Kurji: ‘The time has come’ for vaccine cards in order to slow spread of COVID-19

York Region Medical Officer of Health Dr. Karim Kurji says Ontario should adapt a vaccine certification system before cases get too high.

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  1. This is a democracy! How about have a plebiscite for this. Unelected doctors should not be making these calls.

    1. @Zane huller.craven Ummmm, Britain isn’t even run by a monarchy anymore. What on earth are you talking about?
      The British royal family has absolutely no power of governance anymore…

    1. It was already in our borders before we knew we had a problem. There was no magical solution where we could have shut the borders before COVID arrived.

    2. @jmintube It could’ve been contained as opposed to just freely spread like it was and still friggin’ is 18 months later with travel, illegal crossings, unvaccinated immigration…it’s a free for all still until Trudeau is gone.

    1. @LincolnTek Actually it does discriminate. Age group 60+ make up 17.1% of the total cases, but 94% of the deaths.
      While those under 40 make up 55.3% of the cases, but 1% of the deaths.
      Clear discrimination based on age.

      “Get the facts”.

  2. Time has come to oust all these politicians, if you can’t see through this segregation, you don’t know the history of government control.

    1. @Robert Fortier wake up to what exactly? you can compare the carnival cruise and the Princess cruise and see how much of a difference there is.

    2. You idiots are taking over the hospitals. Over working the staff and taking up room for ICU patients that need them!! That’s why!!!! Ugh

  3. SHOCKING! another interview with a government employee arguing for more government power on a channel subsidized by government money!

    1. @Jumbo Me In the past 19 months….
      Business owners have lost revenue, employees have lost wages, customers have lost the ability to shop freely.
      Activists like camps, sports clubs, gyms, pools, parks, and beaches have closed.
      Schools have closed, extra curricular programs have been canceled.
      Medical treatments, like chemo and surgeries have been postponed.
      Travel has been canceled, stay at home mandates have been enforced, fines and tickets have been given…

      Sure some of those things are luxuries, but last I checked…This was a free country, not a prison state.

  4. Why arent we allowed to vote on something that’s going to dictate our lives? When the hell was it okay to strangle countries till they buy your product?

  5. A giant leap backwards. Don’t give these clowns your permission ever, as they only seek to take away your rights.

    1. Simply don’t give those businesses your money. Also, remember them after the pandemic. Like, who drinks alcohol in 2021 anyway, boomers maybe. We have healthier choices now. Beer?,,,gross.

    2. Are you talking to the virus? What if I told you that the problem is a thing called a virus, it is very tiny, too small to see? Have you had any science classes yet? You will learn this in the higher grades, be patient.

    1. @Landon Preik I know you don’t know me but please message me or something so I can see what he finds.

  6. I want a obese passport, I want to keep obese pple safe so if ur obese restaurants can’t serve u unhealthy food

  7. “Where do you stand on this doctor?”

    Why even bother asking the question? We already know where he stands. If they ever get an expert on with a different opinion, I’ll eat my phone.

    1. @ThisJustin …just saw three a few min ago…wait, no, they were rocks. Nope.. no bodies here on this street at all.

  8. One problem – the ‘vaccines’ do not stop the spread, and they are engendering new variants. Stop the nonsense. Interview an educated person not the cubicle flub you’ve sought out.

  9. The experimental therapy is mitigating symptoms but not effecting imm_unity.
    The Swedish results are informative.

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