The rise of ISIS-K in Afghanistan is a new threat to U.S. and allied forces in Kabul

Director of Analytical Development, Newline Institute for Strategy and Policy Kamran Bokhari discusses the rise of ISIS-K in Afghanistan.

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  1. Stop bringing in the terror into Canada from Afghanistan Mr Tradeau ,its time to remove you as a leader of this country.

  2. hey! hey! thats trudooh liberals “brothers” you don’t talk about the liberals “brothers” that way how dare you???

  3. This sounds made up so we can concentrate on an worse enemy within the enemy and when the enemy beats the worse enemy we can say hey these guys arnt so bad look what they did, let’s do business.

  4. What EXACTLY is “ISIS Special K” or “ISIS-K?” – “ISIS-K” is just regular ISIS with a directive of Kubul and its airport known as “Hamid Karzai International Airport.”

  5. Remember, the Liberal party Equality minister of Canada said yesterday, ‘Taliban is our Canadian brothers”

    1. @Daniel Martin Taliban was responsible for September 11 2091 remember Obama got Osama bin Laden killed?

  6. (Director of Analytical Dev…) With such a long title can they figure how were takfiris transfered from Idlib into Afghanistan!

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