Kurt Andersen: ‘Donald Trump Has Paralyzed The Party' | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Kurt Andersen: ‘Donald Trump Has Paralyzed The Party’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


Jennifer Rubin, an opinion writer for The Washington Post, and Kurt Andersen, author of “Evil Geniuses,” join Ali Velshi to discuss why Trump is endorsing the vaccine after a year of spreading pandemic misinformation has done nothing to increase his relevancy or power in the Republican Party. Aired on 04/24/2021.
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Kurt Andersen: ‘Donald Trump Has Paralyzed The Party' | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. @Hugh G Rection Do you know what is in vaccines & what it can do to you later in life … or are you just a yes man ” ?

    2. Right now the Republicans will only act on any legislation that will only benefit white people. We are living in 1980’s South Africa

    1. My grown daughter and elder bro are both Qanoners and Trumpists. They’ve got some zany ideas about politics and science. It’s a brain disease that affects a quarter of adult Americans.

    2. @Seth Thomas no offense but you can’t submit to God and think for yourselves. I do like the thnk for ourselves and demand that our employees, our politicians, do as we want.

    3. @FactsarenotdirtyFwords You are a bunch of slandering jokers when you are shown the truth …..I live in and love America …my family has served this country in our military to …Propaganda is Biden telling the world that we are a racist country ..that is a lie …There is more opportunity for minorities here , than there is anywhere in the world! What does Russia have to do with that because they have never been welcoming as us …but there is a process and the current administration is letting people just pour in from anywhere ..no back ground checks or nothing …You are the threat if you agree with that !

    1. Hi !… I’m Joe Biden…

      Thank you for calling the
      “White House Crisis Hotline”…

      For “spanish” press “one”…..
      For “spanish” press “two”………
      For “ebonics” press “three”……..
      For “spanish” press “four”…..
      For “english” press “3854196”…

    2. @R Wags
      Hi !…. I’m Joe Biden… ….

      ….and when the “girl scouts” come
      riding on AF1, then we’ll be

    3. @R Wags
      Hi !… I’m Joe Biden….

      ..and I’m ready for my FIRST
      news conference, after my
      “sound defeat” of “Georgebhgggjjjzz”..


      Ok, so according to teleprompter,
      were gonna let 200 million
      mexicans in, as our “goal”,
      and “vaccinate”
      500,000 dead people….

    4. @Scahoni You actually question the Drumph = disaster fact?
      The examples are numerous but to highlight just a few….
      – a huge deficit due to such missteps (corruption) as tax breaks for the rich
      – 580,000++ families grieving, due to his utter mismanagement of Covid.
      – inciting insurrectionists to attack the Capitol and watching it unfold on a big screen.
      – asking White Nationalists to “stand back and stand by”. Stating “good people on both sides”.
      – inciting division by claiming he won the election, yet still being unable to produce any proof.
      – appointing sycophants and his spawn to positions in which they have no experience.
      – pardoning co-conspirators and murderers.
      – claiming he has nothing to hide but refusing to release his tax returns
      – abandoning historical allies and military allies in the field.
      – supporting and defending Vlad-the-Shirtless over his own security agencies.
      – using the DOJ as his own personal legal team to misrepresent the Mueller Report.
      – obstructing the Mueller Report by refusing to let staff be interviewed.
      – appointing another conservative to the SC as citizens were voting (Obama was blocked from appointing Garland, a year out).
      … etc etc
      But you don’t need to take my word for it…. Google “Trumps reputation” to get an international perspective.
      A view from afar
      BTW: Peace deals are typically sought, for countries at war. The UAE and Israel were not at war.
      If Drumph really wanted to achieve something, peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians… would have been something to crow about.

      1 term, 2x impeached, lost the House, lost the Senate, lost the popular vote 2x. In anyone’s book, this is a disaster.

  1. It’s not a ‘strange power’. It’s all the mid-level folks in the pyramid scheme not wanting to bring the whole edifice crumbling down.

    1. Oh dont worry it will come back stronger than ever , wish all the old pay for play polticians gone. Get ready youll see it 2022 when the Democratic party is exsponged from the country in a way you couldnt imagine.

    1. I agree. Loser Trump is like a gift of a rotten cake. You can’t throw it away, so it just sits there putrifying.

    2. Watching Trump and all his fealty followers quickly morph into FASCISM is hardly the stuff to find fun to watch.

    3. And they’re allowing him to do it. No longer being president, the only real power he has is the power they continue to keep handing him.

  2. Trump knew exactly what he was talking about when he expressed his love for the poorly educated. That’s the only demographic whose blind loyalty he can rely on.

