Kinzinger calls out GOP leaders for tolerating White replacement theory

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) calls out GOP leaders including Marjorie Taylor Green and Tucker Carlson for tolerating an environment that involves White replacement theory, the notion that Whites are under threats to be replaced by minorities. #CNN #News


    1. But let the record show… Who has spine and who is scared to lose their cushy seat in Congress.

    1. I am a right of center Democrat but would vote for a decent, non-radical Republican if one ran in my district and proved to have more to offer than anyone else. i am sick of these current politicians who fight their petty power battles while we the people suffer from their indolence and incompetence.

    2. @Robert James Still make sure they represent the policies you want. It doesn’t matter is they’re sane but vote for things you don’t believe in.

  1. They even talk about it on christian radio stations and on commercials in republican led states. It’s been a problem for decades and now everyone’s choosing to acknowledge it

    1. @Mark Lasky we will lol we can afford the gas πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ focus on keeping your kids off fent

  2. I wish he would run again, as independent or Democrat, his truth matters for our government and all our citizens.

  3. I wish I could “LOVE” this video. What a level-headed and respectable Republican. I’m proud to have him as a representative of my state of IL, even though I’m on the other side of the isle. I do support those with integrity.

    1. OOOOH, you live in my district! We probably don’t know each other but me too… (mumblemumble at least grumble), but HI!

  4. So sad that Republicans who tell the truth are systematically and cowardly forced to retire.

    1. Why should anyone care about what a few people are thinking when what Washington Politicians are doing right now is effecting my our lives today? …
      As it stands right now such minority thoughts would still need to
      1: Win popular support.
      2: Win most elections.
      3: Sway future politicians to pass laws.
      4: survive court challenges.

      If theses unpopular thoughts were ever a problem they would be a 6+ years from now problem.

      If we avoid nuclear war with Russia, and manage to afford the food to keep ourselves fed with roofs over our heads, we can worry about said issue then if it ever becomes more than one of millions of abstract thoughts.

  5. “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” Aldous Huxley

    1. I may not agree with Adam Kinzinger when it comes to many policy ideas.
      What he and I have in common, is respect, and a willingness to solve problems in a positive way. We can agree to disagree with mutual respect and accept that we are striving to make things better for future generations.
      Thank you Adam.

  6. I appreciate Adam Kinzingr a great deal for his honesty and just plain common sense. As a Dem, (and yes, I know he’s resigning) I would vote for him for President in a heartbeat because I feel he honors his oath to the Constitution and truly serves his constiuents and our country.

  7. “More interested in fame than governing”. Kinzinger has a deep understanding for his words.

  8. As a black woman its hurts my SOUL to see America slowly go backwards. The people before us worked so hard even at the threat of dog attacks, being sprayed with water hoses, imprisonment, and even death to make a better America for us ALL. Now its slowly but surely being erased. Everyone benefits from equality, unity despite our backgrounds, and, most of all, JUSTICE for all.

    RIP to the 10 black people who just wanted groceries. God bless and bring comfort to the survivors. Hopefully our government will do something about it, which I highly doubt.

    1. @Annie Kaye You don’t have to take ignorant BS, Annie.
      I’ve been fighting bigotry my entire life.
      And I have enough culture in my DNA to own a race card from every culture on this Continent!
      I personally will go after any person who fail to acknowledge the history of this Nation’s past.
      Be Well.
      I hope to see more of your insight!

    2. @Teutonic Nordwind @Teutonic Nordwind: Yes, it would be great if we could all just be Americans. But when someone is murdered for the color of their skin, they’re not the only ones effected – it’s a threat to everyone who has the same heritage. Hate crimes convey more meaning than a robbery or drug deal gone bad.

    3. @Annie Kaye, I’m white and it hurts my soul too. We are slowly going backwards, the GQP is in reverse at 100 mph.

  9. Man I really like Adam Kinzinger. He’s intelligent, to the point and easy to understand… Pretty sad that there are SO MANY politicians than don’t make coherent statements and say such stupid things. (Like mtg and cruz etc.) We could use more people like him in politics today. The fact that he’s from my home state makes me really proud too.

    1. As an interested Aussie, it gives me hope that there are still some GOP members with the balls to call out spineless party members who have sold their souls (and their electorates) to big business and race baiting. For the sake of the USA and the free world, I hope more politicians like Mr Kinzinger can tear themselves away from the dogma in favour of intelligent and civil governance for all.

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