1. Lesson learned, don’t go to the wrong house. In a country that perpetuates crime with a revolving door justice system, people realize that they have to protect themselves against escalating crime.

    1. @Consensual Hallucination You don’t get to shoot somebody that’s just knocking or ringing a doorbell. They’re saying he was shot from a closed window. There’s a warrant out for his arrest for 2 different felonies.

  2. It seems to me this person should have been charge with shooting the young man. Ironically the neighbor had to call Police when the shooter wouldn’t call. What would have happened if that didn’t happen would he then be charged with murder. Too much fun violence, something needs to be done. Way too many nutcases out there with guns. I pray 🙏🙏🙏 the young man pulls through this and the Police does the right thing and arrest this person and charge him with aggravated assault.

    1. ​@Big_Game Nice attempt at straw man fallacy. KCPD knows how to read a crime scene and what to look for. There’s no CCTV. I’d be suprised if there was a personal security recorder anywhere nearby. Plenty of other, low-tech ways to figure out what happened.

  3. Yeah , more guns is the answer …yeah right ! When is the majority of Americans voices going to be finally heard on gun control ??
    Enough is enough !!!

  4. People don’t answer doorbells anymore. Why would you shoot for ringing your doorbell. He didn’t even think. He just saw Black and shot. Sad.

    1. @Klaatu Barada
      Ha, ha, ha…no, I just can think through things to suspect there’s more to this story.

    2. ​@Chuck Noob with the way the shooter’s neighbor responded? ” we take care of each other.,” speaks volumes. He didn’t even express sympathy towards the victim nor made a comment showing empathy. Plus the owner shot thru the glass door. why? he’s screwed.

  5. You don’t shoot people for knocking on your door. Don’t matter if it’s a crack head or just a normal person. If they got the wrong house ask them or just don’t answer the door.

  6. I read an article yesterday where the police went to the wrong house in New Mexico and killed the homeowner because he had a gun when he answered the door, which he didn’t fire. He was just checking to see who was outside knocking on his door.

    1. You’d think the Smollett incident would teach a lesson on passing judgement too soon, but, lesson lost I guess.

  7. That young man deserves justice .
    My God , all he did was ring the doorbell !!
    that old man needs to be charged ,he is obviously a danger to everyone .
    Bless this child and bless his family !!

  8. There’s No Way In The World This Stupid Person Should Be Out Of Jail What Lies Did He Tell…

  9. As a gun owner I believe that unfortunately you should always be charged when there’s a shooting involved. Period. It’s up to the courts to decide what happened. It sucks but it is what it is. Get a good lawyer 🤷🏿‍♂️

  10. The kid rang the doorbell and did not enter the house. There is no justification for shooting him. He should’ve asked loudly through the door what the kid wanted before assessing the next actions to take.

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