‘Kind of gross’: John King reacts to Trump-aligned super PAC ad

Super PAC advertisements aligned with Former President Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis have turned nasty, including an ad featuring DeSantis’ alleged eating habit. CNN’s John King discusses the 2024 presidential race. #CNN #News


    1. @LotsOfFun yup ….and I’m not a Biden fan either..those bills dumbsantis is signing is going to hurt him on a national level.

    2. @nayster cobear I think the 6-week abortion bill will hurt him some, but he could go back to 15 weeks. I think he is just such a strong Catholic that he’s trying to curb abortion from going too far. Most Americans are pro-choice, but don’t like the long term abortions that some states provide.

  1. Seriously, is this ad, or the underlying incident, actually going to make anyone vote against DeSantis all by itself?

    1. @Kiss My Axe wrong he’s not complaining he’s making fun of them LOL as he should. Both of them are complete jokes

    2. @Beautiful Disaster I don’t think he was making fun of DeSantis. MOST people hate Trump but now hate Biden as well because he’s a disaster. DeSantis will be the next President!

  2. The ketchup king making fun of the pudding finger fascist is funny. Let the food fights continue 😂

  3. I wonder how I’d make edible spoons, as with soup they can at least encourage less desire for steak and treats and things if you know what I mean?

    1. @Lerian V no, I really mean the presidential election… they are not looking good by now, imagine if the one who wins the right to run for president is going to have a chance in 2024

  4. Ron DevilSantis: I don’t have drama

    And yet he brought a lot of drama in the state of Florida and he wants to do just that in this country.

  5. John King, you do have a point (or a few) – it is ‘kind of gross’, indeed. But, the MAGA-people love it! It’s the type of mentality seen in other nation-states, at the present time and throughout the history. Don’t expect “Philosophy of Science” to intrigue the people, but rather the tabloid intrigues and “save our savior/XXX will not replace us” patriotically proud themes of paramilitary vigilantism… [And by XXX I don’t mean “triple X”, because common people are more than intrigued by this, too.] Middle Ages, really… Reality. Cultural evolution or failed mental revolution? Take your pick. (And, I have to, temporarily, tune out from the global right-wing populist cacophony of the days to protect some sanity.)

  6. He came to me with tears in his eyes and said “SIR. I don’t have a spoon, how should I eat this pudding?”

  7. Under Florida law, DeSantis can’t run for president.
    A. Two candidates from the state.
    B. As governor, DeSantis would have to resign as governor to make him eligible as a candidate.

  8. This reminds me of when I was in Rhodesia. I briefly had an American sergeant called Bob C.. Bob was rocking back on a chair’s rear legs with his feet on the table eating a sandwich and unselfconciously said to me, “Sir, these Africans are so primitive that they eat without implements”. He had no more self awareness than Trump, who presumably doesn’t use a knife and fork to eat his burgers.

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