King: We thought these Covid-19 numbers were bad. Look at this 1

King: We thought these Covid-19 numbers were bad. Look at this


CNN's John King breaks down the latest numbers in the coronavirus pandemic in the US, where cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are continuing to grow across the country.
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    1. @natasha begley I know it’s hard to tell, but Trump is still President. Biden/Harris team has no say in the running of the country until after January 20th.

    1. @Ryan Wicks Such as. It’s not it’s another point of view besides your propaganda. We don’t believe what you are selling so why do we want to listen to your side call us every name in the book and listen to your lies and misinformation about us and Trump. For 4 stinking years we had to listen to your constant hate, insane lies and all the money wasted on fake scandals.

    2. @Lastie Do you think you will be immune from this censorship because you aren’t a Trump deporable? You should realise you are next in line after the Trump supporters as you are just a prol too.

    1. @andrew30 I wasn’t going to say it, but yes, your government is run by a better spoken Trump with a worse haircut.

    2. @Jamie Ferro I couldn’t have expressed this sentiment any better. I’m also an American, native New Yorker.

  1. “we have 15, but soon we ll go down to zero”- donnie “promises-made-premises-kept” golfer in chief

    1. Food Prices Increase Expect to Spend Your Stimulus on Groceries 2021, Start your Prepper Pantry if you havent done so already, accumulate a stack of silver or gold. No Fear ! We hope for the Best and Prepare for the Worst, HOOOAH

    2. @Nameless Name don’t forget that is was supposed to disappear after elections on November remember that rally?

  2. “It will go away as if by magic” and at Easter all the church’s will be full. “It will be beautiful”.

    1. The man held the Bible upside down, awkwardly and was gassing peaceful protestors for racial justice. He is the perfect embodiment of evil. Trump is evil.

  3. Thanks god I live in Australia, our governments have enforced preventative measures, to date we have 1000 deaths here, US community should have listened to Fauci instead of Trump

    1. Figures from different countries aren’t comparable due to multiple factors but one major factor is population density. Obviously, Australia’s population density is very low.

    2. What are you talking about? Trump listened to his advisors. Fuacci said masks don’t work in the beginning lol!

    1. @Cyn Smith OFFS…. You should pause for thought before you ask the stupidest question on the internet today.

    2. @Greytro please be feel free to be one more sacrifice along with your buddies so we can inherit the earth after y’all gone

    3. @Greytro They are going to Silence you.
      First they came For Pro lifers and I said nothing. Then they came for NRA members and I said nothing,  then they came for Christian’s and I said nothing. Then The President of the United states and next ME…Who is left to say anything for me and stop the Tyrants?
      They are coming for you,  for all of us. Don’t let them silence you

    4. @G P “We Need Texas”
      by Steven F Gooden


      WNT  like a  morning star, shining in the east

      leading us out of the dark.

      WNT like a river bend, stayin on our course

      til we reach our end, of the road that we’re

      travel’n on for narrow is the way and when

      it’s broad we’re gone.

      WNT and Texas  needs a Hand

      Like a sheep in the wilderness,

      waiting for our Shephard in our

      eagerness. To be saved fromthe lion and the bear

      Texas, tell me are you still standing there.

       Do you care, your country’s fallin apart

      No one’s left  standin who has the nations’ heart

      WNT  and Texas is where we  start

       Who cares that we’ve lost our way, have we all

      forgotten when we all were free to say.

       No More Taxes

      No Slavery

      No children working day and night in Factories

      No more Women who had no voice or vote

      No brother fighting brother no more civil war

      No more No more No more

       We need  Texas

      We Need Texas

      We Need Texas

      We Need  Texas

      We Need Texas

      We Need Texas

      And Texas needs a Hand


      WNT  like the oil in her boot

      Black Gold, some call it

      Oh aint that a Hoot


      WNT  like a saddle needs a horse

      Like the Flag with her stripes

      from the blood of our wars


      WNT  on a summer day

      Hot as hell in Plano

      Or Cold in Monterey


      WNT  and Texas needs a Hand


      God if you’re listening  we need you more

      Than  we ever did before, We’re crying

      from our ranch on the prarrie, from the city

      to the dessert floor


      Lord hear your people cry

      We Need you by our side


      WNT  and Texas needs a hand


      Pour down your rain  we need a drenching here

      Of your love and your Mercy, cuz we’re drowning

      in fear. Our country’s is in real trouble, please!

      Jesus we’re praying  down on our  needs.


      Remind  us of  how it use to be, Yes Sir! No Ma’am!

      is how we oughta speak. Where Mama is a Lady

      and Poppa is a Man,  and before  you make her yours

      you ask her Daddy for her hand.




      So fire across the bow of a nation gone astray

      Texas we c

  4. Last Wednesday’s insurrection on the Hill ought to be the mother of all super spreader events. A few of the attackers were wearing masks but that was probably done to obscure their identities.

    1. @Z Ma witnesses said they were paid to Disrupt Destroy the Capital by Democrats Antifa BlM yes it was in the plan to destroy Trump & his Peaceful protesters/ Theyre deadly human beings they should be investigated for Innocent people dying / but in reality they’re agenda is to destroy Trump no matter what ! God bless the families who lost someone in this Tragedy

    2. @MrJuly1990ish And nobody was infected/died of the virus due to a BLM/Antifa riot though, Covid magically knows the difference right?

    1. @slobnoxious sure, defund public schools, then our population can be even more media illiterate, giving rise to even more Trumpaloompas. Perfect plan.

    2. @Scott Henderson Antifa isn’t an organization. It is an ideology. It began after the defeat of fascism in Europe. You know the ones we called “the greatest generation “? Yeah, THEY started Antifa. BLM didn’t engage in violence either. The vast majority of violence stemming from BLM protests came from right wing agitators masquerading as “Antifa ” and BLM.

  5. And after the riot on the Capitol with thousands not wearing a mask and no social distancing, there will be a spike.

  6. Beginning of pandemic in March close every school rest of year, 2 million in 1 week m, send em to school it’ll b fine

    1. @Jess Reinhardt there will be a time where the truth will become lies and the lies become truth (aka conspiracies)

    2. If you look around the country and see democrat run city’s failing yet you still elect democrats….you might be drinking too much CNN kool-aid with your Orange Man Bad syndrome.

      How ignorant can you be?

    3. @Free living That doesn’t answer my question. I believe in so called conspiracies when there is enough evidence for them. Otherwise, how do you know what is a truth or a lie? Any assumption is called blind faith. That is why I cannot comoletely trust either side. Admit that we have no way of truly knowing.

    4. @Jess Reinhardt look it up. There are people connected to the intelligence who are connected to the whistleblower. DOJ and FBI gave him immunity to testify. People in the testimony who are connected came forward, tied to the people who designed the tech to change elections(which our country has been doing for decades in foreign countries) FBI director raided whistleblowers home for hard drives. same people run and own factchecker who labeled it as a hoax. And so on

  7. It’s only just beginning, never forget those to blame are those who told you this is nothing to worry about, to get back to normal.

    Never let them forget the blood is on their hands.

  8. It’s okay, the virus that was our ‘leader’ will be gone soon. He is the perfect embodiment of this evil.

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