BigMamaDave X) is crying out for professional psychiatric help. Please get it ASAP.

    3. @JessicaT You’d look really good if your back had a big tattoo of Donald Trump and Roger Stone. Please do it soon.

  9. HAHAHA! roger stone likes to pretend he’s one of those big “guys,” In actuality he’s one of those “cowards!” He’s sickening….

  10. The followers are as he called them “stupid”
    Why can’t they see these guys for who they are..
    Paying them, inciting them, then saying they are stupid for doing what they were told to do

  11. “No real journalist would ask that question”. Huh? ONLY real journalists would ask difficult questions. Evidently Stone’s version of journalism is fawning fanboys, what a joke.

    1. He’s simply avoiding the question he knows if he talks upon the subject more he’ll just shoot himself in the foot xD

    2. So? Half the journalists ask B.S questions that are not of importance half the time. Even with Biden they do this, but that less has to do with dismantling and more to do with hiding his dementia.

  12. “Where’s Roger Stone?” should have been the first four words out of everyone’s mouth on January 6th.

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