1. The difference between an orderly withdrawal using peace through strength and what is happening now will leave a stain on the current administration for generations. And society will finally understand what a real insurrection looks like not what happened in January which is what we were told.

  2. Here’s an idea, stay home and create the news like you usually do. Meanwhile, send Trudeau and Monsef to Afghanistan to educate their Taliban brothers on women’s rights.

  3. My 96 year old grandfather died of Covid! ..Now, if he had died of pneumonia- I wouldn’t be so hysterical. But, Covid?!?!
    We need to lock down EVERYTHING! NOW! ..These ‘anti-vaxxers’ have blood on their hands!

  4. Journalist are such narcissists …always have to make the story about them. Rather than the real victims on the ground.

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