Despite Ford resisting vaccine cards, Ont. may get it anyway | COVID-19 in Canada


  1. So healthcare can surpass government on people’s freedoms? This is a really slipper slope for democracy. I’m not antivax, but you can’t start doing this. Overriding the democratically elected government and making your own rules is a very slippery slope.

    1. ​@stormrage8 They don’t have to give reason to refuse you as a customer but they are giving reason and it is discrimination based on health status. This is strikingly similar to refusing wheelchairs because you choose not accommodate, that’s illegal in Canada.

    2. Sounds like you ARE anti-vaxx. Also, slipper slope is a logical fallacy, congratulations, you dont understand logic.

    1. @AngryVeganJulian It’s not about the policy, it’s the part about being unelected that’s the point. Smh.

    1. Well said and so true, IF you’re really thinking! We all die. How we live is the question! We are each responsible for our life and life journey, and we will answer for that alone!

    1. If you need to know what’s coming look at Australia. This was never about your health. Remember anyone that denies you entry to a grocery store doesn’t care about your health.

    2. Im loving this lol i like pushing buttons and testing things… ill wait another 5 years just to see what happens

  2. Make sure who you vote at your local level when you vote come September ; is on your side. As well as federal.

    1. @Bo Johma They know what doesn’t work. Which is 50 more than the the person who has never been fat.
      The point here is that it’s not logical to immediately discount someone based on appearance. Especially with flimsy reasons.

    2. @Urseye It’s not about appearances though, the issue is someone who fails to demonstrate their expertise cannot competently guide another. By your own words, an obese person could not demonstrate proper form and exercise regiments as it could be fatal for them. A fit person however, can safely lower their own exercise regiment to meet the individual needs of an obese person who needs to lose weight. I know you want it to be true but this is no different than taking investing advice from a homeless person, legal advice from a wanted felon and education from psych ward patient.

    3. @Urseye you are so off it’s scary….YES take advice from the thin person!
      he knows what he did, the tubbies can’t control themselves and are problematic to the health system.

    1. @Peter Martell what’s crazy is that you are so willing to give up your say in the matter as long as it is going in the direction you want it today.

    1. @fireandcopper well over 99% of the population do fine beating covid with natural immunity, you fkn goof

    1. ​@incipidsigninsetup Your missing the point. It was preplanned long in advance. You really think they thought of this last night?

    2. @Jenifer Douglas Your missing the point. It was preplanned long in advance. You really think they thought of this last night?

    3. @incipidsigninsetup I’d hardly call a wallet app “simple”, you obviously don’t know the Android SDK as well as you would sound…

    1. @Canadian Patriot Toronto Probably where the where the missing infrastructure money went. FEMA north.

    1. If it was there wouldn’t be such a back an fourth right now. It’s only an illusion if you give up on it.

    1. @DWG Style You’re getting mad now LMAO. Must be TRUE THEN HUH?!!!!! You’re a spoiled little brat and always have been. I’m 40 by the way and I DON’T BAWL AND CRY OVER STUPID f-ing crap like this!

    2. @Jamie Mackay Asking you a question is not getting mad you keep telling me to grow up how about you act like an adult and answer the question?

    3. @DWG Style Why so scared of it???? Even though it may help you in the long run and help if you do get sick be more bearable. Covid symptoms are not fun by any means. I had it way back in March of 2020. You really wanna feel the aches and pains and high fever to the point you’re shaking non stop??? All because you hear it’s survivable, you really wanna experience those symptoms? WHY???

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