Kurt Bardella On AAPI Hate Crimes: We ‘Can’t Just Have Performative Activism’ | Deadline | MSNBC

Kurt Bardella On AAPI Hate Crimes: We ‘Can’t Just Have Performative Activism’ | Deadline | MSNBC 1


  1. we need police reform as obviously even having so many police officers in NYC have done nothing to stop crimes, prevent shootings, or hate crimes prevention.
    Bronx cops at 138th st station, for example, are useless, meaning they do nothing but eat our taxpayer moneys

    1. It’s true, they took away funding for the police. That equals to less officers on the street and longer response times

    1. Just like the numerous attacks, in NYC, on elderly Jewish people. Of course, there was no outcry about that.

    1. Dmitriy Koptson do you say that to the baby on your profile? does CPS need to be contacted? or does russia not care if you abuse your family?

    1. who gives a s***? I don’t care if he is African American, anti-Asian hate crimes are still hate crimes
      if anything, I’m glad law enforcement brought the hammer down on him even quicker because he happened to be black; lol

    1. @Lawngue Blackduke I think there was some incident where these punks were arrested for not saving a drowning man or something,
      and it didn’t help that they were pointing and laughing at him; but normally the law can’t force you to jump in and save anyone, you could injure or even harm yourself or others if it did

    2. @Richard Wong I know that case well. A college uses it in his ethics class. It would be the part where they were pointing and laughing at him where it went from being inaction due to shock and failure to react. That they were laughing is acknowledgement of the situation, and demonstrates chosing to respond with disdain and contempt for life.

    3. @Richard Wong It’s a great lecture actually. He makes an amazing case for the idea that “Good Samaritan Laws” are perfect examples of the dichotomy between people who write laws and the subject matter those laws are meant to affect.
      Let’s be clear, there is no law that can force a person to put themselves in danger. In this case, the expectation for the boys to jump in and save him has some good obvious flaws.
      What if they couldn’t swim? Is it reasonable to expect a person who can swim to also know how to save a drowning victim? If they had the thought the law forces them to attempt to save the drowning man, and they intern drown themselves, is not the law itself responsible for the death of those kids? Can a law be guilty of commiting a crime?

      The law that they were convicted on, falls under the “failure to act” doctrine, but it was not actually a failure to act. It wasn’t what they didn’t do that got them in trouble, it’s what they did do. Laughed And made fun of the poor victim. They took his suffering, and added to it.
      The issue that shows where the ethics of these laws are inherently unethical is that they are often written from the point of view that every attempt to help is successful, and everybody goes home happy, which is not how the world works, nor does it take into like ability after the fact.
      What if they saved him, but his toe got broken in the attempt. Most liability laws and insurance policies are written so that the mans only option for getting that toe fixed, is to sue his saviors.
      This goes on and on, and at the end of the day, the only thing good Samaritan Laws do is make anyone in proximity to a crime or emergency a criminal. From the victim, to a person who calls 911.

  2. so, is it a hate crime anytime someone commits an act of violence against someone of a different race, religion, sexual preference … or does the individual committing the crime have to have previous acts that show hatred toward individuals different from them?

    1. I am sure that social media posts could be used as evidence to show intent and motive in the prosecution of hate crimes.

    2. @R. G. Biv i would agree with this. i wonder if in any of the last few shootings, any evidence has led investigators to the conclusion that they were hate crimes or is it just the press looking to pander to the socially woke crowd.

  3. a bystander has NO legal obligation to do anything. any law that attempts to legislate a bystanders lack of action is fraught with rabbit hole suit upon suit

  4. Hey gun nuts!
    Where was the “good guy with a gun” to help prevent this crime?
    Isn’t that your answer to everything? 🙄

    1. @Mr. H this was literally a person of a minority race attacking another minority, it literally has nothing to do with white people

    2. Maybe if this old lady had a firearm she could have protected herself, no one is gonna save you. You shouldn’t expect someone to protect you, you should take actions to do that yourself. New York has some of the strictest gun laws in America with some of the most gun crime.

    1. @Lawngue Blackduke ewww.. I will speak my opinion without checking with you lol.
      You disagree? ok… who cares?

  5. It always amazes me how discussion on racial issues recieves exponentially more commentary from the people perpetrating racial hate then it does genuine discourse, while simultaneously claiming to be the victim.
    They punch you in the face and complain you hurt their hand.

  6. They QUICKLY charged that Black man for a push but that white man that murdered 6 Asians got no hate crime charge???

  7. The 2A should less restrictive so that AAPI are able to purchase guns to protect their families

  8. I’m a black man in America I am very happy to know that the NYPD found and arrested the suspect that assaulted this nice lady walking to church my GOD heard my prayer. I’m sure a lot of American Asian, Black, Latinos and White we’re tired and sadden by all this racism going on in our country. We’re American we’re better than that. I love my country and it’s people. God heard my prayer

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