1. The most difficult thing Trudeau has to do every day is bother standing in front of a microphone to blather more inane word salad.

    1. @Amerigo Vespucci I read the article for context, religion has no place in Canadian politics.

    1. @Pam BP

      I like competency and leaders not dedicated to the division and destruction of this country through superficial manipulation and comprehensive corruption.

      So that’s a hard pass.

  2. Wtf, Trudeau’s flips around on the reporter and tells him it’s an issue…wtf way to pull the old switch and bait 🙄

  3. if you had not have delayed for months like he has been doing, we wouldn’t have this problem it’s not like they didn’t know this is going to happen

  4. What an absolute joke. He literally just repeated himself over and over. He’s got to go in September.

    1. Just lots of puny words like this and no action of course. No different than when he said “he’s disappointed” for the Two Michaels or burning churches.

  5. “We’ve made the difficult decision to end all flights and pull troops because the daily evidence of our government screwups is making me look bad while I am trying to campaign during my selfish unneeded election.”

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