Kornacki's Number Crunch: Will Biden Reach His July 4th Vaccine Goal? 1

Kornacki’s Number Crunch: Will Biden Reach His July 4th Vaccine Goal?


Steve Kornacki breaks down the decline in Covid-19 cases in the U.S. 

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  1. Got my second dose Tuesday! My daughter and I had covid last year and I almost died. She had it lightly, but it did long term damage to my lungs, and my immune system is shot, I was scared to get a vaccine that wasn’t tried and true, but I was scared to death to get covid again and leave my daughter an orphan.

    1. If you had covid already you have the antibodies and vaccines do nothing more to prevent you from getting it again

    2. @William Yahwehson Indeed, That’s why Donald Trump ran to get vaccinated in January. He got covid but he still got vaccinated ??, was he forced to get it ?? Fascist world we’re living in

    3. @Mandy Whorwal I disagree w/ you there. It is not a waste, for we learned from it. Which is why Pfizer and Moderna have asked the Feds if they can work on altering the vaccines to meet the many different strains that are popping up. Using what we have now as a starting point.

  2. Friendly reminder that the Stable Genius ordered a 63 million dose stockpile of hydroxychloroquine that is currently sitting unused in warehouses throughout the country.

    1. @victor armand banned travel from China and was instantly called a racist. Told everyone about hydroxychloroquine and you morons were told to drink bleach.

    2. Why did Democrats ban hydroxyclorachine a cheap and effective drug that has been used safely for 70 years?

    3. @Alex Shields Banned travel from China, but forgot about Europe, which is how NYC got hit so hard. I guess the Stable Genius forgot the earth is not flat.

  3. Why are 30 plus percent of medical workers, nurses specifically not wanting these vaccines?? The numbers have peaked, we won’t reach the number. Why wasn’t an estimate number added for people that had corona without the vaccine?? They are better protected!

    1. the amount of people who had corona without the vaccine is way smaller than the number of people who didn’t have corona. also we don’t know if antibodies work against different mutations of the virus and the vaccines work, so it’s better to just count vaccinations.

    2. @Longhorns Worldstar Saw it on one of the network shows and here. You do realize these vaccines are still “experimental”??

    3. @kirk lamb The vaccines are “experimental” because they were emergency approved in order to get them out to the elderly as soon as possible, not “experimental” as in they mixed random chemicals together like it’s science class. They had numerous stages of trials done for them. Your definition of experimental would fit if they had a toddler create it

    4. @Longhorns Worldstar Such a clown. You know that about a thousand people have died after taking these vaccines?? Do you hear the stories of side effects like the blood clots and stroke like symptoms, heart problems, etc.?? No, not in the US you don’t!!

  4. I was so happy that I caught a cold a few days ago! I drank lots of water, ate appropriate amounts of food that was good for me, went to bed at a responsible time, and it passed like nothing. Pretty much the same as when I had Covid?

    1. @LMM I forgot to add…most importantly I put my love and trust in Jesus Christ, and I’ve never been let down…even in times when I thought I was.

    1. All the polling seems to match. Democrats are more popular and have a stronger base nationally. Most of the population has gotten theirs. It’s only conspiracy nuts in the right who refuses.

  5. Didn’t trump start the process of this vaccine and is taking credit for it? Someone better update trump supporters that their going against their gods wishes

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