EU unveils $220-billion plan to sidestep Russian gas

The European Union Commission announced a €210 billion plan ($221 billion) to boost the bloc’s target for renewable energy from 40% to 45% by 2030, as part of efforts to move away from Russian hydrocarbons. CNN’s Anna Stewart reports. #CNN #News


    1. @Arun Sathyan So explain why prices are higher than from last year then, there is no point in acting like prices hasn’t changed and that unemployment has gone up. I bet government statistics don’t show that though, as it doesn’t paint the government in a positive picture and we can’t have those types of news right? Russia is flawless…

    2. @Lil WAYNE Why do you always avoid questions and just point at someone else? Whataboutism is pointless for you, it just proves my points.

  1. Every bit counts when it comes to stopping Russia, may they crumble into nothingness and a better nation emerge from its ashes.
    It’s sad that Russians have to go through this but unless they “solve” the problems themselves, we have to do it for them. The entire Earth is more important than 1 country.

    1. @IcekidTV SHORTS Admittedly, Russia has some lovely architecture and a rich history but that’s it. They’ve also got a dictator, a broken economy and crappy weather. Somehow, I don’t think tourist season is going to be booming.

  2. I love this. We will all share the cost. I am convinced that the real world will crush fascist Russia financially in the long run,

    1. @Clutch Nixon the primary challenge with gas is shipping which is why the gas pipelines have been built to China but capacity on that is quite small (about 66bqm). I don’t think there is a pipeline to India which would be difficult to get built without China approving which they are resisting. Perhaps Pakistan would help India build the pipeline? 😃

      Good luck getting this much gas to India and China which would offset the huge demand from European markets.

      Building new pipelines will take years and be very costly to India or Russia.

  3. Awesome! Finally! Now we see what the EU is good for. If anyone gets in the way of this necessary and long overdue step forward, they must lose their EU status.

  4. Russia has expedited the inevitable…most industrialized countries have been be moving towards clean energy, but given this turn of events they are doing it with vigor. Russia’s economic survival (let alone prosperity) is dependent on oil and gas sales. Many countries will still purchase their energy but at highly discounted rates. Putin has taken a country that was making enormous democratic and economic advances, and virtually plunged it back into the Soviet stone age.

    1. @Violent Cabbage uk has north sea oil and gas, also nuclear. And as far as i know has never had a 3 mile island meltdown like the usa. Maybe like the Ukraine thing. It depends on quality of staffing.. they screwed up in Chenobyl 1980s..

  5. High fuel prices & unreliable sources may speed things up in the transition to Renewable Energy. And “that’s a good thing”…

  6. *It boggles my mind that ANY country would have ever thought it a good idea to become energy dependent on Putin. A small child would have known better. But it’s a prime example of politicians trying to keep voters placated with relatively cheap energy regardless of national security or geopolitical concerns.*

  7. The thing about green energy is its independent most of the time. Its crazy that govs didnt push for it earlier

    1. Absolutely..should have done it years ago…the world should never have allowed Putin to become so powerful

  8. As a European, I’m so glad that our Union is getting their purpose back.
    Our vast investments in renewables, digitalisation and the military will make Europe a geopolitical player once more.

    1. @Vilhelm Bjermeland doesn’t matter what you think , besides this is not an exact amount . Not to mention all the daily fluctuations

    2. @Hiske Bekkering I know let’s build a oil pipeline short cut over a major aquifer. That should help with the up coming water crisis. Holy cow, our oil addiction is half the reasons we are having water problems. Not to mention there being zero ambition in part of the government to fix our aging water infrastructure. Probably because there is no way to privatize it like they do with toll roads and toll bridges, but hey I’m clueless one.

  9. This is a great advance in the direction of caring for the earth, not only in the sense of helping to bring an end to the Putin Regime Money Making Machine, but in the sense of weaning off Green House Gas Produced energy sources… Bravo Europeans

  10. Under such urgent conditions, only a 5% bump? And taking 8 years? Certainly we’re not moving ‘at the speed of war’. Anyway, hope all those solar panels are to be made in Europe, for jobs, R&D, national security, and self-sufficiency.

  11. Maybe just maybe something good will come out of the war. Using renewable energy and saving this earth. Fossil fuels are killing us. Where i live lots of people are switching to heat pumps. And i live in Canada. We can get through this. If we heat with hydro and cook with hydro we can maybe afford to drive our cars . I know not everyone can afford an EV but soon it will happen. We need to stay strong and help each other the best we can.

  12. Well I’m glad you’re thinking about later days but I just hope that it works out for them well🤔

  13. wow, not only did Putin help us strengthen NATO, but now it’s even helping us force our politicians to invest in green energy xD

    1. Of course I’m glad this is happening, but it should have happened 30 years and a multitude of fires/floods ago!

  14. Reduced fossil fuel consumption, lower energy costs in the future, investment in technology and less funds for Russia. Whats not to like

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