Kolenda On Afghanistan: 'Keep Our Eye On The Ball In Terms Of Action' 1

Kolenda On Afghanistan: ‘Keep Our Eye On The Ball In Terms Of Action’

NBC's Courtney Kube and Mike Memoli share new reporting on the security threats U.S. forces and Afghan civilians face near the Kabul airport, and President Biden's response to the Thursday explosion there. Plus, Army Colonel Christopher Kolenda joined Geoff Bennett to discuss whether the U.S. can rely on the Taliban to secure the airport as evacuations continue.

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  1. Shout out to George Floyd on fifteen months of sobriety. It took some tough love but he did it. Say his name liberals

    1. @Lawrence Iverson I think they’re bots. Same comments repeated exactly. Humans vary wording and punctuation.Just guessin’ tho

    2. @Scientific Methodologist Look dude, I have seen you and Bryan and this doofus enough to recognize you’re all 3 trolls. Why do you want to destroy our culture when you love our music and movies so much? – all that will be lost if Putin succeeds, bro

  2. Libs, like me, can’t think for ourselves. So I believe anything the media spoon feeds me. I’m not dupid

    1. @Scientific Methodologist He made the deal with the Taliban, they had the agreements approval to do what they wanted.

    2. @Tony Smith
      Boy are you dumb.
      Doesn’t Trump pay more in taxes to China than to America?
      Didn’t Chinese Nationals donate to Trump’s reelection campaign gramps?

  3. So they send Kamala abroad to mouth Blinken’s belligerent rhetoric against China, which was promptly dismissed by Vietnam’s PM. She then proceeds to lay flowers at the Truc Bach memorial in Hanoi, which commemorates the citizens and military who shot down and captured one John Sidney McCain, the eventual leader of the congressional neo-cons.

  4. Psaki said they will hunt down terrorists….
    Do thay want to know if the weapons they were supplied are up to their standards?

  5. Media you protected him and hided him on the basement — deal with that now!!! America is in dangerous!

  6. Death toll for the Afghan national military and police, you know, those you say did not fight for their country: 66,000.

    Death toll of Afghan civilians who resisted the Taliban and Isis: 47,245..

    1. *President Trump’s Exit Plan*
      1) evacuate civilians
      2) dispose of military equipment
      3) pull troops

      *China* Joe “accidentally” did it backwards.

  7. This administration created every single catastrophe that they’re supposedly trying to resolve. The media is also largely responsible.

  8. So this is why they say ‘Don’t Negotiate with Terrorists’

    *Why Donald J. Trump Release 5000 Taliban Terrorists?*

    Can anybody explain *what Trump and Pompeo were thinking when they released 5000 Taliban terrorists including the new leader in Afghanistan?*

    The February 2020 peace deal signed by *the former Trump administration and the Taliban pushed the Afghan government to release up to 5,000 Taliban prisoners, some of whom played key roles in the Taliban’s swift takeover of the country.*

  9. US Neo Cons,Defence Indus, Intel outfits, Corpt Media & G7 responcible for kabul blast.But Biden is standing fast,Bad times comeing for US Neo Cons & G7 (scavengers). America is seeing light, eventualy. Biden just won 2022

  10. It would be ideal if the Taliban is the new government to work with the US , instead of sending troops back or conducting a forever drone war.

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