Man jumps into BFF's arms after 3 years apart | Humankind 1

Man jumps into BFF’s arms after 3 years apart | Humankind


A change of station will never break up these Air Force besties.
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Retired Master Sgt. John Taylor wasn't expecting to see his best friend, but when Chief Master Sgt. Justin Crockett stepped up; it meant everything.

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  1. Thank you USA Today ….
    Good news is the best news….. Would love to see more of the two FAMILIES

  2. Absolutely wonderful. We need to see more of these stories. There is so much good out there and they don’t seem to want us to see the good only the bad. God bless these 2 families .

  3. This brought so much joy and a big old smile. Definitely want to see more updates on these two families because they’re both beautiful, loving, caring, and their bond and friendship transcends this universe how truly precious

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