Kinsa CEO: ‘Disappointing’ CDC Won’t Collaborate With Private Sector

Kinsa CEO: 'Disappointing' CDC Won't Collaborate With Private Sector 1


  1. Give all of our health info to private corporations so they can data mine it and do targeted advertising?
    No. That’s the only answer.
    Capitalism stops where my liberty, freedoms, and control begin.

    1. @Jaak Savat You can still catch a variant after the shot. Do you want to be quarantined by the government on your dime like Canada does? NY senate bill A416 and Tennessee EO 83 is headed in that direction and the app helps them find you. Other states will follow. Look past today and try to see where this is going. Government never gives back authority over people once they’ve taken it.

    2. @Jaak Savat corporations cannot be trusted to responsibly use, store, and secure the data. They have proven that time and again with data breaches at the ‘most secure’ companies like banks.
      So, no, the answer is no, corporations do not get massive amounts of health information about the public.

    3. Your cell phone tracks everywhere you go, everywhere transaction you make if you’re a paranoid MAGAtt why do use one?

    4. @Fat Freddy’s Cat also your phone doesn’t track the transactions you make if you don’t use your phone to make those transactions. You’re quite ignorant. It’s quite sad.

  2. Lets bring in a CEO so he can tell us why the government not giving them money to subsidize their data mining business is bad, while at the same time lobbying to prevent consumer protections for their data.

  3. the private sector works for their own profit not for others benefit, just look at pharmaceuticals

    1. @Iwillchoose Freewill The only thing I believe from the CDC is them recommending a zombie apocalypse preparedness kit.

  4. “I was born a poor black child. I remember the days, sittin’ on the porch with my family, singin’ and dancin’ down in Mississippi…”
    – Joe Biden

  5. Proof of the effectiveness of this app is visible in states like Florida and Texas…. Commercial BS! This dude only wants to make tons of money on the misery of others.

  6. wow didn’t answer the question of how ruhle had no idea who he was even though she had the virus. instead he tried to sell his stuff…

    oh yea a straight my pillows move!!

    a my pillows move during the biden / harris term no less, lovin it!!

  7. Ain’t it a shame … Being a CEO of what is at base a tech company and having such a bad connection. And also strange that the faster and more technical reporting becomes, the shitier the result is.

  8. Self diagnosing “covid” patients during a time of fear mongering is “accurate data” to these people lmao.

  9. Groundbreaking tech and analytical data mining. Just like contact tracing before it, new horizon of health care.

  10. As soon as he said “MULTIDEMIC” she cut this report short…..he may have been about to name a few up and coming “Greek letters” that we need to prepare for. MSNBC sucks for that

  11. In one quick, brief fell swoop, a good example of how free market capitalism is both dangerous and the most effective and advantageous way of dealing with crises like these than any other, in the world

  12. The private sector was responsible for dismantling many government programs that were innovative and forward looking during the 1990s and 2010s. Is there a surprise that the CDC doesn’t trust that the private sector won’t try to weaken their efforts and try to privatize them as conservative ideologues did to the USPS or employment security programs?

  13. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him he looks like a dangerous person to me in it to make money

  14. Thanks.🙂 At least Half of right wingers, conservatives etc. appear to favor fascists, totalitarianism, minority rule and seem unworthy of democratic discouse?🤔

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