1. @Charles A Smith “without a spine”. There finished it for those who may not be clear on your comment.

    1. @Mark Spradlin, to my mind and impression of character, to adapt from Oscar Levant’s remark about Hollywood to Mr McCarthy, strip away the phony prevarifications and you’ll find the real prevarications underneath.

  1. Never forget who this man McCarthy is, the privilege he has relished in all his life and what he decides to use it for. VOTE IN NOVEMBER!

    1. @Covfefe Yourself it’s called inflation 🤦 also we are paying real high interest rates, your taxes on property went up. If you own your own property you would know 💯

    2. @Nur I live here and I’ve been to Bakersfield, it’s known as the armpit of CA and extremely hot. It’s not that bad but just saying McCarthy did not have a “privileged” life. It’s not like he grew up in Beverly Hills.

  2. I don’t think Kinzinger is alone in his assessment. McCarthy can never be Speaker vote Blue 💙

    1. @Aisha bint Abu Bakr Also, talk is cheap, and hawley ran, along with all the other “tough guys”. So what’s your point anyway, other than you don’t know what real courage and decency are?

    2. @Bee Buzz
      If everyone ran, then they’re all cowards, so one coward calling another a coward makes no sense

    1. Uh, Kissassinger is a fool in every way and so scared of Trump didn’t even try and run for re-election. Thank you Trump!

  3. McCarthy is what everyone thinks a stereotypical politician is. He says what he thinks the person in front of him wants to here.

    1. @Toni Sumblin You’re welcome. Something makes me think he’s not from this country and he’s just trying to be relevant.

  4. Amnesia… lies… these people are so mentally feeble, or untrustworthy! Either way they shouldn’t represent us: they get up there and power gets to their head!

  5. Based on observation, of what they remember, becoming a republican leader seems to be a leading cause of Alzheimer disease.

  6. Don’t tell me, McCarthy’s phone records have been accidentally lost in a totally understandable “equipment replacement” incident?

    1. That’s what makes this trickle information so annoying. All of this information can be confirmed pretty easily

    2. @Christopher S The problem is that if you provide all the information in detail to the world at large, it allows the people involved time to build excuses, meshed alibi’s, etc. You don’t show your cards until all the chips are on the table and everyone has to show them.

  7. Kevin McCarthy has put a price on his soul – house speaker. He will do and say anything for it.

  8. I will NEVER be able to not laugh about Hauley running away from the people he said that he supported!

    1. @JAKESTAR105 He was running so damn fast against his “supporters”. I winder if it was a mob against him?? Would he take a helicopter immediately? LMFAOOO He’s such a joke calling himself a man’s man HAHAHAHA

  9. Maybe the law should change to: when someone takes their oath of office, what they say to reporters, or *ANY* public speech, is considered “under oath”. Maybe.

    1. It seems to me that Truth in Advertising law could easily be extended to cover claims in politics. Already, it’s illegal to profit in business by deliberately lying to buyers. Why is it somehow legal to profit politically AND financially by deliberately lying to voters?

    2. And maybe, just maybe, there should be significant consequences when they lie under oath, even (especially) when they lie to get onto the Supreme Court!


    4. @Tht1Gy, I had exactly that same thought earlier today, about the same time as your posting. Telepathic link? Kinship of minds?


  10. To be fair, McCarthy didn’t say that she made that convo up. He said that he didn’t “remember”, which means it did happen.

    1. They can never remember anything of substance, or anything that really happened. Vote for politicians who have better recollection.

    2. Didn’t really matter how McCarthy chose to respond. I would have believed Cassidy over McCarthy any day of the week. I play poker and it is clear who is a liar and who is not.

  11. He’s lying. He knows that he told her that. This lady is very credible. And she testified under OATH.

    1. Steve is a troll, don’t waste your time responding to them, if you do they will never stop commenting.

    2. @Barbara Roberts
      I believe I have found someone that has noticed the same pattern as I.
      Stay Safe, Stay Strong, Vote Carefully, Stay Cool, Vote True, Remove and Improve , Vote Blue! Thank you Barbara !!

    3. @immobilien
      What about the previous regime, that attacked our Capital ,and is still a threat to our democracy???? You would prefer a Dictatorship, in place of our democracy !!!!

  12. McCarthy is a lucky man who’s privileged enough to have stuck his toe into the depths of representative politics and proved himself to be an abject failure, coward and weakling.

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