1. Go King Charles! Finally! I am amazed at how much ceremony there is. Also surprised at how people want and love to follow and even worship one supreme leader, even though they know he is human just like them. I think we need the people to be more independent minded and able to make decisions without depending on a Monarch to make decisions for them.

    1. We don’t rely on the monarchy to make any decisions. They are purely ceremonial and make 0 decisions in politics. The new king is the head of state in title only, the only people that make laws, declare wars or have any say over public life are the democratically appointed politicians with the prime minister being head of government.

      I suggest you’d educate yourself on British politics before commenting on it.

  2. 3:20:57 No Bible …I guess some don’t require the Bible🧐This really does look like a movie.. Unreal… These stories are All so Great😊May King Charles fulfill his Mother’s duties.. May Queen Elizabeth Rest Peacefully ❤️🙏🏻🥀

  3. Wow! Amazing and majestic to watch this historic ceremony. We are witnessing a live coronation of THE King proclamation. Long live King Charles III !!!

  4. Hi, From The Chi Lites Son Darren Cubie,
    My true condolences to King Charles III,
    and whole Rayol Family, The Queen was a fine Queen, she will be Loved and Greatly, Missed. I hope King Charles III can get over the sad lose of the Queen and be the Greatest King in which ruled his Nation.

    RIP Queen Elizabeth II

  5. It’s amazing but tragic at the same time. Being able to witness a landmark of history but still knowing that the queen has died.

  6. Charles is his own person of course and I hope he’s a success, but when I see him signing his first legal document as King and waving his hand not once but twice for a servant to move the inkwell instead of doing what his son, his wife, and every other signator did (move it themselves) I’m afraid his reputation for studied fragility is already showing and he hasn’t observed his mother’s superb example as carefully as he might’ve done.

    1. that’s because they had to be removed from the desk, he’s hardly going to get up and interrupt the ceremony to pack up the stationary.

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  8. King Charles III God Bless him and save him always. My condolences to the Royal family, and our brothers- the British people from America

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