1. @Paul Brown I can go on if you like? We have not even got to the subject of putting children in cages and the massive violations committed on Obama’s authorization to deported people.

    2. @Paul Brown and the worst complaints AOC could find under Trump was some idiot lady did not know how to use a water fountain (after being shown) so she drank from a toilet.

    3. @Paul Brown I am going to go watch “snakes on a plane” now; just holler if you want more information or “proof” as you seem incapable of thinking of sourcing for yourself.

  1. Trump could not have achieved these terrible acts without the GOP having supported him every step of the way…even now!

    1. @Dave Griffin well there sure was a lot of celebrities and so called important people clambering to be invited to his party’s or getting photo ops with him.

    1. @Fair Warning Come on I am still waiting, how could you have been fooled so easily and still talk about ANTI CHRIST when the living example of TRUMP perfectly fits it.

      2021 FACTS IN YOUR FACE ..


    3. @Michael DiTraglia Oh come on when are you ever going to admit you were WRONG and stop upvoting yourself .. it makes you look like a TROLL.. so do admit how WRONG IT IS TO STORM THE CAPITOL.. how UNAMERICAN IT IS TO MAKE AMERICA LOOK BAD IN FRONT OF THE REST OF THE WORLD !! can you do that first ?

  2. “ Canadians must feel like they are living in an apartment above a meth lab.”
    Robin Williams- Comedian- in 2013.

    1. @Kent B Where did you get the idea I’m a Trump supporter? If you think I’m a Trump supporter… that’s on you. If not, man… sentence structure. I don’t even know why you’re giving me O’Toole’s CV. I know it already. And couldn’t care less. O’Toole reminds me of a used car salesman, and that car was DEFINTELY in a crash before.

    2. @M&M I felt the same way! Glad we can both still get chuckle from Robin. Now all sane people need to push back against the crazy.

    3. @Kent B Should I wait until the irony of your first statement hits you? Don’t worry, not holding my breath. So I’ll be fine. Also, your posts are still like a bad university freshman essay, no thesis in sight!

    4. non pronoun and non gentile Jake Tapper is under investigation for fondling young boys and has disturbing pictures of young boys on his laptop

    1. @Brooke Baldvag, and Babytrump has 20 plus sexual assaults against him and one is molesting a 13 year old, case is still on going, but you ppl could careless, steals money from his on charities and trump University. 550 Billion dollars missing from the first stimulus package. That’s probably in his Chinese Secret Bank Account.. you ppl have no clue how sick you all are.

  3. It not being a surprise is the saddest part of of all. Anyone who would say they didn’t see this coming is insane.

    1. non pronoun and non gentile Jake Tapper is under investigation for fondling young boys and has disturbing pictures of young boys on his laptop

    1. non pronoun and non gentile Jake Tapper is under investigation for fondling young boys and has disturbing pictures of young boys on his laptop

  4. Everyone from the outside looking on realize the obvious. The ones who incited this need to be held accountable!!! ALL of them!!!

  5. The fact that after the attack these GOP senators still went through the objections is disgusting to me!!”Some people just want to watch the world burn” -Alfred

  6. “will these politicians who supported and led this coup see any consequences?”
    well they are rich in America so…

    1. What republicans fail to realize is that Democrats are essentially moderates and their own party is one step away from fascism.

    2. @Spikd no.
      Look up the term and look up the democratic reactions to violence. And look at prior to left wing protests and the lack of left wing politicians telling people to get violent.
      Or just enjoy your Kool Aid like I expect.

  7. A failed coup that isn’t prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law is just a practice run – good luck America!

    1. @Overall Great Idea Look, with a generic title like Overall Great Idea you cannot convince someone in the intellectual top 1 percent of the population of any BULLSHIT lies. You conspiracy clowns clutter the world with nonsense without ever even studying world history in school. Go find someone who embraces racist bigotry or idiocy like yourself. America would not EXIST without the blood and sweat of African slaves. Other Culture enslaved people as well, such as when the Jews were forced by Pharaohs to serve back in antiquity. Money corrupts men in leadership roles since the day that the concept was invented. You cannot teach me anything because I learn just fine all on my own. Don’t be Anti-Semitic with me.

    2. @bondi5000 Don’t play with this POS. Checked and all that’s posted is the same crap drivel directed at different people. Brooke and Chucky on a previous comment are going to hook up and exchange diseases if at all possible. A person can’t help but be astounded at the stupidity at some people. tRump loves these uneducated rejects, at least that’s what he said. The “Save the Donny Fund” is proof of that.

    3. @The Equalizer I liked the movie the Equalizer with Denzel Washington who took out all the screwed up White men full of violent hate. I watched it with my police officer friend and Denzel Washington brought valor to that role. If you make any more intimidating comments my law enforcement or the FBI will follow up for me I know some police like Trump, but I am not afraid. My Police bestie will just stay with me again if you people talk crap like that to his favorite Lady.

    1. @Joe Collins I don’t think native Americans would be on board with that. This government has all but eliminated them, one way or another.

    2. @Fair Warning You know, I always asked myself… why do the US mix religion and politics like it was in the middle ages. Didn’t they learn anything from World History?
      Religion and politics don’t mix, at all. You can be a religious person, that’s is completely fine, but politicians should be neutral (even if religious) and don’t show the religion they took.
      Being on one religious side, especially in the US, in this current day, is not something that makes sense, due to the number of religions currently in circulation.
      Also, your speech is cult speech. I’m catholic, we don’t talk like that, we don’t incite like that, we don’t recite the bible like that. That is what terrorists do.
      One more thing, if religion persisted in the EU like in the middle ages, currently you probably wouldn’t be here typing on the Internet, nor have a comfortable life. Religions should adapt to the times, and I’m happy that the Vatican from time to time thinks about these things.
      No one wants to go back to the middle ages, where Religion was the law in the EU, that’s why they’re called “the Dark Ages” and after that “the renaissance”.

  8. “Did no one see this coming”? Or course they did.”
    Yeah, because he told us about it in his tweet. But the DC police didn’t listen.

    1. Didn’t listen? Or were told not go in that day. People that were at this rally and other Trump rallies saying that the police presence was noticeably low this time. Gotta wonder why

    2. non pronoun and non gentile Jake Tapper is under investigation for fondling young boys and has disturbing pictures of young boys on his laptop

    3. Some of the capital and DC police didn’t want to get on Trump’s bad side by coming down too hard on Trump’s supporters.

    4. Capitol police has 2000 police officers. Jan 6th only 500 were scheduled. They have Qanon in congress. After the election trump changed the DoD
      Have you noticed no press conferences? Christmas bombing they had ATF FBI all kinds of police telling us but now nothing. why?

    1. The Democrat paid for news teams / channels make biased / unfair / unbalanced reports. Beware the media dragon breaths FIRE LIES.

    1. @george plimpton The democrats were much more successful in inciting the leftist morons that burned down the UDA cities.
      But go ahead start the political lynch.
      The midterm elections are coming in 2022 and the voters will remember

    2. What republicans fail to realize is that Democrats are essentially moderates and their own party is one step away from fascism.

    3. @Jason “Moderates”? In other countries, they’d be considered center-right. Yet here, they’re called “far left” and “communists”

    4. @Jason In the primaries 28% of Democrats voted for Sanders. I would be more careful with this fascism BS considering Democrats using Goebbels tactics.

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