Nearly 1,000 fighters leave Azovstal steel plant, according to Russia

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said that a total of 959 Ukrainian soldiers, including 80 wounded, had laid down their arms and surrendered since May 16. He reaffirmed that 51 wounded were sent to the hospital at Novoazovsk, which is in the self-declared region of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR). CNN is unable to confirm the Russian tally. #CNN #News


  1. I am so glad they have surrendered. The Russian engineers were only a week away from activating hi-volume pumps to begin flooding the tunnels. Blocking the area runoff & drainage outflow was almost completed. It would have been a sad way to perish.

    1. @Thomas Zimmerman Yes, Russian bot from Fascist Russia. The same like in Leningrad in WW2. Who is fascist now? Russia! The same methods like Hitler had.

    2. @Violetta Perez I don’t think you know what fascism is.. why don’t you define it for us in your own words.

  2. I support Ukraine in this. But stop saying anything other than what happened. They surrendered and were taken by Russia. They didn’t leave, they weren’t evacuated, they weren’t rescued. They’re prisoners of Russia. Just be honest.

    1. No. They gave up. Russia will exchange them for russian prisoners. THEY WERE NOT EVACUATED! Ukrainians gave up and Russians treated them very well, including medical help. Most of them were just a kids 20 years or younger who didn’t want to participate in war. I saw video. Don’t listen american news. Love to both ukrainians and russians! God bless!

    2. @delicate⏺️ she said they surrendered .. open your eyes and ears kiddo!!!! 🤦‍♂️🤣

    3. looks like you’re still in shock, but rest assured the people of Dombass will treat them well

    1. @RUTH JILANI not all there is most likely the high ranking ones left down below hoping for a miracle

  3. Once you become a prisoner of war, you don’t know what will happen. As for these Azov Battalion soldiers, they would be put on trial. After that, they can be sentenced to death, or sentenced to Siberia. They will not be exchanged for Russian prisoners.

    1. @Alex Storm The great mighty Russian army took 80 days to capture some Azov, policemen, border guards and marines who were completely surrounded and still you make it sound like a great win lol.

    2. For exaple, how long would American or NATO soldiers hold out in such a situation? Give an example from recent military conflicts? I doubt you will find!

    3. @TarkovCitizen443 wrong. The mighty Russia army neutralized and/or captured close to 20,000 NATO trained, armed and led solders in Mariupol only (basically 20,000 NATO solders)

    1. The problem of you’re Statement is that, somehow the russian army didn’t advanced much in the last Weeks. Selensky and his Ministers and the Parlament still active is and the soldiers still fighting. Money and weapons are supplied by the EU and the West. The West of Ukraine is still mostly unharmed.

    2. @Comanderstick 25 million tons of grain are held up in Kherson raising prices to record high in EU .. sounds like a special operation to me . 🤡

    3. I guess you have to take victories where you can find them when your Navy is being sunk by a country without one.

    4. @Alex Storm 🤭 Russia hasn’t even been able to take Novorossia and pulled back from the Kharkiv region. Ukraine will soon have 1 million men to make a counter offensive. Russia is soooo over. 😁

  4. 6:08 Yeah but in 2014 USA didn’t want international oversight in Ukraine or at any time since.

  5. When CNN says ‘leave Azovstal steel plant’… you do realise they mean ‘surrendered unconditionally’ right ?

    1. @Efrain Mora Milosevic was exonerated posthumously (remember he hanged himself in prison before The Hague could put him on trial.) He was innocent. But yeah, the others were guilty, to the best of my knowledge.

    2. GAH. The Serbs lived in a similar Bizzarro Universe to the Russians. But they went to war over a 600 year old grudge. The Russians’ (questionable) grudge was at least about things that happened in living memory.

  6. Better use gender neutral term “relocated”. ”
    “Evacuated” is way to strong of a word.
    It may offend some folks still staying in the safe places at Azovstal steelworks facility.

    1. Ukraine is over. Even the strongest Azovites “evacuated” in the Russian jail yesterday. Ukraine is sooo over. 😁

  7. I love how the U.S. dares to accuse others of war crimes the U.S. is guilty of warcrimes and has a long history of it.

  8. The “Top commanders” should have also surrendered. There aren’t many people left down there to command anyway.
    Rumour has it that there are some senior NATO countries’ military officers down there too.
    I guess we will find the truth one way or the other in due course.

    1. You need to lay off the drugs your imagination wants at least some sanity back.

  9. 👌”Food shopping” after a successful evacuation of Azov soldiers. This is what Western media double talk does to these poor people expecting Azov fighters home for dinner. 👌

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