    1. weird how hitler had an oddly similar sentiment. ‘How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think.’

    2. @BLT8645 He learned well from the Pharisees of the TV, the televangelists. Has the same sucker base now.

    1. Mine is that he is still a democrat like he was for all those years but ran republican to the destroy them from the inside

    2. @ Seth Thomas Biden isn’t controlled by China but you deff can’t say the same about Crump and Putin! Or else why did he make sure no one from our side was recording his private talk with Putin. And there’s absolutely enough evidence to show how he helped them get him elected in 16 and how he tried to do the same in 20. He might have succeeded if the phone call hadn’t been put out! And has for their sons, have you ever watched Crump Jr. talk and how he’s high on something? If there had been anything to Hunters issues I’m sure Crump would of used it! And as far as it is concerned the people did choose there president in this last election!

    1. @Scahoni How do we know that you’re NOT a half-witted imbecile? Hey, I’m jUsT AsKiNg QuEsTiOnS…

    2. @Big Bear Hungry; Sure why not , it is the most respected watch network across the globe. Your demented psychopathic criminal hero confused you, and you still can’t let go fool. Have you been sending him money too?

  3. It’s not that the GOP can’t break from him, it’s that they WON’T. And there is an essential difference.

    1. @Big Bear Hungry Trump is the cartoon. He’s a joke. The entire world was laughing at him. He’s a clown.

    1. As Dr. Scott said on Star Trek years ago (paraphrased) ” evil will prevail unless good is very, very good”

    1. Oh my can you believe that… anyway all good, how are you doing this morning… hope all is well with you at there my friend?

  4. Imagine a guy sailing you out into the middle of the ocean and chaining a cement block to your ankles and before he throws you overboard you say “Sir, serving you has been the opportunity of a lifetime, thank you, Make America Great Again!” and while you’re sinking to your doom, you look up and see everyone else on the ship lining up to get cement blocks chained to their own ankles. That’s the GOP’s relationship with Trump.

  5. The USA need to fast tack his prosecutions and get him off the streets. Only then will things improve.

    1. The sooner the criminal Trump family is indicted,prosecuted and put in prison the quicker America will heal.

  6. The Church of Baby Cheesus is just like any other personality cult. Aimless and clueless without its figurehead.

    1. @Scahoni Whenever I read an idiotic, knee-jerk reply like yours, I make a point to up-vote the comment you’re replying to.

  7. Chump is like King Midus but in reverse. Instead of everything turning to gold it turns into sh!t.

    1. @J W cuomo yes but remind me again of the crime and investigation under way looking into the crimes of joe biden?? I want details about each crime he has commited or has been accused of!!!

    2. @Kaz Eveready everyone excused biden for his sexual harassment and it was swept under the rug…He was even accused by Harris..just like Cuomo’s will and I’m sure gaetz..its all games ..
      98% of paid professional politicians need to go

    3. @J W well that’s a lie.. I want to see the accusations the people who accused him and the evidence

  8. It’s not merely a political misjudgment; it’s against human decency. They lean towards fascism.

    1. I think of all the comments, Alan Haywood’s comment is the most accurate. Its ugly but true. The Republicans have now morphed into a historically Fascist party THAT CAN ONLY SURVIVE OR EXIST [ they think… Understand, this is what they think! It might not be true ] by BY…by…BY…being revolutionaries, angry mob, violent, chaotic, anti government and anti democratic and anti reason and anti education anti science and promote racism, victimization and White “anglo saxon” values , according to congresswoman Greene.

    2. @Eatspit andCry Ah, angry troll trying to get a rise out of someone and intimidation. NO ONE AGREES WITH YOU, as you are the ONLY comment being rude and angry. I have already received in my inbox two “likes” and good respones from people DISMISSED.

    3. It’s been 18 hours now….
      Multiiply everything by two (2)..

      It’s been 9 hours…

      That’s about 60 “dismemberments”
      worth of “work time”…

      120 “Arms”
      119 “Legs” 1 was too “mangled”
      60 “Torsos/pieces of torso”…
      Zero “skulls and brains”, cause
      they all got crushed…….

      All “available” for sale
      in the “humanmarketplace…

      …..times TWO…

  9. So, so sad, At 70, I wanna scream. Young people, stand up, before it it too late. I was young at Woodstock and so were now politicians. Please remember!

    1. This is not young people. This movement is middle aged white racist being told they’re losing their country’s whiteness and nothing else.

    2. @Scahoni Would you care to point out the black racist your referring to that somehow have any control over our politics or our everyday occurrence?

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