What to know about ISIS-K, a terror group threatening both Taliban and U.S. forces in Afghanistan

CTV News Security Analyst Jeanne Meserve explains the threat of ISIS-K, a enemy of the Taliban and the risk it poses to the evacuation.

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    1. I moved 4 hours away from a unapologetic bone breakingly violent afterlife professing wannabe chuck norris type of older brother, BECAUSE VIOLENCE NEVER PRODUCES HAPPY AFTERLIVES.

      Get the memo and stop treating victims of violence as collateral damage.

  1. What EXACTLY is “ISIS Special K” or “ISIS-K?” – “ISIS-K” is just regular ISIS with a directive of Kubul and its airport known as “Hamid Karzai International Airport.”

  2. i wonder if this is going to become like a superhero movie where the villain and the protagonist become friends now that they have a common enemy.

  3. Trudo approved his Liberal party Equality minister of Canada said yesterday, ‘Taliban is our Canadian brothers”

  4. ISIS-K is not threatening Taliban forces, they are only threatening Westerners. ISIS-K also hate Shias – but then again Taliban hate Shias too.
    Taliban don’t like ISIS-K, because Taliban see them as poaching from Taliban’s own followers, and Taliban wants to be the lone top dog in Afghanistan.
    Taliban work for Pakistan, and ISIS-K work for Arabs.
    So basically the rivalry between Taliban and ISIS-K is actually a rivalry between their Pakistani and Arab masters.

    1. Well it’s on them to make a statement now. And either take revenge on behalf of the nations that could help them out the most or some rivals who want what’s theirs now. I’m almost positive the meeting they had with the CIA was to give them a list of name that are associated with ISIS from all the wire tapping they’ve done.

    2. The Taliban has extended the olive branch to the Shi’a already. They sent delegations to Shi’a centers and provided security during Muharram when the Shi’a did their yearly blood rituals. The Taliban and ISIS have completely competing ideologies — ISIS is Wahhabi/Salafi, and the Taliban are Deobandi/Sufi. They don’t share anything in common whatsoever.

      And yes, ISIS has already declared the Taliban to be ‘apostates’ and they definitely are threatening the Taliban

  5. Never thought I’d see the day we made an alliance with the taliban to fight isis.. enemy of my enemy..

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