1. Kirby started to explain, then shut up as if he wasn’t sure if he was about to say something secret. However, certain air-to-air missiles are designed to detonate if “tango” is lost. Others are destroyable by remote, as Kirby began to say . . . then didn’t. LOL

  1. If you haven’t recovered debris than you can’t no what it is for sure… the one he said was a metallic boloon might have just looked like that but was something else completely… you can’t say it was one thing and in the same sentence say we haven’t found it so we don’t know what it is….. fishy crap…

  2. It’s like Chicken Little and SkyLab all over again, thanks to the Journalistic juggernaut that is CNN.

    You just HAD to ask the question, didn’t you Don?

  3. ¿Para qué los derriban? Será imposible hacer un estudio de forma detallada y eficaz del objeto volador destruido.

  4. The pilot missed an almost stationary object? Good thing it wasn’t a Russian or Chinese fighter that could shoot back…

  5. Who actually BELIEVES that the US MILITARY haven’t recovered even ONE of these things? HAHA NO CHANCE. PULL THE OTHER ONE KIRBY.

  6. metallic balloon? 😬😬😬
    What if extraterrestrial aliens saw the chinese balloon from space… and saw that it was safe for a while in the sky… and decided to send over some of their technology, thinking that it was safe to put their stuff in the sky to observe humans… and we shot their stuff down…. 😬😬😬


  7. “Oh man, getting to those areas are so remote, Don.”

    We’ll never hear about a recovery on any of them…I’d rather interview the pilots than John Kirby.

  8. “Look, we spend a ton of money making these things so before you go destroying them at least let us recover the data.”

  9. Refreshing to get a direct answer to a question. Seemed even to shock Don as he didn’t expect to get an answer 😝

  10. There certainly should not be any undetected anythings in US AirSpace.
    Especially when they can fly and you need a rocket to shoot them down…. Why a rocket? To see if it blew up?

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