Kid living in Gaza explains the horrifying things happening to her home | USA TODAY

As a 10-year-old walked through the rubble in Gaza streets, she told anyone listening that "we don't deserve to die."

Nadine Abdel-Taif is a 10-year-old girl living in Gaza who sleeps on a mattress in the hallway when her family hears missiles flying at night.

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  1. Why doesn’t Hamas just pass out t shirts that say human shields.. so there’s no surprises here?

    1. @Bab Tab I’ve done this for a long time and know how to run end around them… (especially on BLM debates…It’s tricky to get comments to post)

    2. @Bab Tab again, what’s your thesis” have to do with my pointing out how democrats push the US towards foreign oil dependence, Trump era and his supporting Republicans pushed a massive self reliant domestic policy that also included in it staying out of OPEC and foreign oil markets. Or pushed local NA trade via keystone, with Canada.
      If your initial point was sincere about “staying out of Middle East oil”, you would have supported that, but you got frantic when I made that point… seemingly knowing democrats and their policies are to blame for these entanglements. I’ll leave it at that, my point made.

    3. Israeli zionists should go back to their ancestral countries in Europe or take land from countries supporting them 🙂

    4. @Fatima Nishat should the countless countries formed after Israel be disbanded too? Pakistan Algeria. Sudan, Angola, Congo. Chad, Kenya, Egypt (LoL) .. I’d get carpal tunnel syndrome typing them all out… funny how people get suckered into the scam of cherry picking Israel out of huge mix of newer countries than Israel (most African or Muslim)

    5. @Luntershaptop Fukinov Sure. If people from other countries migrate into a foreign land and try to take over their property and human rights(colonialism)…they should go back…just like the britishers left their colonies after looting them and causing various issues which still last..what cherry picking? This video isn’t about other countries why would i comment irrelevant stuff

    1. @salah aezah don’t bother with inhumane people with pathetic lives requiring psychiatric help like him…he would’ve supported hitler if he was alive back then..

  2. хорошая девочка добрая сил вам добра и мира желаю

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    1. America should rescue all israelis and give them a part of it’s land for all of them so they can stop living in that area 🙂

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    1. Blame who?? They are in their land child…. tell Zionist back where they came from… why they are in her land child

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